Why Do Our Mobile Phones Easily Run Out of Battery?
By cuterose

Why Do Our Mobile Phones Easily Run Out of Battery?

20/10/2023  |   2559 Views

Being overly reliant on mobile phones is a common problem among us. At present, a mobile phone is not only a tool to call, but a magic box that could complete a lot of tasks. Then, many new apps are developed and created, while others are being upgraded periodically. In addition, the screens of our mobile phones are getting bigger, all these changes lay significant burdens on power consumption. Therefore, we need to keep our mobile phones charged for hours every day. In this article, we will discuss how to improve this situation and keep our mobile phone battery lasts longer.

Why Are Mobile Phone Batteries Drained Easily Now?

There are several factors that will drain your mobile phone battery. In general, a larger screen consumes more power than a regular one. That’s why touch-screen smartphones have to be charged several times per day when the old mobile phone could last for days. In addition, many users do not close the applications after using them, but keep these apps running in the background, which will consume the mobile phone power in a hidden way.

Why Do Our Mobile Phones Easily Run Out of Battery?

How to Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Works Longer?

Maintain A Good Charging Habit

Keeping a good charging habit is the best way to protect your mobile phone battery. It is recommended that users charge the mobile phone fully when the battery is lower than 20% once a month, and frequently keep the power between 40% and 60% can better maintain the battery. Don't frequently use the battery to less than 20 before charging as this is a huge damage to the battery. If you find it annoying to charge, try to use a wireless charger, i.e. the iphone wireless charger. Don’t worry to connect the cable because you just need to put the mobile phone simply on the charger.

Why Do Our Mobile Phones Easily Run Out of Battery?

Shut Down Unnecessary Functions

As we explained above, we usually run different apps on our mobile phones but never shut them down when we switch from one to another. Some of these apps are still active in the background and take up resources such as the battery and the data. Besides, functions like Wifi, Bluetooth, locations, and others that are not necessary, could be turned off manually to save power.   

Place Your Mobile Phone Under A Better Environment

Never leave your mobile phone under a bad environment (covered by your pillow or stayed near the heater). High temperature is a leathal factor against mobile phone batteries and it is dangerous.

Turn on the Battery-Saving Mode

Basically, the battery-saving mode exists in almost all mobile phone models. After turning on this mode, your mobile phone battery will become lazier and could last incredibly longer. When you just keep the mobile phone in your pocket or leave it charging somewhere, turning on this mode will save a lot of battery without affecting your usage experience.



In conclusion, mobile phone batteries are easier to drain because of the higher power consumption from apps and the hardware (bigger screen and hidden apps). Accordingly, it is recommended to establish a better charging habit, that is to keep the battery level between 40% to 60% and avoid consuming the battery to under 20%. Furthermore, it is a warm suggestion that users turn off some functions such as Bluetooth and Wifi when they are not using them. Additionally, overheating is a deadly environment for mobile phone batteries, which should be avoided always. Finally, the battery-saving mode will magically extend the working life our your battery, and users just need to turn it on when they are not using their phones.