This 'excellent' affordable smart watch is rivaling expensive brands - and it's on sale on Amazon
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This 'excellent' affordable smart watch is rivaling expensive brands - and it's on sale on Amazon

26/09/2022  |   318 Views

'Far exceeds the pricier alternatives': Amazon shoppers say this affordable smartwatch rivals high-end brands (and it's now reduced to under £34)

By Emily Scrivener For Mailonline




If you've been tempted to invest in a smartwatch but have been put off by the hefty price tag, it might be wise to head over to Amazon where shoppers have discovered an affordable alternative that's giving expensive brands like Fitbit and Apple a run for their money.

The LETSCOM Smart Watch Health & Fitness Tracker is currently an Amazon bestseller thanks to its impressive features that come at a bargain price. It includes all-day activity and sleep tracking, heart-rate monitoring and even the added benefits of message alerts from messenger, texts, WhatsApp and phone calls.

And the best bit? It's reduced to just £33.99 on Amazon right now.

The LETSCOM Smart Watch Health & Fitness Tracker is now on sale for just £33.99 on Amazon

If you're looking to invest in a fitness tracker but don't want to splurge on big name brands, then the LETSCOM smartwatch could be a great option.

With over 12,000 Amazon reviews and an impressive average score of 4.4 out of 5, the colour screen LETSCOM is a popular and highly recommended choice for an affordable smartwatch.

Shoppers have described it as a 'great improvement on standard activity wrist bands', and are impressed with the 'amazing value', 'excellent battery life' and 'great features and functions'.


Aesthetically it looks a lot like the Apple watch and while it doesn't have the same level of function, for just £33.99 you do get an impressive amount.

This 'excellent' affordable smart watch is rivaling expensive brands - and it's on sale on Amazon

Like a lot of decent fitness trackers, the LETSCOM watch allows you to track your steps, calories, distance and minutes active. On top of those basic functions you also get a sedentary reminder, full-touch screen, heart-rate monitor, music control and texts alerts - elements that are found on smartwatches triple the price of this one. And this hasn't gone unnoticed by shoppers.

'Great features and functions and far exceeds the pricier alternatives,' raved one shopper in their review on Amazon.

They went on to write: '[A] lot of useful features for the price. It's light and comfortable and incredibly easy to use. Downloading the accompanying app was easy peasy, just had to scan the QR code in the little manual (also very handy). Have done a walk and the distance and other stats were excellent.'

The large watch face makes it easy to see your stats and message alerts whilst on the move

Another shopper added: 'I'm really amazed with design and quality of this watch! It has all the essential tools I need for my fitness and it's so low in price compared to other famous brands.

'I used fitbit in a past and it broke on me 3 times, moreover I had to charge it everyday which was very annoying where is the battery on this watch lasts a whole week!! Unbelievable. 5 stars without a doubt.'

A third was also won over by the price, writing: 'The LETSCOM fitness tracker does pretty much everything the high brand fitness trackers do and it is as accurate.

'So for me it ticks all the boxes of what I need it to do. It monitors your heart rate, tracks your steps, distance, minutes and calories. Its battery life lasts for over a week which is great, whereas the apple watch needs to be charged every other day.'

On top of the impressive amount of features, shoppers also report how comfortable the strap is. You can pick from seven colours including pink, blue, black and grey.

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