iPhone Damaged By Water? How To Tell & What You Should Do
By cuterose iPhone Damaged By Water? How To Tell & What You Should Do

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An iPhone is water-resistant, but it's not waterproof. Here's how to check if it's damaged and what to do if liquid has entered the case.

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If an iPhone has water damage, it might start malfunctioning or even refuse to power on, requiring a repair by Apple. If unsure why the problem is happening, there's a way to determine if it's a result of liquid getting inside the iPhone. The iPhone 7, released in 2016, was the first to come with water and dust resistance. Newer iPhone models have among the best water resistance in the industry, but they are not completely waterproof. Here's how to find out if an iPhone has water damage and what to do next.

Apple offers a one-year warranty when a new iPhone is purchased that covers the device itself and any accessories in the product box. The only accessory included with a recent iPhone is a Lightning cable, although wired earbuds and a charger were once standard accessories. This covers only defects, not accidental damage, such as cracks from dropping or malfunctions from exposure to water. AppleCare+ is available at an extra cost and covers accidental damage. There is also a higher-tier option to protect against theft as well.


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In the last few years, Apple has bolstered the water resistance of the iPhone greatly. However, it still isn't waterproof. The difference is that submerging an iPhone in deep water can result in liquid entering the device since water pressure is greater as depth increases. If an iPhone plunges into water or is hit by a jet of water, that can cause leaks as well. If water damage is suspected, it's easy to check by removing the SIM card tray and looking inside. After drying the outside of the iPhone thoroughly, a SIM card tool or a bent paperclip can be pressed into the tiny hole on the SIM tray to eject it. On very old models, check the headphone jack. Apple places a liquid contact indicator in the slot and it turns red if any liquid has entered the case. This can be very dangerous for electronic devices and an Apple repair might be required. iPhone Damaged By Water? How To Tell & What You Should Do

How To Fix iPhone Water Damage

The iPhone 12 and 13 can be submerged in up to 19.6-feet of water for 30 minutes without sustaining damage, an iPhone 11 Pro series can handle 13.1 feet of water, while an iPhone 11 and iPhone XS can only survive up to 6.5 feet. The iPhone 6 and earlier do not have any water protection and the rest are rated to just 3.2 feet. For reference, none of the iPhone models ever produced are meant to be submerged. Water resistance is simply included to protect from splashes, raindrops, and to increase the odds that an iPhone will survive an accidental dunking.

If an iPhone falls into water, even if it's shallower than the rated depth, it should be dried off immediately. If water damage is suspected, the iPhone should be powered off and its SIM tray removed to allow air to enter and facilitate drying. Then the iPhone should be placed on a flat surface in a dry area and left for 24 hours before use. Placing desiccants on and around the iPhone might help. The key is to evaporate the water without rolling it around all of the electronic components. If the iPhone is damaged, the only solution might be getting it repaired.

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