9 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches for Women in 2021
By cuterose

9 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches for Women in 2021

13/09/2022  |   254 Views

This story was updated in December 2021 to include the latest fitness tracker and smartwatch models based on testing led by Chief Technologist & Director of Engineering Rachel Rothman and the Good Housekeeping Institute's Media and Tech Lab.

9 Best Fitness Trackers and Watches for Women in 2021

If you need help meeting your health and exercise goals, then a reliable fitness tracker might be the extra push you're looking for. In fact, results from a past Good Housekeeping survey found that 75% of people said using a fitness tracker helped improve their motivation to work out. But with so many different options on the market, it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you — and your budget.

The experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute's Media and Tech Lab have tested and evaluated dozens of popular fitness trackers over the years for ease of use, battery life, accuracy, comfort and more. Our recommendation for the best overall fitness tracker is the Fitbit Versa 3. Across the board, Fitbit products consistently come out on top in our tests, so it's no surprise that many of the brand's devices made the cut for this list of the best fitness trackers for women. The rest of our fitness tracker recommendations include new models from brands we've also tested and trust to be solid performers, along with a couple of best-selling trackers with rave reviews on Amazon.

When shopping for fitness trackers and watches, our experts recommend looking for a few specific features. The best options will have a step counter, a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker. It's also important to consider battery life, especially if you're the type of person who won't remember to charge your watch every night. If reading texts and getting notifications is also something you're looking for, make sure the tracker you choose has that capability (and a large enough screen!). If you're just looking to burn calories from walking more, a simpler tracker will suffice.

These are the best fitness trackers and watches for women in 2021: