How To Shut Down Computer Using Mobile Phone
By cuterose

How To Shut Down Computer Using Mobile Phone

03/10/2021  |   769 Views

How to shutdown computer using mobile phone is an excellent question. After all, we are living in the modern time when anything can happen at any given moment. Any computer including a mobile phone will shut down automatically without your knowledge or unless you manually allow it to do so. This article is here to teach you on how to shut down computer using mobile phone.

Shutting down a computer by using a mobile phone is like shutting down your computer by pressing a few buttons. What does this mean? In computer jargon, this is called 'halting' or 'pausing.' While a computer will suspend operations after a certain amount of time (e.g., shutting down Windows by using its Task Manager), mobile phones will permanently close down after a period of inactivity. If you want to learn how to shut down computer using mobile phone, then you should learn about two important concepts: power saving settings and the power menu.

To understand how to shut down computer using a phone, you must know how the power saving feature works. Power saving mode (PSM) is a software setting that controls what features the phone can use. The power saving mode works by adjusting the CPU frequency and voltage, and the screen brightness of the screen. This ensures that the device does not overheat while the phone is idle or sleeping. The aim behind PSM is to protect the processor from overheating. You can turn off PSM through the settings found in your phone settings.

Another way how to shut down computer using a mobile phone is to use the power menu. The power menu is accessible through the phone's keypad or via the Home key on the keyboard. The power menu allows you to select features that can be used by you, and options that can only be accessed with the help of the phone manufacturer. You can turn off features like Bluetooth, Wifi, MMS, and WebRTC in the power menu to avoid any inconveniences after you use a particular application or function.

You should also have a clear understanding about why you would need to shut down computer using a mobile phone. When you use a computer for your work, then it is mostly likely to be connected to the Internet. It is very difficult to restart a computer if it is connected to the Internet. If you frequently download new applications and use email services from your phone, then you might be leaving open numerous programs that could take up the computer's resources. Aside from the slowing down of the PC when you try to close these applications, there is also a possibility that the phone will not recognize the programs you closed.

The Internet can also become a problem if you leave it on all the time. New viruses are being released every day, and this can slow down your computer system even more. Moreover, there are spyware programs that can secretly capture your personal data. These data can then be sent to distant users for unknown purposes. Therefore, if you do not want your confidential data to be leaking out, you should learn how to shut down computer using a phone.

There are times when you might not be able to use the computer due to a power outage. In such a case, you can connect to a wall outlet and use an adapter to charge your phone. It is also possible to use a USB cord to charge your mobile phone while you continue to use the computer. Once your phone has reached a full charge, you should turn it off. If you are using an older model phone, you should not use the AC adapter since it might not support the high voltage signals produced by modern phones. Instead, you can use a wall outlet to plug in the adapter and charge your phone.

Another option for how to shut down computer using a mobile phone is to use the hardware key on your phone. This will disconnect your mobile from the computer. However, this option might not work if you are not able to locate the key on your phone. The alternative method, which is the least preferred one, is to find the phone's security pin, which is hidden inside the battery.