M4: BerkshireLive readers express frustration as M4 smart motorway work continues
By cuterose

M4: BerkshireLive readers express frustration as M4 smart motorway work continues

21/06/2022  |   269 Views

Motorists have expressed their anger and frustration after it was announced that work on the M4 stretch of smart motorways would continue, despite safety concerns.

The Department for Transport has announced that no new smart motorway schemes will begin until after five years of traffic safety data is available for upgraded stretches completed before 2020.

However, work will still continue on schemes already under construction, which includes the stretch of the M4 motorway between Junction 3 (Hayes) and Junction 12 (Theale) in Berkshire.

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Many have criticised the project as unsafe since its inception, with the lack of hard shoulder named as a major concern for many drivers.

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Writing on the BerkshireLive Facebook page, Helen Lanksford said: "Absolutely ridiculous, what happens if you breakdown?

M4: BerkshireLive readers express frustration as M4 smart motorway work continues

"That is the reason for a hard shoulder, what muppet put this in place? It's an accident waiting to happen."

Sharing their concerns, Geraldine Treder admitted: "I feel very unsafe driving on it."

However, some felt it was simply too late for the project to be cancelled now. When asked if the work should stop, Jason Cunningham wrote: "After all the money that's been spent, no."

Tony Martin added: "They may as well finish it after the years and years of disruption! Just make sure there are loads of places to pull in."

However, the overwhelming majority of people that had their say said the work should be stopped, with many motorists fearing for the safety of themselves and others when driving on the M4.

National Highways CEO Nick Harris said: "We have listened to public concerns about smart motorways and we are fully committed to taking forward the additional measures the Transport Committee has recommended.

“While we pause those all lane running schemes yet to start construction we will complete the schemes currently in construction, we will make existing sections as safe as they can possibly be and we will step up our advice to drivers so they have all the information they need.

“We are doing this because safety is our absolute priority and we want drivers to not just be safer, but also to feel safe on our busiest roads.”

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