Amazon’s New Fitness Tracker is Almost Here—And It's Under $100
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Amazon’s New Fitness Tracker is Almost Here—And It's Under $100

12/07/2022  |   359 Views

Amazon is entering the fitness tracker game (again), and its newest product has us ready to hit pre-order. TheHalo Viewis the newest addition to the Halo collection, which launched with the screenlessHalo Bandin August 2020.

It’s unclear when Amazon will change the “coming soon” tag on the landing page to “pre-order,” but the shopping giant claims the wearable will ship in time for the holidays this year, according to a pressrelease.

Amazon's latest fitness tracker retails for $79.99, plus an additional $3.99 monthly fee for theHalo membershipafter the first year. The new Halo View comes in three colors, sage green, lavender dream, and active black. It's available in sizes small/medium or medium/large. There are also 15 additional sports bands available for purchase starting at $14.99 and eight fabric bands for $29.99 each.

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Amazon’s New Fitness Tracker is Almost Here—And It's Under 0

If you're wondering how the fitness tracker compares to the originalHalo Band, the original retails for $99.99, and also has the $3.99 monthly membership fee—but that fee begins after the user's first six months. The original Halo band comes in a variety of fabric and sport bands and sizes. As far as functionality goes, it's similar to the new model, but without the screen. Both fitness tracking bands are water-resistant and swim-proof up to 50 meters and have a seven-day battery life that fully charges in 90 minutes.

The Halo View not only counts steps like your average fitness tracker, but it accounts for key health metrics like heart rate and blood oxygen levels, and it sends texts and reminder notifications, which are all displayed on the color touch screen. As a unique feature, Halo View includes a tone analysis option, which allows for users to analyze how their tone of voice may be perceived by others (truly mindblowing technology).

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Through the Halo smartphone app, users have access to tracking sleep temperature, time awake and asleep, calories burned, heart rate, steps, activity sessions, and limited workouts, recipes, and individualized programming. With an added active membership (that $3.99 a month), users are able to access a slew of additional perks including tools to manage sleep, enhance exercise, measure body composition, and more.

The Halo smartphone app will also soon be upgraded to include Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition. The fitness portion will offer hundreds of exclusive workouts, including cardio, strength, yoga, outdoor, and mobility classes. And, members will have access to workouts from Orangetheory, SWEAT, Aaptiv, and more. Users will also have the opportunity to take a “movement assessment” through the app to create a personalized exercise program and will also be able to use their smartphone camera and Halo app to measure body fat percentage.

The nutrition portion will include personalized meal planning tools and recipes from WW (formerly Weight Watchers), Lifesum, and Whole Foods Market. Members can easily add ingredients for recipes and additional groceries directly to their Alexa shopping list.

Halo Fitness will be available later this year, while Halo nutrition is planned to launch in January 2022. We can't wait to get our hands on this new model, and take advantage of all of the groundbreaking technologies the fitness tracker has to offer!

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