Why walking is the best midlife exercise
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Why walking is the best midlife exercise

02/08/2022  |   328 Views

Peta Bee on how many steps you really need

Peta BeeThe Times

Could a daily walk be even better for our health than we thought? Scientists have discovered some remarkable benefits — several new studies show that walking not only blasts fat, but also boosts longevity and has a dramatic anti-ageing effect on the body.

Why walking is the best midlife exercise

In the latest of these revelations, due to be published in the journal Communications Biology in the next few weeks, Thomas Yates, a professor in physical activity, sedentary behaviour and health at the University of Leicester, alongside colleagues investigating the health benefits of daily walking, showed that walkers who adopt a quick pace can have a biological age 15 years younger than those who take their time.


Yates and his team at the National Institute for Health Research Leicester Biomedical Research Centre