The Correct Way To Wear An Apple Watch For The Best Experience
By cuterose The Correct Way To Wear An Apple Watch For The Best Experience

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The way someone wears an Apple Watch can have a direct impact on the overall experience. Therefore, it is important that any Apple Watch user wears the smartwatch in the correct way. This is even more important for owners of newer premium models, due to them including even more sensors and technologies.

Apple’s smartwatch is a big seller for the company and so much so that the sales can also help to drive iPhone sales as well. Over the years, the company has released multiple versions of the Apple Watch and while they all look relatively the same, they do differ underneath the surface with newer models tending to come with more advanced internals and features. Along with the different models, Apple also sells a variety of sizes, styles and designs to further help consumers create a more customized Apple Watch.


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Regardless of all of the variations, the one constant with Apple Watch is its smarts. With sensors that measure a range of health-related aspects, ensuring those sensors are optimized for the best and most accurate results is important. This is where the correct fit comes in. After all, if a watch is worn incorrectly, then the readings are also likely to be incorrect. With this in mind, Apple recommends a tight fit with Apple Watch. Specifically, Apple states the Apple Watch should feel “snug but comfortable” and if it is not, then the band should be tightened a little.

What To Do When Apple Watch Doesn’t Fit Well

Of course, with so many different styles and designs, ensuring an Apple Watch is the best fit for an individual is a little harder. Even more so, if the Watch has already been purchased. While most bands come with adjustable straps, they still might not result in the “snug but comfortable” fit Apple recommends. If this is the case, then it might be worth the wearer investing in one of Apple’s Solo Loop bands. Compared to traditional bands, these ones don’t include any buckles or clasps and are made of a stretchable liquid silicone rubber, making it easier to fit more tightly and securely on the wearer’s wrist. For those less keen on the rubber look, there are also Braided and Sport Loop versions as well that offer a similar stretchable band design, but with yarn and nylon instead.

While Apple places a focus on wearing its smartwatches tightly to ensure optimized performance and tracking, it is just as important to keep in mind the “comfortable” recommendation as well. Wearing a watch too tightly can be just as wrong as wearing one too loosely, and can even lead to issues, including skin irritation. To sum up, the correct way to wear an Apple Watch is as tightly as possible, but not so tightly that it is becomes uncomfortable.

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