www.makeuseof.com 11 Ways to Stay Fit While Working From Home
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www.makeuseof.com 11 Ways to Stay Fit While Working From Home

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Is it possible to strike a work-health balance while working remotely? Well, you'd be surprised to know that it's actually easier, provided you have the right equipment for it.

We have a lot of favorites when it comes to home fitness gear that gets us moving, all from our home offices. Staying fit on the clock, in many cases, won't even require you to abandon your station.

1. Standing Desk

For some people, it can be challenging to focus on work and other high-level tasks while exercising. We love standing desks because they can help you get fit passively. They exhibit no tangible effect on reading comprehension and creative performance in a clinical setting.

Motorized standing desks are undoubtedly slick, but you can use a low-tech adjustable desktop if you would rather modify your existing setup.

2. Desk Bike

While the standing desks are for those who want to exercise passively, the hyperactive among us, on the other hand, might be interested in the ability to blow off a little more steam at their desks.

Desk bikes provide the ultimate cardio experience for workaholics. There is literally no difference between pumping while working from home and doing so on the road or at the gym.

In theory, you could choose any full-on exercise bike like the MYX II as your throne, provided that it has a place to set your laptop up in front of you. Flexispot is one notable contender in the bike desk game; Sit2Go also has much to offer in this area.


3. Under-Desk Bike Pedal Exercisers

Next on the list, we have a much more discreet and portable pedal foot exerciser. One little-known benefit of a desk pedaler: it can also be used for an upper-body workout, using your hands to turn the pedals instead of your feet.

Those on a budget may be especially interested in these things—many offer digital performance output while being minimal, affordable, and perfect for somebody who needs to get their blood flowing in the afternoon.

Vaunn's folding exercise bike pedals can be unfolded in seconds and stashed away covertly when you don't need them. These are especially useful for those short on space or who work in several different rooms in their house.

4. Under-Desk Elliptical

Is there a huge difference between an under-desk pedal machine and an under-desk elliptical? Some find that the latter is easier to use. Those with especially long legs might find themselves cramping as they ride. The shuffling motion of an elliptical might mean less time banging your knees up against the bottom of your desk as you work.

www.makeuseof.com 11 Ways to Stay Fit While Working From Home

Like desk pedalers, you can find a quality elliptical to keep under your desk for less than $500. The Cubii seated elliptical is one popular option, offering eight levels of resistance. Other notable brands inclide Lifepro and DeskCycle.

5. Desk Treadmill

For most of us, treadmills are our preferred way to stay in shape. It might be difficult to sprint while telecommuting, but there's something so undeniably soothing about walking as we work. Desk treadmills keep your legs moving without cutting into your productivity. The opportunity cost of exercise is effectively reduced to zero, according to a study published by PLOS ONE.

A walking desk treadmill might end up being a considerable investment, so we recommend going with one of the most trusted names in the game—InMovement's take on under-desk treadmills is as modern and stylish as it is functional.

6. Wobble Stool

Contrary to popular belief, wobble chairs aren't just for kids who fidget. While they're fantastic for active kids struggling to stay in their seats while learning from home, they're just as applicable to your own hyperactive tendencies, especially if you don't exercise regularly.

Do wobble stools work? Well, they are completely effective in a rehabilitative context; it's the perfect low-impact activity for those who struggle with lower back pain, which many desk workers do. Active seating may not be the most high-intensity choice in work-from-home fitness, but we can guarantee that it will get you moving, all without pulling you away from your desk.

7. Free Weights

What is there to do when you've got a weird twenty-minute window of time between virtual meetings? Steal a moment for yourself with a set of free weights nearby and focus on your physical health.

Free weights are awesome for home fitness because they're so incredibly versatile—you've got an entire home gym at your disposal. You can find shoulder workouts, arm workouts, ab workouts, and glute workouts in abundance on platforms like BODi and Openfit. Pick your poison and get ready to feel the results.

8. Ankle Weights and Wrist Weights

Wrist weights and ankle weights have you burning a few extra calories with every move you make. Leg extensions and other simple exercises require little brainpower, but they're compelling if you aim to tone up at work.

One huge benefit of weight braces is that they're hands-free and easy to remove when you need to focus on something important. Many wrist and ankle weights brands are also adjustable, which means that they grow along with you as your fitness levels improve over time.

9. Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the biggest bangs-for-your-buck on this list. They cost next to nothing and open up an entire world of bodyweight exercises and power moves that you can do in your home office.

There are many ways to use a resistance band during your downtime. You can perform plenty of more passive resistance band workouts even when you're doing something at your desk. No matter which major muscle groups you're targeting, you'll be well on your way to your dream body with one of these on your side.

10. Yoga Mat

Yoga mats aren't just required workout gear for yoga junkies—a free weight workout or gentle stretching routine can all be more comfortable with an exercise mat, whether it's for yoga or not. More importantly, yoga is a popular alternate workout for those who hate the gym.

If you've never done yoga before, we recommend putting it at the top of your list next time you need something new to try. It is, quite literally, one of the most beneficial things that you can do for your body.

Workplace yoga interventions have been shown to help reduce stress, manage burnout, and improve mental health in employees, but don't take our word for it. After three days, this reality will be more than obvious.

11. Activity Tracker

Knowledge, as they say, is power. Fitness trackers like a Fitbit, a digital heart rate monitor, or even Apple Health on your Apple Watch keep you in shape by keeping you informed. This includes everything from your actual gym session after work to your afternoon walk around the block.

Fitness is a lifestyle, and the best activity trackers act as a constant companion and source of support. When morale is low, it always helps to know that you have met your daily step goal and made some progress. Small victories.

Home Fitness for Remote Workers: Can You Feel the Burn?

We're multitaskers at heart. Try out any of these easy home fitness ideas the next time you need a mid-afternoon reset to get you back on track. These are far from the extent of the matter, however. There are plenty of other home fitness recommendations for the remote worker on a mission to stay fit.

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