Why Is Samsung's Global Presence So Important
By cuterose

Why Is Samsung's Global Presence So Important

23/10/2021  |   654 Views

In my previous article I looked at how to set up a strong global branding strategy for your mobile phones. However, one thing that some of the most successful mobile phone brands are doing is they are setting up their brand's web site in foreign countries as well. For instance, Samsung has its web site and its UK site all in China. HTC has its web site in both Europe and Japan. LG has its Spanish web site and its German site. So, why is this?

mobile phone brand is The reason is because they believe that if they have a worldwide presence, they will have a much greater revenue per year. Now let me ask you a question. If there was a Chinese manufacturer selling its products throughout the world, would you buy from them? Probably not.

However, because the Chinese manufacturers are able to buy wholesale components from the likes of Samsung, HTC, LG and Nokia, they can give their customers a great product at a very low price. This is what makes the association between the top smart phone brand and China so important. These brands know that if they want to increase their global appeal, they need to provide products at discount prices. Consumers love a bargain and like to support the companies that manufacture these products.

Secondly, you cannot underestimate the importance of a brand to the success of a smartphone brand. If the company that makes the largest number of smartphones doesn't have a very strong global marketing campaign, then no matter how great their product is, no one will buy it. However, there are exceptions. For example, the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones in the world, yet it sold on average only for $100 US less than a rival smartphone brand from Samsung.

The thing about Android phone brands is that they always seem to be on top of new technology before any other manufacturer. This is because they have the resources to develop cutting-edge smartphones that rival Apple and their iPhone line-up. Samsung was not left behind in the smartphone race when it came to smartphones, but it has been somewhat slower to enter the competition than its rivals.

There is no doubt that smartphones are fast becoming one of the biggest sources of revenue for smartphone industry players. Apple's iPhone is the largest selling smartphone in the world, but it is not alone in the race to dominate the smartphone industry. Samsung, HTC, LG and Motorola are all working hard to push the envelope with their smartphone offerings. At the end of the day, it comes down to which brand has the bigger customer base. It may seem trivial, but the size of a brand's customer base is the single most important thing that determines its future success.

Looking at it at another angle, it seems that the South Korean company is at an advantage when compared to its competitors because of its size. Samsung was able to acquire huge amounts of cheap smartphones in the foreign markets. By opening retail stores in these markets and selling low cost devices, Samsung can increase its cash flow and improve its profit margin considerably. In comparison, the iPhone and other iOS devices are priced too high to make it practical for the low income earners to purchase. While the company website claims that its income will increase despite the current state of the economy, it may not be as big as its competitors once the recession ends and economic conditions improve.

The next quarter will see another significant decline in shipments. Apple has already indicated that it will introduce a number of changes to its mobile platform this fall, including an update to the Safari operating system that will make it more compatible with Korean users. This may be bad news for Samsung, however, as the South Korean company only ships its iPhone to the worldwide market. If the iPhone will only be available in the select nations around the world, then how will Korean consumers access it when abroad? Whether you are a Samsung fan or an iPhone fan, it does not really matter because both mobile phone brands have the same goal - to create a global presence through their respective products.