Taking A Closer Look At Samsung Mobile Phone Classification
By cuterose

Taking A Closer Look At Samsung Mobile Phone Classification

21/11/2021  |   791 Views

Samsung mobile phones have been dominating the market for many years. The company is renowned for its variety of mobile phones with different features and styles. As Samsung is a world-wide known company, it has a very large range of mobile phones in its selection. Mobile phone buyers can choose from a range of models like, GSM, CDMA, U.S. and global CDMA, UMTSi, UMPCI and TDMA.

There are two types of mobile phones offered by Samsung. These are, the mobile phones in the recognized brands like, LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, etc. under the brand names of, the Samsung Group. Apart from this, Samsung also has other divisions like the Samsung Contents and the Samsung Mobile Web. Under the Samsung Contents group, there are divisions like, Digital Contents, Mobile Web Contents, Mobile Fun, Mobile Talk, Play, etc. under which there are Samsung phones of all categories.

The Mobile Web division offers mobile phones under various brands such as, Samsung Sim, Samsung Windows Mobile, Samsung TFT, etc. under this category, there is Samsung TFT's, SGHiT, THiTE, and Smart Scroll. The Digital Contents group of mobile phones consists of Samsung Windows Mobile, Samsung Blackberry, Samsung Treo, PDA's by Samsung, Windows Mobile and many more to mention. It is the largest collection of mobile phones and the complete range under this category.

The Mobile Phone Classification, as we have seen above, has three main divisions. Samsung has been successful with all these three categories. This is because they have a high brand awareness, a wide range of phones in every price range, and a proper distribution network. All these factors, working together, have led to the dominance of Samsung in the mobile phone industry.

But the dominance of Samsung in the market is not without competition. There are a number of companies, who are constantly trying to displace or marginalize Samsung from their lead position. These companies are mainly from the mobile phone manufacturing industry, but have also penetrated into the IT Industry, as well. They offer mobile phones of very high quality, at very low prices. A major challenge for Samsung will be the entry of these companies into the already crowded mobile phone market.

There have been instances in the past when competitors have tried to enter the already saturated markets. But these ventures were brief and short lived in the long run. The company has always managed to corner a big niche within the highly competitive market. Its global scale, operating leverage, and its unique product portfolio have enabled it to weather any storm and emerge victorious. All these factors have helped it emerge as the most successful company in the mobile phone industry.

In this context, it is quite understandable that Samsung sees the company standing on top of the mobile phone industry. The company has established its place as one of the most recognized brands, in the world. It leads the entire market in terms of size and market share. It is estimated that it is selling more mobile phones than the entire leading brands of iPhones, Blackberries, and Windows based phones. The global demand, however, is considerably lesser than that of the other two.

This year, Samsung expects to be even more dominant in the mobile phone market. The company is also gearing up to launch new handsets, which will compete with its existing range of products. As per estimates, the company is planning to launch as many as 20 new models this year. It is also exploring the option of selling its portfolio in the retail market. With such a strong hold in the global mobile phone market, it is obvious that Samsung is here to stay, and is definitely a force to be reckoned with.