Watch Conor McGregor Take His New ‘Tank’ Physique for a Spin in a Boxing Pad Session
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Watch Conor McGregor Take His New ‘Tank’ Physique for a Spin in a Boxing Pad Session

12/04/2022  |   423 Views

Conor McGregor’s return to the UFC’s Octagon is moving ever closer. Yesterday, we were treated to footage of his first boxing pad-work session since his horror leg break in July 2021.

The Notorious has been out of action since breaking his leg last year during a fight against the American mixed martial artist Dustin Poirier.

It's taken months of rehab for McGregor to recover and get back into the ring. Now, his training has reached the point where he’s comfortable releasing footage of a pad-work session he completed at the famed Crumlin Boxing Club, which is operated by Irish boxing legend Phil Sutcliffe. You can see how he got on in the video below.

Watch Conor McGregor Take His New ‘Tank’ Physique for a Spin in a Boxing Pad Session

When McGregor plans on stepping up his training and returning to sparring, grappling and mixed martial arts’ other disciplines remains unclear. The Irishman did however reveal to The Mac Life "that late summer sounds about right" for his comeback UFC fight. (continues below)

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When that does happen, McGregor could be in very different shape to when we last saw him, with fans commenting how The Notorious looks like a tank in recently released workout images.

On the back of the images, one fan questioned whether McGregor's nickname should be changed from The Notorious to "McJacked", while another said he should forget about the welterweight division and concentrate on becoming "heavyweight champ" next.

But not everyone is a fan of McGregor’s new physique. Some people are worried that his increased size will come at the cost of his mobility. "Lookin' like a tank, hope you still got the speed though,” said one user. "Too much muscle to be fast I think," added another.

If McGregor’s boxing footage is anything to go by, his mobility shouldn’t be in question, but we’ll have to wait until he returns to the Octagon before we know for sure.

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