watchOS 8.4 and iOS 15.3 are causing Wallet sync issues for some people
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watchOS 8.4 and iOS 15.3 are causing Wallet sync issues for some people

27/06/2022  |   414 Views

What you need to know

A number of people are experiencing sync issues for cards added to their iPhones — they aren't always appearing on their Apple Watch after updating to the latest versions of iOS and watchOS.

Following the release of iOS 15.3 and watchOS 8.4 last week, a number of people are reporting that Apple Pay and other cards added to their iPhones aren't being synced to their Apple Watches. The issue doesn't appear to be a widespread one, but it is one that Apple will need to fix for those affected.

watchOS 8.4 and iOS 15.3 are causing Wallet sync issues for some people

People have been taking to social media and Reddit to report the issues that were first spotted by AppleInsider.

iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 3. No coupons/membership cards added on the iPhone have successfully been synced to the Apple Watch since I updated to 8.4 and 15.3. Interestingly enough, removing a card from the iPhone does not seem to sync to the Watch either, but removing a card that exists on both devices on the Watch successfully syncs to the iPhone.

It isn't clear whether this issue is related to the iPhone or Apple Watch updates specifically, but those who have reached out to Apple have reportedly been told that the company is investigating the problem. No information has been given for when impacted users can expect to see a fix, however.

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