The best VR games and apps that make working out fun
By cuterose

The best VR games and apps that make working out fun

25/05/2022  |   561 Views

Every January we all seem to make (then inevitably break) the same New Year's resolution. So in 2022, maybe it's time to rethink what getting in shape looks like altogether.

Fitness isn't the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to virtual reality, either. But a certain magic happens when you combine the unexpected bedfellows of exercise and VR: Suddenly, working out stops being a chore and can instead be a call to adventure.

The best VR games and apps that make working out fun

So if you're like us and need to trick yourself into exercising by entering a whole other reality, we've got you covered. There's a huge variety of VR fitness games and apps, so it's just about finding the right virtual adventure that gets your heart pumping.

The best part of VR fitness is finding joy in moving your body at your pace rather than doing more strict and rigorous goal-oriented workouts many lose interest in. The gains are achieved through fun rather than pure punishment.

But if you're looking for really intense challenges, note that you should raise the difficulty setting to the hardest level you can manage in rhythm games like Beat Saber. The ratings we've listed from theVirtual Reality Institute of Health and Exerciseoften measure the games' real-world exercise equivalent on the most challenging setting (unless its difficulty surpasses the testers' skill level, as with more strategic titles like Ninja Legends and Until You Fall). The institute also recommends turning on "no fail" or "endless" mode options when available to lessen downtime regardless of your skill level. While not required, we also recommend having a cordless VR headset like the Oculus Quest for a freer range of motion.

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All of the games and apps below will definitely make you break a sweat regardless, though. So strap in, grab your water bottle—and make sure it's at a safe distance from your arm span.