www.cbr.com The 10 Best Smartwatch for iPhone (Updated 2020)
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www.cbr.com The 10 Best Smartwatch for iPhone (Updated 2020)

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When the Apple watch is out of reach, there are other workable options available in thesmart watches for iPhone. market. However, choosing one can be frustrating if you are not familiar with smartwatches and their features, much less the best smartwatches for iPhone.

Basically, the smartwatch you choose for your iPhone should have a built-in GPS for tracking your health data as you run, swim, or work out to achieve your health goals. The best smartwatches will also record essential details like the heartbeat, blood pressure, and oxygen concentration.

Outside of fitness tracking, you can reap other benefits like reading and replying to messages without taking out the phone from of your pocket. Besides, media controls are faster from a smartwatch.

The experience is more rewarding if you have a smart home integration. From the phone, you can control lights and home surveillance cameras. Ideally, the best smartwatch for your iPhones depends on your needs, preferences, and your budget. We’ve reviewed the best smartwatches for iPhones for you. Keep reading for more information.

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The MorePro 18 is a sports-oriented iPhone-compatible smartwatch known for its comfortable stripe design and colorful TFT display. This watch provides one-click navigation to your musical world. Whether you are working out, preparing meals, or going about your studies, the MorePro 18 allows you to play, pause, or change music directly from your wrist.

This watch offers more than just the convenience of iPhone connection, whereby it gives you an opportunity to monitor your heart rate. Whenever your heart rate is too low or so high, you will receive a notification prompting you to act accordingly.

The MorePro 18 has a highly sensitive 1.57-inch screen that allows you to customize its general appearance. Just like your iPhone allows for a change in background and lock-screen images, this watch also gives you a chance to customize its appearance to match your preferences.

This watch supports magnetic charging and can take you through for up to five days on a single charge. Besides its reliable battery, this smartwatch has an accurate compass that leads you in the right direction while doing your fieldwork. The general design of this watch makes it sit comfortably on your wrist for a long time.

The MorePro 18 combines IP 68 and 5 ATM waterproof capabilities that prevent it from soaking in water. This watch relays notifications from your phone, ensuring you don’t miss out on important messages and calls. The smart systems of this watch can be used to monitor your heartbeat and notify you if anything is unusual.

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The Apple Watch SE is a high-quality, reliable smartwatch designed for iPhone users. This watch falls under the Series 6 and has the S5 processor, which is responsible for its great performance. If you are not actively using it, the screen automatically shuts off until you tap it.

In some cases, you will be required to rotate your wrist to trigger some significant impact that will power the screen. However, you must check on the positioning of your face since the screen will fail to power in an off-angle glance.

The SE is designed with the WatchOS 7 and 1GB RAM. This memory combines with its new operating system yielding a performance you would not expect to find in a watch. Additionally, this watch has multiple connectivity options, which range from Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi to NFC.

This watch is known for its vast storage space. With 32GB total space, the watch has enough room to accommodate the basic operations of a phone. The 5ATM water-resistance capabilities of the SE mean you can be submerged for up to 50 meters without altering its performance.

While the SE may not match the performance level of other products under the S6 series, its results are still good for its pocket-friendly properties. Ideally, this watch has a solid build with a high-performing battery that will keep you powered for up to 18 hours on a less than two hours charge.

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The Letsfit is one of the best smartwatches since it combines lots of unique features and top-of-the-line smart functionalities.

Imagine both wrists with different watches, one serving as a fitness tracker, and the other as a smartwatch. The Letsfit serves as a versatile workout companion with nine fitness tracking capabilities. You can track your progress when walking, cycling, climbing, and spinning, because it gives accurate results.

The bezel around the face is slim and stylish, but the actual screen is a 1.3-inch LCD. Swipes, taps, and wrist-flicks are highly responsive. The onboard interface is easy to navigate when accessing quick settings, apps, and swiping down to go through activity data. Like most traditional health trackers, the Letsfit supports the VeryFitPro app enabling you to monitor calories burned, steps, and sports mileage. Using the app is easy as it is compatible with iOS 8.0 and Android 4.0 and above.

The Letsfit smartwatch meets the IP68 water standard requirements, saving you the need to remove your watch when washing. No matter how moist the environment is, you are not limited to attaining your everyday fitness goals. For you to stay organized, it includes calls and SMS reminders to make sure you never miss important appointments. With the ten-day battery life, you'll never miss crucial body alerts like heart monitoring and sleep tracking.

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Since its release in late 2018, the Apple Watch Series 3 has always secured a sweet spot as one of the best smartwatches for iPhone. Activity tracking is a major reason why fitness enthusiasts turn to smartwatches. The Apple Watch Series 3 is an all-purpose timepiece with health innovations, cycle tracking, and activity trends to keep up with your daily sports routine.

At the heart of this Smartwatch sits an S3 chip with a dual-core processor for fluid performance. Navigating through different apps is ultra-fast, while replying to useful messages and notifications takes only seconds. Comfort means a lot because you will wear your watch for hours on end. Thankfully, the watch comes with standard buckles to eliminate the hassle of dealing with cumbersome clasps. Also, the strap feels comfortable on the wrist.

The design is iconic, with instant recognition. The screen uses OLED technology for displaying clear, bright, and vivid texts. Even when you are out and about, you won't have an issue viewing details despite the weather conditions. With the built-in GPS, you can easily monitor bike rides and outdoor runs.

The call quality from such a tiny device is impressive. The sensitivity of the microphone and speaker quality is excellent so you can make calls as you work out. Conversations are pretty standard, and you don't have to bring the watch close to your head to hear participants on the other end.

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Feature-packed, sleek, and reliable, the LETSCOM is the ideal Smartwatch for working out fanatics. Although it doesn't have the kind of recognition Fitbit can brag about, it does all the solid Smartwatch and fitness tracking capabilities seen in popular brands.

A good night's sleep translates to a physically refreshed day and helps you stay mentally sharp. The Smartwatch includes a sleep-tracking mode for recording your sleeping habits. It measures how deep or light your sleep was so you could improve for a better night routine. On the bottom of the sensor are two blinking lights for measuring your heart rate during the day. You can have insights into your cardiovascular activities, which is essential for a healthy life.

Through GPS connectivity, it's easy to keep track of up to nine different sports. By connecting your Smartwatch to your phone to track GPS data, it allows you to share results with your family and friends on social media. You can even use it to ping a lost phone or remote control your phone camera.

A sedentary lifestyle comes with obvious risks such as unhealthy weight gain, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. However, to make modern advancements healthier rather than inactive, the LETSCOM has sedentary alerts and relaxation guides. During long working hours, you can set a vibration alert to relieve you from stress to keep you moving.

With the smart alarms feature, you can set up to ten reminders according to your needs. The alarm clocks come in handy when taking medications, setting dates, sleeping, and much more.

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The Willful smartwatch allows you to perform fitness and health goals from the convenience of your wrist.

The Willful smartwatch can track nine sports modes such as walking, yoga, and dynamic cycling, among others. Through the aid of a GPS, you can see the number of calories burned, distance, pace, and your map workout. The 24/7 heart rate monitor tracks your heart every five minutes, which is useful when engaging in vigorous activities. You can intuitively check the average, minimum, and maximum heart rate data with the VeryFitPro app.

The straps are made from strong TPU materials, making it comfortable when fitting snugly on the wrist. In terms of battery, the Smartwatch offers ten days of usage time or 30 days standby mode. There are three levels of brightness to choose from depending on your environment, which helps preserve battery life. Optimizing your training effect is essential when you have daily or weekly goals to achieve. The stopwatch and time enable you to make your training workout counted for better results.

The bright and crisp 1.3-inch screen displays clear SMS texts and message alerts from social media accounts. With this mode, you can quickly respond to emergency texts, so you never miss anything important. Since the watch is IP68 waterproof rated, you don't have to worry when running in the rain or swimming.

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We depend so much on our smartphones, and it can become tedious to hold them in your hands all the time. Meet the YAMAY, a functional, comfortable, and convenient smartwatch that will make your work easier.

Any fitness tracker will love to own this Smartwatch as it spices and adds fun into their typical morning runs. Well, the YAMAY doubles as a fitness tracker to help you keep track of your lifestyle goals as you have more accessible communication with family and friends. As a loyal fitness buddy, it includes a heart rate monitor to help you auto-track your heart rate during a typical day or when working out. Usually, the results are accurate, which allows you to make suitable adjustments to maintain aa healthy lifestyle.

www.cbr.com The 10 Best Smartwatch for iPhone (Updated 2020)

Although it can't track your swimming data, the IPX8 rating saves you the inconvenience of removing your Smartwatch when swimming. Better yet, you aren't limited to running or jogging in moist environments. Music has a way of instilling motivation when working out. Rather than controlling your favorite workout jams from your phone, the music controller allows you to control songs easily by touch.

The four different click faces are stylish, so you can choose one according to your moods. Sleep may be a game of luck, but for others, it comes easily. The sleep tracker detects your sleeping habits and makes an analysis for you to know how deep or light it is, plus wake up time. The multiple sports mode enables you to set your daily workout routine to motivate you when moving.

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The ANBES is an iPhone-compatible smartwatch with a large display, excellent battery life, and sleep tracking features. This watch is fitted with a reliable activity tracker system that delivers real-time notifications once there are calls or SMSs on your phone. This system also helps hang up and receive calls the same way you would do with your iPhone.

The ANBES has a 1.3-inch color display screen that is highly responsive to any form of activity. This screen displays the activity of your phone, with notifications from calls and messages being the priority.

