How to Set Up Your New Headphones
By cuterose

How to Set Up Your New Headphones

05/05/2022  |   494 Views

True wireless models can be an exception. Usually, you turn them on just by opening the case, and there’s a dedicated button on the case or the headphones themselves that you hold down. Apple AirPods should pair automatically with Apple products just by turning them on and holding them near your device. If that doesn’t work, or you aren’t pairing AirPods with an Apple product, open the case, leave the headphones inside, and hold down the small circular button.

How to Set Up Your New Headphones

Next, navigate to the Bluetooth menu on the device you’re connecting. Find the Bluetooth tab in the device’s settings menu. Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, and find the button with words like “Pair new device” or “Look for new Bluetooth devices.” Tap it and then select your new headphones. If you’re having trouble, make sure your device isn’t already connected to another Bluetooth product.

You may need to turn your headphones’ pairing mode back on if it has taken a while for you to find the setting on your phone. After that, you’re good to go. Once you’re paired, your headphones will often connect automatically as long as your device has Bluetooth turned on, though you may sometimes need to go into the menu and select them again.

When all else fails, head to Google. Search for how to pair your model of headphones with a specific device. For example, "Pair 1MORE ComfoBuds Pro with iPhone 13."