Amazon's New Fitness Tracker Measures a Whole Lot More Than Steps —and It's On Sale Now
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Amazon's New Fitness Tracker Measures a Whole Lot More Than Steps —and It's On Sale Now

11/07/2022  |   343 Views

There's a new fitness tracker on the block—and it's coming at you from your trusty friend Amazon. Initially launched in 2020, Amazon Halo is a fitness band and app that can measure everything from steps to emotions (more on that later!).

In a delightful turn of events, the newest addition to the Halo product line—Halo View—hasn't even launched yet but is already on sale. Right now, you can save 40% off the Halo View, which drops Dec. 23. If you prefer a screenless design, you can opt for original Halo Band and get a free Gaiam Essentials premium yoga mat with purchase through Dec. 23. Needless to say, this new launch and promotion combo is coming just in time for holiday shopping—if you've got a techie fitness guru in your life, consider their gift found. It's also the perfect time to start setting intentions for the new year, and a fitness tracker is a great way to keep yourself on track.

Below, we'll dive into Amazon Halo, the types of data it collects, and which version of this new wonder-gadget is best for you.

What is Amazon Halo?

First and foremost, Halo is a holistic health and wellness membership. It comes in the form of a wearable sensor and an app-based subscription that costs $3.99/month. Halo takes in all your daily activity: everything from sedentary time to workouts to sleep. It then breaks down the data into bite-sized insights that make it easy to adjust your habits. For example, workouts are measured against parameters set by the American Heart Association so you know exactly how much effort you put in and how much time you spent at each level of intensity. Halo comes complete with hundreds of premium workouts from brands like OrangeTheory and rē•spin by Halle Berry, as well as recipes, daily meditations, and sleep support built in. Beyond these features that we've come to expect from wearable tech, Halo also includes two proprietary new technologies that measure body composition and tone of voice.

Amazon's New Fitness Tracker Measures a Whole Lot More Than Steps —and It's On Sale Now

Body scan is the flashiest (and perhaps the most useful) of Halo's tools, as it gives you the ability to measure your body composition at home (a clinical body scan costs about $80 a pop). Within the app, you can take pictures of yourself using your phone camera which Halo turns into a 3D model of your body. Using the scan, it is able to measure things like body fat index, which is reported to be a much better indicator of overall health than weight or body mass index (BMI). You can also use your personalized body model to track progress over time.

Another one of Halo's new technologies, Tone, is able to measure and analyze your communication and emotions. It listens to the tone of your voice and picks up on variables like pitch, intensity, rhythm, and tempo. It then categorizes them into emotional states like elated, bored, hesitant, affectionate, and apologetic to help you understand how you sound to others and how to communicate more effectively. Mind=blown!

All of that data-collecting and analyzing may raise a red flag for some folks, but Amazon insists that the Halo suite of technology was built with privacy in mind. Data is sent off to Amazon's servers to be computed, but is then permanently deleted once insights make their way back to your device.

Speaking of data, it's all collected through a sensor on Halo's wearables: the Halo Band and Halo View.

Halo View

Amazon Halo$79.99SHOP NOW

Halo View is the aforementioned newest addition to the Amazon Halo lineup of devices. It launches on Dec. 8, but you can pre-order it now for holiday delivery. The biggest differentiator from the Halo Band is that the Halo View does in fact have a screen. While the data-collecting capabilities and app-based features remain (mostly) the same, the digital touch display allows you to receive notifications, start workouts, and get move reminders right from your wrist. The Halo View is perfect for the fitness guru who likes instant insights during workouts or anyone who's constantly on the go. It comes in black, lavender, or sage, but like the Halo Band, can be personalized with a variety of sport, fabric, or premium accessories. To celebrate the launch, the Halo View is on sale for $49.99 ($30 off) now through Dec. 8. (Purchase of Halo View includes 12-months of Halo membership free.)

Halo Band

Amazon Halo$99.99$84.99 (15% off)SHOP NOW

The original Halo device, the Halo Band, is unique among wearables because it does not have a screen. It is not interactive—it is simply there to collect data. While you aren't able to check the time or get instant results without checking the app, it eliminates constant notifications and the temptation to check progress too frequently. Since the device itself is concealed under a woven bracelet-like strap, it's easy to wear just about anywhere and won't stick out on your wrist—ideal for anyone who's looking to track activity on the down-low. It comes in either black, white, or blush, but you can customize your Halo with different bands and accessories. (Purchase of Halo Band includes a Gaiam essentials premium yoga mat and 6-months of Halo membership for free.)

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