How to set up and use Activity Sharing on Apple Watch
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How to set up and use Activity Sharing on Apple Watch

13/06/2022  |   463 Views

One of the best features on the Apple Watch is its fitness tracking skills through its Activity app. If you want to take better account if you're getting enough exercise on a daily basis, this is the Watch feature to pay attention to.

Instead of focusing on steps, it focuses on closing your Move, Exercise and Stand rings to mark your progress. Those rings can be shared with others if you want to brag about smashing out a workout, give others a push to make sure they're closing their Rings and hearing about friend's achievements, these are all things you can do.

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If you want to know how to share those Activity Rings, we break down exactly how you have to do it. Now grab your iPhone and your Apple Watch to find out how to make the most of Activity Sharing.

What Activity data gets shared?

Before getting into sharing that data, what Activity data actually gets shared by you and that you can see from other Watch-owning friends? We'll here's the breakdown of the stats:

How to turn on Activity Sharing on Apple Watch

When you want to staring the stats mentioned above to your friends and family, you need to go through the process of inviting them so you can start doing that. To send an invitation to share your stats, you can do this from your iPhone or your Apple Watch and you can add up to 40 friends. Here's how to add friends to share data with from your Apple Watch or iPhone:

How to set up and use Activity Sharing on Apple Watch

To invite friends from your iPhone:

If your friend has sent an invite to you, you should receive a notification on your Apple Watch to let you accept or ignore. If that notification doesn't appear, you can check the invite has been sent doing the following:

How to view a friend's Activity progress

Once you've mastered how to start sharing your data, you can now start to check in on how your fellow Ring closing friends are up to. To do that you'll need to do the following:

How to challenge friends to Close those Rings

If you've been keeping a close eye on your friend's progress and think they could do with some good old fashioned competition to keep them moving, you can race to rack up the most points for making progress with closing your Activity Rings.

The competition lasts seven days and you'll be rewarded with a point for every percentage point you accumulate on your rings. The maximum you can earn is 600 points and the winner will receive a virtual reward. During the challenge you'll get alerts and updates on how you're faring against your friend challenger.

When they've accepted, you'll get notifications on their progress and will be able to send preset replies to updates to give them some love or try to put them off their game to make sure you amass the most points by the end of the 7-day challenge.

Share Activity data with people that don't own an Apple Watch

If you want to share your Activity rings progress with people that don't have an iPhone or an Apple Watch, yes, you can do that. There's a way to share a picture of you stats. Here's what you need to do:

How to stop sharing Activity data

For those times when you don't feel in the sharing mood or for any reason you don't want others to your Ring totals, there are few ways to stop sharing everything. Here's what you can do:

To hide people from seeing your Activity stats, here's what you need to do:

If for whatever reason you need to remove a friend from your Activity sharing, you do have the option to do that too. To remove a friend from Activity sharing, do the following:

There you have it. That's everything you should need to know about how to share Activity stats on your Apple Watch, what you can share and how you can stop sharing. Now get to sharing on closing those Rings.