Do diet apps work? Pros and cons of 5 popular options (MyFitnessPal, WW, Noom, Lose It!, Fooducate)
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Do diet apps work? Pros and cons of 5 popular options (MyFitnessPal, WW, Noom, Lose It!, Fooducate)

29/05/2022  |   533 Views

Many people focus on getting more healthy at the start of a new year as part of their resolutions. Tap or click for simple tech resolutions you can keep. But if you want to truly be healthy, it’s an all-year event.

There is so much misinformation about eating healthily, the right amount of exercise and the best ways to lose weight. Thankfully, there are tools out there to help you get fit, in whatever way you want.

If you hope to ramp up your exercise routine or find better ways to eat the right way, let us help. Here are five of the best diet and exercise apps to try now.

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal has an open discussion forum that lets you get in touch with other folks in different stages of their weight loss journey. Use this tool to get tips, tricks, and encouragement if you struggle to stay on track.

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The free app focuses on food tracking but can also help you stick to your diet plan. You can also track exercise, and the app pairs with almost every fitness watch on the market, including FitBit and Apple Watch. MyFitnessPal is available for iOS and Android devices.

Pros: There’s a free version! It’s worth noting that it has a free option, unlike others on the list.

Cons: Limited offerings in comparison to competitors.

Cost: Free or upgrade for $19.99/month.

Best for: Those who want a community to keep them motivated on their weight loss journey.

my fitness pal for Androidmy fitness pal for iOS

2. WW

Previously Weight Watchers, WW is well known around the world. It’s not just an app. WW also has an expansive website filled with exercise tips, support groups, and recipes to help you with your goals. It uses a point-based system to help you stick to a reasonable amount of calories every day.

WW offers more than any app on the list, from recipes to meal plans and even personalized coaches and support groups to help you along the way. Try one of its workshops in-person or online, or look up how to sleep better. The app is available for iOS and Android devices.

Pros: Extensive offerings include recipes, exercise plans, workshops, and healthy lifestyle tips.

Do diet apps work? Pros and cons of 5 popular options (MyFitnessPal, WW, Noom, Lose It!, Fooducate)

Cons: The points system can be confusing, and many of the recipes are more holistic than what you are used to eating.

Cost: $22.95/month plus a $20 starter fee, but you can typically find discounts to waive the starter fee and drop the monthly cost to about $10/month.

Best for: Those looking for all the bells and whistles.

WW for androidWW for ios

3. Noom

Noom is an app for Android and iOS that promotes itself as the whole package for weight loss. When you sign up, you take a survey that assesses your age, current activity goal, gender, and overall weight loss goal.

You then get a custom plan from a nutritionist that suggests diet changes and when and how much to exercise. Noom’s overall goal is to make small, slow adjustments so you create a healthy lifestyle that you will stick to in the long run. The downside is the app can be confusing, and it’s expensive.

Pros: More than just a calorie counter, and you get personalized support for the subscription fee.

Cons: Confusing set-up and no free option. Noom is the most expensive app on the list, so it’s hard to justify the cost.

Cost: Varies based on assessment, up to $59/month after a one-week free trial.

Best for: Those looking for a balanced lifestyle change instead of just weight loss.

Noom for androidNoom for ios

4. Lose It!

Lose It! is an all-in-one food tracker that makes it easy to track your calories as you consume them in a day. If you aren’t sure about the number of calories in your meal, you can take a picture and Lose It! will estimate it for you.

The app also has a user forum to meet others on their weight loss journey. You can even play games and unlock features like meal plans and FitBit tracking if you upgrade to premium. It’s available for iOS and Android devices.

Pros: It is cheap! Even the premium version will only cost $40 a year. It’s also user-friendly.

Cons: Limited exercise component.

Cost: Free or upgrade to premium for $40 a year.

Best for: Those on a budget.

Lose it! for androidlose it! for ios

5. Fooducate

Fooducate is a bit different from the other apps because it focuses more on educating you to make healthy choices. All you do is scan a barcode, and the food you are choosing gets a letter grade from A to D+. It then tells you why.

You can also find healthy recipes and a very active forum on the app, so feel free to ask questions to learn more about making healthier choices. Fooducate is available for iOS and Android devices.

Pros: If you want to make better food choices and understand food labels, this app can help you do it.

Cons: Not really a weight loss app.

Cost: Free or $4/monthly for the premium version.

Best for: Those looking to make better food decisions.

Fooducate for AndroidFooducate for iOS

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