The quality of a given smartwatch is mostly gauged using the reliability of its battery. The ANBES is equipped with a high-quality battery that can take you through for up to 10 days on a single charge. The best part about it is that this 10-day charge is achieved in less than three hours.

This smartwatch has also packaged itself as one of the few accessories you must carry when going out for a swimming session. Just because you are out there having fun doesn’t mean that emergencies that need urgent attention cannot occur. The IPX68 waterproof capabilities of the IPX68 waterproof means that you will never miss any important call or message anywhere.

The Bluetooth technology present acts as a link between this watch and your phone. Besides its iPhone compatibility, the ANBES can be used to monitor and check your heart rate as well as automatic sleep tracking, which makes an analysis of the amount of rest you are getting.

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The Blackview is a well-built smartwatch characterized by real-time smartphone notifications, water-resistance capabilities, and music control. This watch has a super long battery life. With a 210mAh battery, the Blackview delivers up to ten days of seamless use. The watch can also stay up to 40 days on standby mode.

The Blackview smartwatch brings convenience. Once a link has been created between your iPhone and the watch, you will be in a position to receive calls and text notifications. The watch also displays reminders on upcoming calendar events. The Blackview is designed to hang up incoming calls from your wrist.

If you have ever been engaged in intense workouts, you know how hectic it can get trying to take out your phone from the pockets to select music. Fortunately, the Blackview has provided a solution to this problem. Through its highly responsive screen, this watch allows you to change, play, or pause music effortlessly.

The Blackview features the stopwatch and countdown timer options. Whether you are reading, exercising, or studying, tap the touch button to activate the stopwatch to help you complete tasks within the stipulated time. This smartwatch has a smart system that monitors your sleeping habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Once the Blackview is connected to your phone, it will be easy to access and track GPS data, which acts as a guide when exercising or traveling. This watch is also known for its IP68 waterproof properties, which allow you to go up 50 meters deep without compromising its performance.

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If you are searching for an iPhone-compatible smartwatch capable of relaying real-time call, text, and social media notifications, the Fitpolo is exactly what you deserve. The Fitpolo color touchscreen watch connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Even for individuals who have installed the Fitpolo app, it will be necessary to establish this connection to enjoy the full potential of the watch. Expect a rough time when trying to establish a connection for the first time since the watch will be alien to your iPhone. However, syncing is hassle-free after the first connection since your phone will have a history of the Fitpolo in its system.

Within range, the Fitpolo automatically connects with your iPhone, but only within 30 feet. The pretty decent connection of the Fitpolo means you should never be worried about missing an important call. Instead, call notifications will be relayed on the display wrapped around your wrist. Although calls cannot be answered directly from this watch, messages can be read easily.

In addition to the basic call and text notifications, this smartwatch goes a step further to relay activity in your social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter. Just like you would do with your phone, this watch allows you to adjust the screen brightness to match the prevailing environmental conditions.

The 1.3-inch color touchscreen of this watch allows you to control your music right from your wrist. The waterproof feature of the Fitpolo combines with its GPS tracking capabilities to help you conquer all fitness limits.

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There are many paybacks you will get from buying a smartwatch. The Apple Watch, Google Wear OS-powered, and most Samsung smartwatches are compatible with iPhones. There are plenty of options but not every Smartwatch you come across will meet all your needs.

You will need to compare the features of each brand to know what will work for you.

The needs could vary from the budget, taste, and the aesthetics of having a smartwatch. When it comes to taste, you might want to look at features like the color, shape, and smartwatch size. Some models are so stylish that you can wear them accessories.

When it comes to the budget, buy what you can afford though it would not make sense to walk home with mediocre features. Why not save instead for a premium smartwatch.

Smartwatches run on specific software, which is responsible for the features and functionality. Both vary from brand to another. You should pay critical attention to the following.

Onboard Storage

If you use your watch to access music and photos, you will need one with at least 4GB. You will seamlessly stream content from the smartwatch.


The battery life of the smartwatch will depend on many things. For instance, an always-on display watch will consume more power. The same applies if the display of the watch is big. If you stream content via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the battery will drain faster.

Battery life is still a major challenge in the smartwatch industry, but there are reputable brands out there that can last days following a single charge.


The larger the display size, the easier it is to view content. The ideal size ranges from 1.5 to 1.78 inches. A backlit LCD or an OLED screen will also display information and streaming content clearly both day and night.

IP Rating

For a fitness enthusiast, an IP rating is essential if you want to enjoy outdoor activities. An ideal smartwatch should be protected from dust and moisture. For example, a watch with water resistance of 50 meters is a good swimming companion. It is also essential to check out for the amount of time that a smartwatch can stay submerged in water.


Connectivity is vital for smart home integration. If you need a smartwatch to control your cameras, air conditioners, or TV, the watch must have the Wi-Fi feature. Bluetooth, NFC, and LTE are other connectivity options to consider.

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