How to share health records on iPhone
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How to share health records on iPhone

13/07/2022  |   312 Views

On iPhone and iOS 15, Apple's making it easier to share health records with your physician and others. The collected data could include medications, immunizations, lab results, and more. The steps mentioned below assume you've already started to use the Health app on one of the best iPhones.

Viewing health records

To view your health records on iPhone:

Sharing health records

What does it mean to share health records? According to Apple, "People you share health data with can also view the health notifications you receive, including high heart rate and irregular rhythm notifications. You can also share notifications for significant trends, such as a steep decline in activity."

How to share health records on iPhone

To share health records on your iPhone, the person must be in your Contacts list. They also must have iOS 15 or later installed on their phone.

To View Data Shared By Someone Else:

Sharing with your doctor

To share your health information with your doctor, you'll want to follow different steps:

Change what's shared

At any time, you can adjust what data is being shared with contacts or your doctor.

Stop sharing health records

If you no longer what to share health records with someone:

Those are the steps to share health records with friends and family or with your doctor. Whether you want to is another story. Luckily, Apple makes it simple to adjust the topics that are shared and which ones aren't.

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