Top Five Best Selling Brands in India For 2021
By cuterose

Top Five Best Selling Brands in India For 2021

12/09/2021  |   678 Views

Which mobile phone brand in India will you choose this year? Chances are that the leading brands such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola will emerge as the leaders in the smart phone market. With so many new players entering the Indian markets every year, the race is on to make a mark.

Let us start with an examination of the competition in this segment. Samsung's Gingerbread Android mobile phones have the highest price compared to the others. They come at a price range that is more affordable for the common man. Sony Erickson's Walkman series and Nokia's E71i feature the cheapest price in this segment.

LG's onerous range has made a name for itself in the smart phone segment in India. The one plus is loaded with features including a music player, internet radio, video recorder, and photo viewer. It is priced competitively and people who are cost conscious will love it.

LG is known to launch two variants each year, in January and May. This ensures that this company is keeping itself on the forefront of mobile phone technology. The two LG models, the LG Optimus G, feature the most recent technology, the Android operating system. Both handsets have the biggest smartphone features. The LG Optimus is priced at the lowest end and the second variant, the Optimus G, is priced at the highest end.

Airtel, the world's leading telecom operator, is still the leading smartphone seller in India. It is the world's second most popular network service provider. Its wireless phones have been gaining momentum since it started selling its services in the country two years ago. Airtel's three network models - prepaid, postpaid and unlimited - have been popular because they have good value for money. In addition, Airtel also offers lucrative pay monthly plans. The biggest advantage of Airtel's services is that it has a strong brand presence in the Indian market.

Sony Ericsson, the world's third largest mobile phone brand, has been steadily increasing its market share in India. It is using advanced technologies like the Android mobile operating system to attract users. Apart from being a market leader, Sony Ericsson is an excellent partner to Indian brands. The company has made huge contributions to various Indian organizations. For instance, Sony Ericsson was one of the founders of the erstwhile Nokia, which is now a part of the Motorola Mobility.

There are other large players in the mobile phone manufacturers' race in India. They include Samsung, LG, Nokia, and Motorola. Between them, Samsung holds nearly twenty percent of the Indian market share. However, LG, Nokia, and Motorola hold a combined 34 percent, making them the biggest mobile phone manufacturers in India. All these brands have their own unique place in the Indian market.

With more people relying on mobiles to stay connected, competition in this arena is intense. To sustain in this highly competitive field, brands need innovative ideas and strategies to survive. New entrants into the market have a tough job. So, if you are planning to enter the Indian mobile phone markets, make sure you choose top brands. They will help your business flourish. Look out for the top brands, as they are sure to win your heart in this crucial market.

Anupam Panchamrut's Raisingstar-IPhone - The company holds the dubious record of being the only company to introduce the iPhone into the Indian markets. This success has made it popular in every part of the world. The iPhone is one of the most popular mobiles in India as it comes at a price that is extremely affordable. Not only this, the iPhone is also one of the most popular smartphones in the world.

Meituan telecom company - Meituan telecom companies are one of the first Chinese brands that started dominating the mobile phones industry. The company holds nearly a hundred percent of the Indian mobile phone market. This dominance is largely because of its low prices and amazing features. The iPhone is not a major feature in this mobile phones.

According to experts, this three brands form the 'top five' Indian mobile phones for this year. All these brands provide excellent services to their customers. However, the best way to buy an iPhone is to get it on contract. On contract, you won't have to worry about the ever-changing market.