Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Healthy
By cuterose

Tips To Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Healthy

07/10/2021  |   712 Views

Learning how to keep mobile phone battery healthy is not a difficult task if one is aware of the basic requirements. Keeping your mobile phones in good working condition is one of the best ways to extend the life of your cell phone and avoid expensive phone repairs. There are many things that need to be considered while keeping your phone in good working condition. Some of these things are as follows:

Keep cell phone off vibrator. Cell phones are so small that they need to be kept away from any vibration source. If your cell phone is on vibrator then it is bound to vibrate every now and then, which will cause the battery to wear out soon. This should be the first thing you should do to avoid any damage to your battery.

How to keep it from changing colors? Your battery should be kept clean at all times. You can use a tissue or paper to wipe your cell phone clean after every time you use it. Make sure not to wipe it with an abrasive material as this may affect the functioning of your battery and make it damage faster. The cell phone screen should also not be wiped with too much pressure as this may wear out the screen and it is best that it is touched with a finger. If you do not know how to keep your screen in good condition, ask for help from an expert.

How to keep mobile phone screen in good condition? Your battery should not be exposed to sharp objects, as this may lead to cell phone damage. Examples of such objects are files, pins, needles or anything that may scratch the surface of your phone. In addition, when you are charging your cell phone, you should not place it near a metallic object. Examples of metallic objects include car keys, credit cards, keys stuck under your pillow, and so on.

How to keep mobile phone battery healthy is also relevant if you use your phone to call a lot. You should turn off the speaker when you are not using your cell phone. The reason is that too much sound can drain your battery even more. Do not forget to take your calls while your battery is still in a fully charged state.

How to keep your battery healthy will also include the usage of your phone according to the manufacturer's instructions. Your battery should be allowed to be in deep sleep mode and it should never be overcharged or undercharged. Overcharging can cause severe damage to your cell phone battery and overcharging can cause the battery to be totally discharged.

How to keep your battery life lasting for a long time also means not overusing your cell phone. You should limit the number of apps you have installed in your cell phone and you should not keep the screen on during the entire day. The screen brightness will also affect the battery life of your phone. If possible turn off the screen when not in use.

You should also perform as per the manufacturer's instructions while handling your cell phones. Do not allow children to use your phone. The phone battery is more prone to wear and tear when children play with it. When charging the phone do not leave it in the cradle. These tips are important to make your battery life last long.

There are many other tips to keep the battery life lasting long but they are too simple and some might find them as being useless. For example you should not let your phone battery to drain completely. You should charge the battery only when needed. Your phone might be switched on by a signal but if the battery is fully drained then there is no point in keeping it on. How to keep the battery life lasting for a long time is to use the Google search facility and do a search about how to keep a cell phone battery healthy. The information about how to keep a cell phone battery healthy will help you a lot in avoiding the damages.

If you are a working person and still want to use your cell phone then it is better to use it only during the night when your phone will not be switched on and will not be used for a long time. These tips are important to avoid cell phone shocks. There is also the option of buying a spare battery for your cell phone which should be bought at any cell phone shop. If you feel that your cell phone battery is getting short, you should turn it off and if it is a touch screen then you should remove the battery. If your phone battery is damaged, you should get it replaced as soon as possible.

A new battery can also be bought and installed in your mobile phone. This will reduce the costs of replacing your existing battery. If your mobile phone battery is damaged or the display screen gets damaged then the best way of how to keep mobile phone alive is to get a spare battery, a mobile phone spares provider and have it replaced. The tips given above should help you a lot in maintaining the longevity of your cell phone.