What's the Fine For Using a Mobile Phone While Driving
By cuterose

What's the Fine For Using a Mobile Phone While Driving

17/11/2021  |   1120 Views

In the UK, it is illegal to text or use a handheld cell phone while driving. This can vary from country to country and even from country to country within the UK. In the United States, they have similar laws prohibiting using a cell phone while driving but the penalties do not include a fine. Some states actually have laws that make it illegal to use the phone at all. This means that if you get pulled over, you can be ticketed or you could end up in jail depending on the circumstances.

Drivers need to know what the penalty is for using a cell phone while driving. This is important because there are many distractions that drivers could be faced with while driving. For example, there is a tremendous amount of noise on the road today. This is especially true during rush hour where it is common to hear vehicles multiple times in just one day. There is nothing more distracting than being able to text message while you are driving so this is something that needs to be considered.

Text messaging can also affect the ability of a driver to see traffic hazards around them. If there is a car in the left hand lane and a vehicle in the right hand lane, a driver may want to send a text message. If they were to glance at a car in the left hand lane, chances are they would miss the vehicle in the right hand lane which would cause them to become distracted. A cell phone can also increase the risk of a crash. This is because some people text message while driving and if their phone dies, their brain doesn't receive the signal until it is too late.

Another distraction that cell phones can cause includes changing lanes when you are not allowed to do so. This could easily happen if you were to text message while driving. Other drivers could not see you because you are sending a text message. When you are in congested traffic, it is easy to miss signals and become indecisive. All of these things can end in an accident if you are not careful with your cell phone.

So what's the penalty for using a cell phone while you're behind the wheel? In most cases you will receive a citation. Most often this is a fine but there are also times that the ticket will lead to additional charges such as a suspended license or more severe fines. The points on your driving record may also increase. Speeding laws vary from state to state, so make sure that you know the laws where you live before you start texting.

You might also receive a verbal warning. For some states, the fine is a fine and for others it is a possible suspension of your license. It all depends on what the State says and how serious of the offense you are. Texting while driving is dangerous and if you received a citation or a warning, it's probably best not to text or use your cell phone to send or receive text messages while driving. If you're going to be driving any time soon, learn how to read and reply to a text message.

Can I get arrested for texting and driving? No, you cannot get arrested for using a cell phone or any other electronic device while operating a vehicle. However, you could be cited for reckless or careless driving. This will usually lead to a formal reprimand and maybe a temporary suspension of your license. You may also find that you have to take a defensive driving course which can help keep your driving record clean.

So what's the penalty for using a mobile phone while you're driving? You need to be aware that this is an illegal act and it can get you arrested. The State of California has set very specific laws regarding the use of cell phones and other electronic devices while operating a vehicle. Be aware that even if you don't get arrested you could find yourself facing significant fines if you don't take action to stop using your cell phone. Even if you're just tired and don't need the phone, you could find yourself paying hundreds of dollars in penalties and fines if you do not heed the warnings and laws against cell phone use while driving.