Top 10 Wireless Companies of the World - How Did They Rank in the Top 10
By cuterose

Top 10 Wireless Companies of the World - How Did They Rank in the Top 10

08/10/2021  |   771 Views

The question which comes to our mind first about the top mobile brands is - "which one is the best?" It is a tough question to answer, but we have three major players in this league - Samsung, Nokia and Motorola. They all manufactures phones with great technology inside it. But at the same time, they are different. Let us discuss each of them so that you too can make your choice among these three top mobile brands. We will discuss the unique features which these three brand offers to the mobile users.

mobile phone company of china Let us discuss the Samsung mobile phones first. This is the company that manufactures high-end smartphones along with providing great features and a perfect user experience. Samsung is a global brand that produces phones of all the models which are popularly known as Samsung Galaxy S and others. The brand offers a complete package of mobile phone like SGH model, Excalibur model and many more.

The second biggest mobile brand in China is the Oppo. It manufactures a variety of high-end smartphones such as Oppo E matches and Oppo Avant. The smartphone, which is manufactured by Oppo is equipped with features such as camera, browser, music player and plenty more. In the last two years, the sale of Oppo smartphones increased by more than 50 million units annually.

Last but not the least is the company which is widely considered as the best mobile company in China - LG. The LG Optimus models are manufactured by the Korean company and are equipped with top-notch technology inside it. LG has an excellent track record of manufacturing mobile devices of all the features and sizes. In fact, it is one of the leading brands which is known for offering amazing features and services to the customers.

In the third position, you will find another giant in the Chinese market zone - the Vodafone. This is one of the largest mobile phone service providers in the UK. The company is known for its excellent and advanced technology products like smartphone and mobile phone deals. It also manufactures some excellent mobiles such as LG Shine, HTC Desire and others. In terms of the latest smartphones launched in the UK market zone, Vodafone has established itself as one of the leading brands with its range of LG Optimus models. LG Optimus and HTC Desire are amongst the top mobile phone models manufactured by the company.

In this article, we would discuss some of the reasons why these brands are considered as top smartphone brands in China. We would also see how they remain on top even though there are other smartphone brands available in the country. It is important for you to know that the popularity of these brands have not diminished over the years even though others like Oppo, Vodafone and HTC folded. The reason behind this is that they offer value for money and provide a great user experience. Let us see what these attributes are in detail.

We would see that the Vodafone occupies a unique position in the Chinese market zone for being the top mobile phone company of China. This is because the company has a very tight competition with many other brands like Oppo, Samsung, LG and others. If you look at the statistics of their smartphone sales in China over the past few years, you would find that the company has only sold five million units since its inception. Even if it sells five million units in a year, this is still a pretty low number compared to other brands.

In order to rank in the top 10 mobile phone companies of the world, it is not just enough to sell phones and provide a great user experience. The company needs to cater to the budget minded market, and also provide an affordable service. This was never an issue for Vodafone in China. The prices of the smartphones are affordable, the features are well presented, and the company has a very successful marketing campaign that covers all the marketing channels to reach out to the targeted audience.