Do AirPods 3 Work With Android? What You Have To Know About The Earbuds
By cuterose Do AirPods 3 Work With Android? What You Have To Know About The Earbuds

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Apple's AirPods 3 are among the best wireless headphones available right now, but there are better options to consider for Android users. There are a lot of smartphone accessories people can choose from. From smartwatches, cases, battery packs, and charging stands, the options are seemingly endless. This is great for folks who like having a lot of choices. At the same time, it can also make it challenging to decide what to buy.

This is also true of wireless earbuds. Whether someone wants to listen to music at the gym or while working at a coffee shop, wireless earbud options are plentiful. One of the most popular choices right now is AirPods 3. Apple released AirPods 3 in October 2021 to much fanfare. The earbuds have upgraded audio, a better design, and longer battery life than AirPods 2. They also cost just $179, making them a pretty decent value.


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It's no secret that AirPods 3 are a phenomenal choice for iPhone users — but what about folks who use Android? While AirPods 3 technically work with Android phones, the experience is scaled back considerably. In short, AirPods 3 with an Android phone function like very basic Bluetooth earbuds. They'll connect to an Android device, play music, take phone calls, and work with the default playback controls. Unfortunately, that's where the experience of AirPods 3 on Android ends. Used with an Android phone, all of the following is not supported: One-touch pairing, automatic device switching, changing playback controls, audio sharing, 'Hey Siri' commands, Find My tracking, and in-ear playback detection. Because of all this, AirPods 3 are a tough recommendation for non-iPhone people. Do AirPods 3 Work With Android? What You Have To Know About The Earbuds

Earbuds Android Users Should Get Instead Of AirPods 3

The good news? There are plenty of excellent alternatives that do work well with Android. Take the Beats Studio Buds as an example. The earbuds support Google Fast Pair for one-touch pairing on Android, use Android's built-in lost device tracking, and also show their battery life right in the settings app. They also come with active noise canceling, transparency mode, and customizable playback controls — all for just $149.

Another option to consider is the Pixel Buds A-Series. These are available for just $99 and deliver an all-around excellent user experience. They sound great, are extremely comfortable, and work flawlessly with Android. Open the case near an Android phone, tap a pop-up button, and the Pixel Buds connect just like that. All of their controls are also available right within the settings app — allowing users to see their battery life, find the earbuds if they become lost, change playback controls, and set up hands-free Google Assistant commands.

As great as it would be if AirPods 3 worked well with Android, the abundance of other available options makes it sting a whole lot less. Whether someone buys the Beats Studio Buds, Pixel Buds A-Series, or anything else that's out there, it's honestly OK that AirPods 3 are a bad choice for Android users.

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