Final Results: Fitbit Luxe
By cuterose

Final Results: Fitbit Luxe

25/04/2022  |   484 Views

Over the course of five days, I wore it 24/7, tracking my daily workouts, sleep patterns, and, yes, stress management. As a mom of two who’s been working from home since the pandemic started, I was pretty curious about that last one.

Final Results: Fitbit Luxe

What I found was that while the Luxe did provide me with some helpful insights into my health and wellness, plus the fitness-tracking features many people have come to expect from Fitbit, the tracker is not for everyone.

The functionality still falls well short of your average smartwatch, and the sleek design and tiny display make it tough to take advantage of the information the device does provide.

But the fact is the Luxe is not a smartwatch. And when you compare it with other fitness trackers on the market, it’s actually one of the better options out there. In Consumer Reports’ testing it scored very high when it comes to areas like step-count accuracy and overall ease of use, landing it among the top tracker models in our ratings (available to CR members).

The Luxe starts at $150 and is available through Fitbit’s website and major retailers. Here’s a closer look at what we learned about the device.