Mobile Device Tool Classification System
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Mobile Device Tool Classification System

18/11/2021  |   896 Views

Mobile Device Tool Classification System is an important requirement of mobile devices in organizations. It enables quick recognition and deactivation of dangerous application that may have the potential to cause severe harm. It helps in identifying the particular application that poses a threat to human health, electrical safety and security. This system is used to classify mobile devices, which can include digital camera, video recorder, mobile phones, PDA's, smart phones etc. with in the range of 20 feet. It further consists of policies and procedures for each device classifications.

Security framework for mobile device management is designed as per NICE Investigatory Services guidance released in July 2008. The mobile device tool classification system classifies the mobile devices according to four main groups namely enterprise, personal, public and hybrid. Hereinafter, further classification hierarchy is discussed for each of the four categories.

Enterprise mobile device tool classification system includes various policy level functionalities that are useful for business. It includes features such as scheduling of calls, instant messaging, web browsing, access control, management information system and others. In this classification system, the devices are classified into primary users, authorized individuals, personal users and all other group members. The primary users include call handling operators, managers, IT staffs and other executives and technicians who have administrative authority over the mobile devices.

Personal mobile device tool classification system is also designed for the purpose of investigation and evidence gathering. Features of this classification include locating the callers on a list, email addresses, address book, contact list, SMS message, telephone details and so forth. In addition, this system also classifies mobile phones based on their manufacturers, model type, mobile service providers, SIM card and network support.

Many mobile device tools and forensic tools are now available online for the convenience of the end users. This enables people to easily search for forensic tools and mobile device trace in the comfort of their homes. Moreover, it helps them to determine the nature of the problem and gather important information regarding the callers or the suspects. These days, forensics experts are using this online mobile device tool classification system for gathering valuable evidence.

Digital forensics professionals use this online system to analyze the mobile devices. The analysis of digital evidence can help the professionals establish the criminals' criminal intent. It can also help the professionals to determine the place from which the callers or the suspects operated the digital devices. This enables them to track down the suspects and bring them to justice. The online mobile device tracking systems help professionals to conduct a proper digital forensics investigation.

These systems have helped many private detectives and digital forensics experts to investigate and solve crimes like identity theft, credit card frauds, bank frauds, kidnapping and ransom cases, etc. With the help of this online system anyone can browse through the call history and the text messages on the mobile devices and locate the locations where these conversations and calls took place. Moreover, you can easily search for the unknown numbers through this system and categorize them into various types. You can easily track down and capture criminals using the digital forensics tools.

The online mobile device forensic tool classification systems help the professionals to effectively analyze the digital evidence collected from the mobile devices. This is the same online system which is used by the police force for effective investigation and solving of crimes. This complex process can be made simple and easy using the online mobile device forensics classification systems. The digital forensics professionals can extract vital clues and evidence with the help of the systems and quickly make reports and judgments regarding a case.