How to Use Your Mobile Phone As a WiFi Router
By cuterose

How to Use Your Mobile Phone As a WiFi Router

13/11/2021  |   705 Views

One of the hottest topics nowadays is that of how to use your mobile phone as a wifi router. This has actually been a subject of discussion for a while now, and a number of different manufacturers have offered their own take on how to use this hardware in various handsets. The latest offerings are more inclined towards simplifying the process while still delivering on all of the features and benefits that the regular phone can offer. It is important to understand just what you need from this hardware if you are really interested in how to use your mobile phone as a WiFi router. Remember, though, that the less knowledge you have about what you are getting, the more likely it will leave you without all of the options and functionalities that you may be interested in.

A regular piece of hardware that can help with your search for how to use your mobile phone as a WiFi hotspot is the kind of device that we call a Wireless Access Point. What this essentially is a small device that is plugged into the USB slot of a laptop or other portable device. The thing about these Access Points is that they act like wireless routers, able to detect nearby wireless networks and connect to them using radio frequencies.

One of the advantages of having one of these installed in your device is that it can help you discover nearby networks that you would not otherwise be able to access. Of course, each individual access point will only be able to detect a handful of available networks at most. If you want to use your mobile phone as a hotspot, you are going to need a bigger network to choose from. If you decide to opt for a cellular provider in the future, you can also expect that they will soon begin selling devices that are capable of sharing a cellular connection with a secondary mobile phone. This means that you could easily connect your secondary mobile phone to the same wireless network that you already use to surf the web.

If you are interested in knowing how to use your mobile phone as a WiFi router, you are probably wondering how to go about setting up one of these devices in the first place. Thankfully, setting up an access point is relatively easy to do. You just need to head into the manufacturer's website and follow the instructions for connecting your device to a network. It really isn't that difficult and it could take you less than ten minutes to set up your new hotspot.

Once you know how to use your mobile phone as a WiFi router, the next step involves finding a good location to place your hotspot. Keep in mind that you will probably need to be in the direct line of sight of the access point in order to get it to work properly. Many people like to place their units in open locations such as on the roof or near some trees. If you can find an unobstructed spot with no overhanging tree branches or tall grasses, you will have excellent results. Just make sure that your wireless device is at a suitable height and that there are no nearby objects that can block signals.

Once you have located an ideal location, you will need to connect your wireless device to the access point. To do this, simply use the menu function to locate the SSID (stand for System Service Unit) and select add. Once you have done this, you will be asked to enter your personal identification number (PIN). This is very important when you want to know how to use your mobile phone as a WiFi router because you will need this number to identify you and the network.

Next, you will have to enter the MAC (Internet Protocol) address of your wireless device. Make sure you enter it exactly the way it is written because forgetting to do so will likely result in a blocked connection. After you have done this, you should restart your phone so that the access point has a clear signal. You can now proceed to use your PC at home or anywhere else so long as the signal from your access point is active.

Knowing how to use your mobile phone as a WiFi router is very simple. You simply connect your phone to the access point, pick up the receiver and you are ready to start using your PC wirelessly. However, this may not be enough to help you out if you need a more feature-rich phone. For this, you will need to search for phones that have more memory and camera and other features.