Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro Can Track Long Term Heart Health
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Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro Can Track Long Term Heart Health

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Android News / Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro Can Track Long Term Heart Health

By Arthur BrownMarch 02, 2022Advertisement

There are fashion-forward smartwatches with health features, and there are true-to-form fitness trackers. Mobvoi makes a popular line of fitness trackers that help you maintain your health while staying fashionable. According to The Verge, the company just released the new TicWatch GTH Pro fitness tracker. This device promises to help you keep track of your long-term heart health.

The TicWatch GTH Pro measures your arterial health

Mobvoi makes a wide selection of products, but it’s popular in the mobile tech world for its smartwatches. Its latest fitness tracker was made in collaboration with Cardie X, which is a global health technology company.

Mobvoi TicWatch GTH Pro Can Track Long Term Heart Health

The TicWatch GTH Pro comes with a set of sensors that are said to monitor your long-term arterial health. These are special in that they measure your central arterial waveforms. In a sense, the watch measures how strong your pulse is. The data achieved from those measurements can help paint an accurate picture of your heart’s health.


This is a great method of measuring the heart because it’s very accurate, according to Cardie X. Analyzing the central arterial waveforms can be instrumental in preventing heart disease.

What else does the watch have?

You get the usual collection of health trackers to build a strong health profile. The TicWatch GTH Pro actually uses two heart rate sensors to get its readings. While one rests on the wrist, one sits on the top for the finger. Even though there are two sensors, the finger sensor works better. You get tools like a step tracker, a blood oxygen sensor, a skin temperature sensor, a sleep tracker, and a host of others.

The design of the TicWatch GTH Pro isn’t going to win any awards. It’s your typical rounded rectangular design that resembles an Apple Watch. There’s nothing really lining the edges, as it’s a super minimalist design. One button sits on the top right of the device, and you use that to navigate.


The TicWatch GTH Pro has a 5ATM water resistance rating. While that may confuse some people, it just means that it can withstand shallow bodies of water. Basically, you don’t have to worry about using this watch while getting sweaty.

Other than the central arterial waveform sensor, this watch is definitely your typical fitness tracker. It’s for people who want to keep a close eye on their cardiac health, and it costs $99.

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