3G Slide Mobile Phone - Makes the Switch From a Carrier to a Phone
By cuterose

3G Slide Mobile Phone - Makes the Switch From a Carrier to a Phone

07/01/2022  |   610 Views

You can buy slide mobile phone cases for your Samsung Galaxy S and HTC Evo Shift. There are many different models available in the market, including slide in designs, which allow users to slip their cell phones inside when not in use. These cases are becoming very popular as they make it easy to take your phone with you wherever you go.

The Slide 2 is a very affordable mobile phone case, which includes a mobile phone with a leather exterior. It also has a front volume and power button, along with two ear buds. This phone case also allows users to slide their cellular phones inside it, as well as snap the cellular phone's SIM tray out of the case easily.

The Slide 2 Case is one of the few cases that has both a mobile phone case and a phone in it, allowing for users to slip their phones inside and use them. The phone case snaps over the top of the mobile and also has a slot for the SIM tray. There is also a small cutout in the top of the phone for the camera. One of the nicest things about this mobile phone design is that it comes with a micro-SD slot.

Another one of the mobile phone unlocked for T-Mobile is the Slide Mobile HD8S. This phone also has a nice little camera built into the side of the phone. It also has a micro-SD slot, which makes it very easy to add additional memory. Slide Mobile HD8S also has a nice little jog dial. The battery life on the Slide mobile phone is pretty decent, though, and it lasts all day if you use it on a normal basis.

The Geeks mobile HD6S is another excellent choice. This model comes unlocked, so it can work on any cell phone network in the country. It features a nice large 1.6" screen, and there is a decent amount of backlighting on the touch screen. The dual sim tray also doubles as a charging tray, which means you can enjoy an easy charge no matter what time of day you want to use it. The battery is not long lasting, however.

The Geeks Slider Duo is one of the best cell phones on the market. It comes with everything you would expect from a good smart phone, including a nice large touch screen, a camera, and plenty of storage space. The only thing it does not have is a wireless screen protector. That's something you can buy separately to keep your Slide in top shape.

If you are looking for a cell phone case to go along with your Slide, check out the Geeks Slider Duo available for either cell phone or for the sliding phone. This is one case that can be an excellent addition to your Slide collection. There are a number of different versions available, so make sure you shop around and see which ones would be the most useful for you. You could purchase the Slide with a dual sim new mobile phone made by Samsung, for example. Then add the case for an additional fee.

Another option to consider is buying a cell phone via a carrier. Many people are moving from regular plans to pay as you go plans, and some are even making international calls using their Slide. The Geeks Slider can be used as a tap appliance to make local calls. If you need a phone with a little more personality, check out the slide-able models made by Samsung and Nokia.