The best Fitbits to buy right now
By cuterose

The best Fitbits to buy right now

04/09/2022  |   270 Views

Fitbit Charge 5


If you're looking for a fitness tracker that offers the best available features for collecting health data, while also being comfortable, easy to use (no buttons) and easy to read outside in the sunshine -- all at a reasonable price -- Fitbit's Charge 5 wins. In fact, the Charge 5 was recently awarded a CNET's Editors' Choice Award.

The best Fitbits to buy right now

The Charge 5 tracks things such as your heart rate through an EKG reading app, your stress level through an electrodermal activity sensor, and your blood oxygen level and skin temperature. It also tracks your sleep patterns, including breathing rates, sleep stages and restlessness. The Charge 5 monitors over 20 different physical activities, including swimming (it's water-resistant), yoga and cycling. It also has a built-in GPS, which is great for runners and has 20 exercise modes.

The Charge 5 is compatible with iPhones and Androids. However, iPhone users can only see notifications on the Charge 5 screen, while Android users may send quick replies.