www.makeuseof.com What Is Health Sharing on an iPhone and How Do You Use It?
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www.makeuseof.com What Is Health Sharing on an iPhone and How Do You Use It?

04/06/2022  |   478 Views

Apple's Health app securely keeps track of all kinds of data about your health. Now you can share that data with other people who need it.

Apple designed its Health app as a secure place to keep valued health information and a tool to gather critical health metrics to gain deeper insights into your health. With the release of iOS 15, you can now share your health information on Health app with your healthcare providers or family members. This means it’s easier than ever to use the Health app to get better medical support.

What Is Health Sharing?

Health Sharing is a feature that allows you to securely share specific health information stored on your Health app with friends, family, and your healthcare providers. The feature allows you to share data with up to five individuals at once.

You have full control over what of data you want to share, and you can stop sharing anytime. As you share your data, the people you share it with will receive notifications when there are relevant changes to your health.

Health Sharing Requirements on iPhone

Before you set up Health Sharing, check if your device has all the requirements for the feature. You need:


www.makeuseof.com What Is Health Sharing on an iPhone and How Do You Use It?

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While it’s a requirement for a person to be in your Contacts, you should know that removing them from your contacts list doesn’t stop the Health app from sharing your data with them.

How to Set Up Health Sharing on an iPhone

To set up Health Sharing on your iPhone:

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Once you finish setting up, the selected person will receive an invite to view the health data you shared.

How to Manage the Health Data You Share and Access

If you want to change the health data you’re sharing or want to stop sharing, here’s what you can do:

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How to Manage Other People’;s Apple Health Data

If someone else shared their health information with you, you’;ll receive an invite in the Health on your device, to which you can Accept or Decline.

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If you want to stop receiving someone else’s health data:

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If you simply want to turn off alerts and notifications, or stop receiving new updates, you can do that instead. Simply toggle the switch off for Alerts, Trends, or Updates.

How to Share Apple Health Data With Your Healthcare Providers

If you’re in the US, you can also use this feature to share your health information with enrolled healthcare providers. To do this:

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Monitor Your Health Better With Apple Health

Health Sharing allows the people who value your health to better monitor it, even from a distance, while keeping you in complete control of your data. You can also use your iPhone’;s Health app to keep track your official medical records.

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