The Top 5 Everyday Uses for Apple Watch
By cuterose

The Top 5 Everyday Uses for Apple Watch

24/07/2022  |   281 Views

When I got my Apple Watch last year, I was excited about using the fitness tracking features. Before getting my watch, I would hear my friends talking about how many calories they had burned, closing their rings – I wanted an Apple Watch too. Although I use the Apple Watch’s fitness features – I check my rings – there are several other things I use my watch for every day. During the rare moments when I am not wearing my watch, I miss these features – even feeling a bit technologically disabled without them.

Although I can do these same things on my iPhone, I often don’t have it right there with me, and even when I do, it is a few extra steps to get to the information and features I want. That’s the big advantage of the Apple Watch, and one of the reasons it has so many fans, it is always right there when you raise your wrist. In this article, I will talk about my top 5, everyday, non-fitness uses for Apple Watch. I will pass up the most obvious use: telling time.

1. Checking Today’s Date

I always like to have the Today’s Date complication on my watch face (top-left in the image above). It shows both the numeric day of the month, and the day of the week. Without this on my watch, I am usually pretty clueless about the date.

The Top 5 Everyday Uses for Apple Watch

2. Looking at the Outside Temperature

The Temperature complication (top-right in the image above) shows me the current outside temperature, and also, the temperature range expected for the day. This is great for quickly checking the weather before I grab a coat (or don’t) and leave the house.

3. Using the Timer for Cooking

Apple Watch makes it super easy to set a timer. I always keep the Timer complication on my watch face (bottom-left in the image above), but it’s even easier to set a timer by asking your watch’s Siri to do it for you.

4. Adding Items to Grocery List with Siri

If I am in the kitchen, or elsewhere in the house, and I realize that we are low on some item and need to add it to our grocery list, all I have to do is tell Siri; so I raise my wrist and say something like, “Siri, add Milk to Grocery List,” and Siri confirms my request with a “Done.” This is particularly convenient because often when I realize that I need to add an item to my grocery list, I am in the middle of doing something. Without my Apple Watch, I would have to stop what I am doing and go look for my iPhone. For my grocery list, I use Apple’s Reminders app, which can be shared with family members.

5. Controlling Music on a Bluetooth Speaker

This is one I find super useful. I have a few Bluetooth speakers in my house, and I like to listen to music while working in my office, cooking in the kitchen or while working out. I usually set up and send the music to the speaker using my iPhone, but later, if I want to skip to the next song or adjust the music volume, I can quickly and easily do this on my Apple Watch. Skipping to the next song just requires tapping the “next” button on my watch face, and adjusting the volume is done by turning the Digital Crown.

Not Just a Fitness-tracker

These are my everyday favorites. Apple Watch has many features and, depending on what you do, your Apple Watch can enhance your experience at work, in the gym or when you’re just relaxing at home. Apple Watch has enhanced wearers’ productivity, fitness and has even been credited with saving lives.