Will Mobile Phone Attract Lightning
By cuterose

Will Mobile Phone Attract Lightning

06/01/2022  |   909 Views

So what will the answer to this question be? Well, for starters it will probably not be attractive. In fact the opposite is true. The question will have to be 'How will you feel when your phone attracts lightning?'

We all know that some phones do attract more attention than others and some seem to do so much more to attract it that we just cannot resist the device. The newest fad in mobile phones seems to be the 'lightning bolt' effect. This effect has caught on remarkably well and is now almost a must have feature on every handset available. These phones seem to have inherited the technology from the pagers that Thomas Alva Edison invented over 100 years ago.

When the first mobile phones were introduced people were rather sceptical about them. People had a fear that these phones would end up in the wrong hands and that they would end up being used as weapons against the authorities. The situation is totally different today. The police and the military seem to find these phones extremely useful.

When the first mobile phones were introduced you could only get calls from a particular network. So you had to change carriers to use other networks. You had to pay extra for international calls and even for messages sent to other telephone numbers outside your country.

Those days are long gone now. Networks have merged and you can buy phones from any place. They are affordable and you can switch carriers at any time. You do not have to pay any extra for messages sent outside your country. This has lead to the whole concept of the global village.

Nowadays the cheapest way for someone to communicate with others is by using their mobile phones. Everyone is tied to their phone and they cannot move unless they use it. A young girl could easily walk to a coffee shop and still keep in touch with her parents. A businessman could be away travelling but still be able to send a message through his mobile phone to his office.

All this has led to the popularity of the mobile phone. The latest models come with amazing features. As mentioned earlier, one is not tied to a network so this makes them very portable. The latest handsets have great cameras and other high-tech features. With all these attractive features, the question on everyone's mind will be - will the phone attract lightning?

For all the skeptics out there, this will not happen. If you take a look at the history of telephones, sooner or later someone will come up with a new idea. Even Microsoft had a fun time with the idea of a mobile phone with video games and internet access built into it. You will never be able to rule out the possibility that a phone will be able to attract lightning.

There are a lot of advantages in owning a mobile phone. One obvious advantage is being able to check your emails while you are out on a hike. How many times have you been on a hike and checked your email on a rock or tree? There are times when you want to get something done but don't want to disturb the hiking party or wait for the cell phone to recharge. This is where the mobile phone comes in handy. Instead of disturbing the hiking party, you can simply pop your cell into your pocket and go get your work done.

If you are worried about lightning striking you, don't be. The phones on the market today are designed to withstand a lot of abuse. The cases are specifically designed to protect the phone from being damaged in a storm. The screen is even covered with a scratch resistant glass. You don't have to worry about a phone becoming ruined in a minor storm.

The best part about these phones is that they come with free insurance. It doesn't matter if you have an older model or a newer one. The company will provide you with a new phone, with a new warranty, and a new one at no additional cost. The phones are also water resistant, meaning that even in a severe rainstorm you won't have to worry about it getting ruined. This means that no matter what kind of weather you will be having with the mobile phone in question, you won't have to worry.

The truth about a phone that can attract lightning is that they are very simple. There is really no secret behind the success of the mobile phone. It all has to do with the user and how they use the phone. If you are a person who enjoys being outdoors and you don't mind taking a chance, then the lightning fast phone is for you.