These are the Best Apple Watch Bands and Cases to buy in 2022
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These are the Best Apple Watch Bands and Cases to buy in 2022

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Without a doubt, the Apple Watch is one of the best smartwatches out there. Of course, only if you have an iPhone that is. The Galaxy Watch 4 which was recently launched with the latest version of WearOS and added health features looks like a strong competitor on the Android side of things. The Apple Watch offers a rich set of features for fitness enthusiasts as well as some life-saving features like fall detection and the ability to notify users of irregular heartbeats.

Apart from being a smart companion on your wrist, the Apple Watch is also an accessory that adds to your style statement. It’s important to pair the right kind of band with your Apple Watch depending on the occasion. Here are some of the best Apple Watch bands for every occasion to match your style.


Speaking of style, Apple recently announced watchOS 8 for the Apple Watch Series 3 and above, which includes some new styling options for the watch face and a host of new features. You can check out our watchOS 8 hands-on to know more about it. Also, before we get started, note all the straps we mention below are compatible from the oldest to the newest Apple Watch, and all the bands have both sizing options — 38/40/41mm and 42/44/45mm — so choose the right one based on the size of your Apple Watch. If you’ve got the new Series 7 Apple Watch, note that the 38/40mm bands also fit the 41mm variant while the 42/44mm bands fit the 45mm variant.

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    These bands will help you get a comfortable fit or change the look of your Apple Watch for various occasions!

    These are the Best Apple Watch Bands and Cases to buy in 2022

    These bands are similar to the default Apple Watch sports band that you can get with the Apple Watch. They’re good for working out or just for casual use on a daily basis.

    Leather bands and straps are classy and have a very professional look. They’re a great fit for casual outings and gatherings and can also go well with your work attire.

    If you want to try something different that conventional-looking bands, metallic straps are the way to go since they completely change the look of your watch.

    The Apple Watch — apart from being a fitness tracker, is also a fashion accessory that you wear on a daily basis. Here are some bands that can improve the look of your Apple Watch and complement your wardrobe.

    Best Apple Watch Cases

    While bands may change the looks of the watch to a certain extent, adding a case can change the way the dial looks and also protect your watch from scratches and dents. Here are some good cases for the Apple Watch that you can pair with any of the bands you like. Some even come with a band attached!

    These are some of the best Apple Watch bands you can buy in our opinion. We’ve put together an extensive list to make sure there’s something for everyone based on your needs. If you want a comfortable strap that goes well with everything, we would suggest getting the Apple Watch Sports Loop. If you want something a little more elegant, the Milanese loop is a great option. For rugged protection, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro should be your pick, while if you want the best band for sports and activities, you can get the breathable silicone sports band.

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