Don't Use Mobile Phone Pictures to reconnect With an Ex - Things You Should Never Do
By cuterose

Don't Use Mobile Phone Pictures to reconnect With an Ex - Things You Should Never Do

24/09/2021  |   750 Views

You know that it's against the law to use someone else's cell phone number for anything, but you probably still continue to use it anyway. I mean, how can you be expected not to use a cell phone if you are constantly in touch with your friends and relatives? It's just one of those things in life that you have to do and then go through. If you don't want to get caught, just don't use the other person's cell phone number.

However, what about those times when you are texting your best friend? Or even your kids? They might be a bit snooty if you give them the mobile phone number, but at least they won't think of doing something to your phone. Besides, your children have probably grown up by now and you do not want to inadvertently upset them by prank calling their grandmother.

I'm sure we all understand what a cell phone is used for. For some people, it is a device that is just as useful as a landline phone. For others, though, it is the only communication tool they have. Some may argue that a mobile phone is more like a mini computer than a landline. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to send an e-mail if you didn't have to type in your name and all your computer knew what to do because it knew everything there was to know about you, including your cell phone number. The possibilities are endless.

However, we still utilize cell phones no matter what. It's just that many people use mobile phone pictures as their Facebook pages and it is this which makes people wrong. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using a picture to reconnect with a long lost friend. But why should you use mobile phone pictures to reconnect with your grandmother who lives 1500 miles away?

You see, there is nothing wrong with using pictures of yourself to reconnect with someone you have not seen in a long time. However, do not use mobile phone pictures to reconnect with your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is because doing so will most likely result in your getting in trouble with your ex. The truth is, many men and women do not want their exes to know where they are spending their free time. However, if you do not want your ex to know that you are using a cell phone then you should keep it a secret.

Do not use a personal phone to search for information about a person you are involved with. This is because you could find yourself in serious legal trouble. There have been cases where people were prosecuted for trying to retrieve deleted text messages. So if this is something that sounds like it might happen to you, I highly suggest you get a new phone.

Many people use their cell phones as their voice recorder and as their GPS systems. Some people have even been charged with voyeurism for taking pictures and videos without their consent. If you are thinking of recording of someone without their permission, and you plan on sharing this video or picture with someone else, do not do it! This is a federal offense and can come with stiff jail time. If in doubt, find another way to share the information.

Although you are not allowed to look at someone's mobile phone without their consent, you can look at other things on their phone. However, you should never look at anyone's private or personal information without their knowledge. There are several sites online that allow you to do a reverse cell phone lookup. These websites charge a small fee, but they are very reliable and fast.