Man U star Tahith Chong robbed at knifepoint by masked raiders at 3am
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Man U star Tahith Chong robbed at knifepoint by masked raiders at 3am

16/08/2022  |   289 Views

A female steward hit by a Cristiano Ronaldo shot thought she had DIED when it hit her.

Marisa Nobile was wallopped by Ronnie's wayward effort ahead of United's Champions League defeat at Young Boys and has since revealed the pair argued in the past.

The innocent steward was sent flying after a miskick from Ronaldo flew right into her.

She lay prone on the ground as medics rushed to her aid.

And Ronnie himself charged over to make sure she was OK.

Fortunately Nobile escaped without serious injury but revealed she feared for her life in the immediate aftermath as she lay stricken on the ground.

She told Blick TV: "When the ball hit me on my head it was a full strike.

"I was gone in my head and went to the ground. Afterwards I saw Ronaldo above me and said: 'Oh my God no, did I die?'


"Ronaldo said: 'No, no. Excuse me! What's happening? Are you all right?'

Man U star Tahith Chong robbed at knifepoint by masked raiders at 3am

"I was in great pain. My God. I was more or less ballaballa! But then I saw Ronaldo and the headache was gone."

As well as being apologetic at the time, Ronnie also gave Nobile his shirt after the 2-1 defeat which cheered her up.

But in a seperate interview with Globo Esporte, Nobile revealed it was not always sweetness and light between her and the Portuguese.

She said: "When he played here for Real Madrid, I ended up cursing him. I didn't know who he was.


"I said: 'The game is over, you keep running here on the field and people don't leave.'

"He continued [running on the field], and I was already very tired. He sent me to talk to the coach.

"I came back: 'So, is it going to end or not? This is Switzerland, dear!'

"He told me where to go. I said: 'What a rude guy.' Until yesterday, I didn't like Cristiano Ronaldo."

Despite their past beef, Nobile admitted she doesn't think the incident was an act of revenge.

She added: "It wasn't revenge, no.

"He was holding my hand, stroking my face, asking, 'Are you okay, are you okay?'

"Now I'm a number one Ronaldete!"

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