My Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava: steps to fix it
By cuterose

My Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava: steps to fix it

05/09/2022  |   361 Views

I think the saying is true that if you didn’t log it in Strava, did it really happen?

Fortunately, Garmin has made it easy to sync your activity with your Strava account by using the Garmin Connect app or their browser webpage. But what do you do when your Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava or vice-versa?

These two powerhouse names in the fitness industry are used by many people worldwide to log exercise and monitor basic health metrics.

Overall, the syncing process between the two is relatively straightforward, but what happens if you find that Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava despite logging your workouts as you would normally?

This article gives you some troubleshooting options to try when your Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava (or vice-versa).


Start simple and restart!

Try turning your phone and your Garmin watch or tracker off and back on again.

When your metrics and activities are not syncing back and forth between Garmin and Strava, a restart of your devices often does the trick!

After restarting, see if the sync worked and if all your activities loaded into both Garmin Connect and Strava apps.

Learn how to restart your Garmin by reviewing your owner’s manual or at this Garmin support site.

Verify Garmin and Strava services are online

Occasionally, you may experience technical difficulties that prevent the two platforms from communicating with one another.

Your activities sync to Garmin and Strava using servers in the cloud, so if either Strava’s or Garmin’s servers are down, information between the two apps cannot flow.

So check if there are any problems with the status of their servers.

If any services are down or unavailable, that likely explains why your activities are not syncing. Since these problems are service-wide, the only solution is to wait for the servers to return to full operation.

In particular, look at the Third Party Sync status on the Garmin Connect Status page. And from the Strava Status page, look for the API status. If an issue exists, you need to wait until Garmin or Strava resolves it and the status returns to operational (green.)

What to do if Garmin still isn’t syncing with Strava?

First, check that you logged in with the correct Garmin and Strava accounts. If you share your phone with someone else or if you have older and multiple accounts with Garmin and/or Strava, check those credentials!

My Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava: steps to fix it

When your Garmin Connect data isn’t syncing over to a third-party app (e.g., Strava, MyFitnessPal, Zwift, etc.), it is most likely an error of consent for data sharing between the two.

To fix this problem, the best method is to simply disconnect the apps and re-establish their communication.

You can disconnect and reconnect Garmin and Strava using the Garmin Connect app and Strava’s app on your mobile device.

These similar steps are detailed below in the section outlining how to connect Garmin with Strava. Follow these steps to disconnect.

  • Select Settings.
  • Tap Connected Apps.
  • Scroll down to Connected apps and select Strava.
  • Then finally, tap Disconnect.
  • Then follow the steps below to disconnect it in the Strava app.

    These two platforms are officially disconnected at this point. To reconnect Garmin and Strava, see the instructions below in the section How to sync your Garmin with Strava that detail this process.

    In most cases, just disconnecting then reconnecting usually solves any syncing issues.

    How to sync your Garmin with Strava

    Our fitness wearables typically offer more benefits than challenges, and one of the biggest benefits is syncing that device’s activity information with third-party apps and services, especially the popular Strava app!

    We outline below how to connect Garmin and Strava together, so information flows both ways. You can do it via the Strava and Garmin Connect apps, the Garmin website, or the Strava website.

    First, be sure that you have downloaded the Strava app onto your phone and that you have created a Strava account.

  • Select Settings
  • Tap Connected Apps
  • Look at the Available Apps section and select Strava.
  • Scroll down, tap Agree, sign in to your Strava account, and choose Authorize.
  • Review the data, share permissions, and make adjustments if needed. Strava should now show up as a Connected App!
  • Give this sync a few minutes to update.

    Once it does, you see the past 90 days of activity from your Garmin Connect app loaded into Strava. All future Garmin activities are automatically synced with Strava.

    As a Garmin user myself, I can guarantee that you spend most of your time logging workouts and other fitness stats using the Garmin Connect app.

    I have never personally used the Garmin Connect website to do this, as it seems just like an extra step, but if this is your preference, feel free to do so.

    It is also important to note that you need a segment-compatible device added to your Garmin Connect account to do this via their webpage.

    Check out their support page here for more details on what Garmin devices are compatible with segments.

    I personally do not have a compatible device, which is another reason why I have never logged my activity via their web page. See the steps below to do this.

    Again, it can take several minutes for the sync to complete. After this, you’re all set.

    If you don’t want to use the Garmin Connect app or you don’t have a mobile device, you can use the Garmin Express app on your computer and sync all your activities with Strava from Garmin Express.

    Another option: manually upload an activity file to Strava

    If our Garmin activities continue to not upload to Strava, you can manually upload your data to Strava. To do this, you need a computer or tablet that allows you to connect your Garmin device to it via a wired connection or web access to Garmin Connect.

    You can manually export files from Garmin Connect in .tcx, .gpx, and .fit formats.

    Wrapping up

    If you find that your Garmin isn’t syncing with Strava, a simple reboot of disconnecting and re-connecting the apps usually does the trick.

    However, if reconnecting your third-party app with Garmin Connect does not resolve the data-sharing issues, we recommend trying the troubleshooting steps listed or reaching out to their support team directly.

    On occasion, something more involved may be going on that warrants the tech support of Garmin directly.

    Either way, don’t let a minor tech glitch stop you from reaching your fitness goals during this near year!