Take A Break From Rewatching "Encanto" And Take These 15 Quizzes
By cuterose

Take A Break From Rewatching "Encanto" And Take These 15 Quizzes

02/09/2022  |   333 Views

We don't talk about life before Encanto, no, no, no!

by Sarah Aspler

BuzzFeed Staff, Canada

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia and personality quizzes about Encanto — in one place for your convenience.

1.Everyone Has An Encanto Character That Matches Their Personality — Who's Yours?

2.Hmmm, Let's See What Your Magical Gift Would Be If You Were In Encanto

3.Only Someone Who’s Watched Encanto More Than Three Times Will Ace This Madrigal Family Tree Trivia Quiz

4.You'll Get 9/9 On This Encanto Quiz If You Paid Attention To The Outfits

5.Which Two Encanto Characters Are You A Combo Of?

6.Only Someone Who Won't Stop Talking About Bruno Will Get A Perfect Score On This "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Quiz

7.Only Those Who Watched Encanto Multiple Times Will Get This Quiz Correct

8.Whether It's Brunos Rats, The Caffeine-Addicted Boy, Or Someone Else — Which Obscure Encanto Character Are You?

9.Anyone Who Has Seen Encanto Should Be Able To Pass This Madrigal Family Quiz

10.Which Encanto Disney Song Fits You The Most?

11.Out Of Mirabel's Older Sisters, Are You More Like Luisa Or Isabela?

12.Let's Find Out Which Madrigal Family Member Would Be Your New Encanto Friend

13.Only Eldest Daughters Will Get A Perfect Score On This "Surface Pressure" From Encanto Quiz

14.Adopt Some Disney Pets And We'll Tell You Which Encanto Gift You'd Find Behind Your Door

15.Can You Correctly Guess The Encanto Family Member By One Photo Clue?

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