8 Best PC & Console Accessories Gamers Can’t Live Without
By cuterose 8 Best PC & Console Accessories Gamers Can’t Live Without

23/04/2022  |   483 Views

Since Xbox hit the market in 2001, the debate surrounding the best platform has raged on. PC users claimed that consoles were inferior to their higher frame rates and seemingly endless storage, while console users argued that the marriage of affordability and consistent performance made it the definitive "winner" among fans. However, with modern consoles now performing on par with mid-range PCs, there is a happy medium that all gamers can agree on: the add-ons and accessories.

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A gaming sanctuary is nothing without its peripherals. From the comfort, and lumbar support, of a good chair to the crystal clear audio of a great set of headphones, there is nothing that compares to having the right accessories to complete one's setup. It is an area where PC and console gamers can live in harmony and enjoy the spoils of elevated gaming experiences.


HD Camera

This accessory could likely go either way with most people. It is not as imperative of a component for modern gaming, but for anyone looking to dip their toes into streaming, it is a must-have.

The days of super-expensive HD cameras are long gone. While one can still pick up a webcam for hundreds of dollars, it is not necessary. Most streamers, even the pros, can capture clear video with a 1080p, 60fps camera and not break the bank while doing it.


Just like a camera, a microphone does not have to break the bank to perform well. Buyers should beware, though, that cheap does not always mean cost-effective in the world of electronic accessories. However, if a gamer wants viewers or teammates to hear them clearly in the chaos of an important match, it is one of the more important accessories to purchase.

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A good gaming mic can be found for under $200 these days. Blue Yeti, Audio-Technica, or RODE USB microphones will not only do the trick but sound almost as good as any $300-and-up XLR mic. Plus, they come with the added advantage of plug and play, whereas an XLR mic will wind up costing more in the long run. This is because an audio interface is - usually - required to run them. 8 Best PC & Console Accessories Gamers Can’t Live Without

Carrying Case

When heading to a LAN (local area connection) party to play the Halo: Infinite campaign and defeat some of the deadliest targets, protection is key. One rogue bump or drop of a piece of hardware could mean the end of one's gaming rig altogether. Replacement consoles or graphics cards are not cheap, which is why a solid carrying case should be high up on a gaming accessories list.

Carrying cases for consoles and PCs can range from low to high in price range. For the casual gamer, a $40 projector carrying case would work in a pinch. For those looking to drop jaws, and money, though, custom carrying boxes for PS5, Xbox, or a computer tower can range up to $600.

Headphones Rack

There is nothing more annoying than tangled chords and a messy desk. For some, having headphones simply laid out on a desk is all well and good. After all, that is what a desk is for, but desk space can be even more important during a fifteen-hour grind.

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A headphone rack manages to provide just that. While these accessories come in many different forms, the two most popular are under-desk mounts or top-of-desk mounts. Regardless of the location, there is no price one can put on extra room on the desk for chips and soda.

Proper Gaming Chair

Most gaming accessories can be reasoned down to a less costly version. A good gaming chair should not be one of those accessories. When a Destiny 2 expansion or raid can take hours to complete, comfort is key, and nothing sucks the joy out of an all-day gaming session like back pain.

While a gaming chair is its own subclass of chair, that does not always mean it is the best option. It will look cool, but a mesh-back office chair with molded seats can offer some a more comfortable experience and have the longevity a $200 gaming chair simply cannot offer.

Controller Docking Station

Whether it is PC gaming or console gaming, controllers are one of the most important accessories money can buy. Keeping modern controllers charged can be a struggle. Few things will illicit blinding rage like having a controller die halfway through a boss fight in Elden Ring or a game like it.

Charging towers are not only an imperative accessory to own but one of the least expensive accessories gamers can buy. Whether it is for PlayStation or Xbox controllers, a charging tower exists and - likely - will not run a receipt of more than $40.

LED Color Strips

Talk to any PC gamer or console gamer, and they will say the same thing: "RGB increases frame rates." Maybe that is not exactly true, but ambiance can take any gaming space to the next level, especially when one can control it from a phone.

LED strips are not only cheap to buy, anywhere from $10 and up, but they have evolved so much over time that there is really no reason a gamer should not have them. Playing Horizon: Forbidden West and some of the best games like it is great, but playing it in a room that changes color depending on the environment is better.

Rechargeable Compressed Air Duster

The #1 enemy of electronics is excess heat caused by dust buildup. Compressed air is the most important accessory any gamer can spend money on, but over time, buying $10 bottles can add up, not to mention the amount of waste they produce in the long run.

Rechargeable compressed air dusters range from $50-$80 and, while that may sound like an expensive price tag to put on air, the longevity of these accessories makes them the most sought-after accessory in any gamer's arsenal. Most come with an array of attachments that make cleaning one's console or PC tower painless while barely sacrificing any air pressure.

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