Are You Allowed to Use Mobile Phones on Flights
By cuterose

Are You Allowed to Use Mobile Phones on Flights

01/09/2021  |   959 Views

In my opinion the answer is no, you are not allowed to use cell phones on airplanes. Why? There are serious security issues with it. If one of them would happen to get a hold of your phone (or maybe one of the travelers assisting you), what would they do? You are relying on them to be good citizens and not become a criminal out of fear.

Would they turn over the phone and send text messages to anyone? What if there was an emergency situation and your phone was dead? Would you be able to use it to call for help? What if it was a medical emergency and your phone did not have an insurance plan? What would happen to you? These are all important questions that should not be unanswered.

Another reason that I cannot have a cell phone is because I am an American. There are some countries that will not allow you to use them. The main one of them is China. They believe telecommunications are tools of Chinese espionage.

So how can you use them on the airplane and not worry about being forbidden from using them? You can use your regular cell phone. They work just like any other regular cell phones. You can make and receive calls and send texts.

This does not mean that you can let all your friends know that you have a business meeting coming up. It means that you have to be discrete when you are talking to your friends. I am sure that you would not want to get into a serious situation where your mobile phones are taken away. That would be a very bad situation.

Now that you know why you are not allowed to use mobile phones on flights, you need to know how you are going to get it over that obstacle. The answer is simple. You are going to use your regular cell phone. You can use it just like you normally do. Some people prefer to download the features of their cell phone to their regular card for easy travel.

This is probably not a good idea if you are a business person and do a lot of traveling. People are not going to like you stealing their business property. You can also download the features of your regular cell phone to your new device. It should be very easy for you to connect your phone to your computer. In fact most of them will allow this now.

You will not be able to use your cell phones when you are traveling if your gadget is considered to be a "gadget." Gadgets are only allowed in certain places including schools, airports, and railway stations. If you try to use your regular one in these places, you will get arrested and will face big fines. This does not mean though that you cannot use them anymore. You can carry your PDA with you if you are flying, and you will still be able to send and receive e-mails, surf the internet, and other uses of your cell phones.

When flying you should check if your cell phone will pass through security. They check the frequency of all mobile phone signals to make sure that nobody is trying to eavesdrop on you. If you are not allowed to use a mobile phone in restricted areas or when flying you should consider purchasing an additional one that is not used often. You can leave your phone in your car and use it while you are traveling if you want.

Do not worry too much though as long as you are not flying really high. Even with a low grade cell phone you will be able to make and receive calls. Some phones are even capable of browsing the web. You do not need to worry about talking on your mobile phones while flying though. The only thing that you should do is purchase separate earphones for your ears to use.

If you purchase a cell phone that is over the limited size, there are some restrictions as to where you can take it. You can only take it in your lap or keep it by your side if you have small children. It cannot be taken in your car. It is also not allowed in checked luggage unless it is an older model that has been modified. There are many other restrictions such as what kind of messages you can send and how many hours per day you can use your cell phones. These are all decided by the airline you are flying on so you may have to get in touch with the person who is in control of this type of policy.

If you are not comfortable with allowing your child to use a mobile phone on a plane or any other type of transport then you should consider purchasing an additional child carrier. This will give you more options as to how you can use your phone. You can also consider using a pay as you go plan instead of having to commit to a long term plan when you are about to use your phone.