Slide Phone - An Affordable Alternative to the High-Tech Mobile Phones
By cuterose

Slide Phone - An Affordable Alternative to the High-Tech Mobile Phones

08/11/2021  |   680 Views

The Slide Phone from Sony Ericsson is an innovative device that is very useful for the youth. This phone is a combination of both a camera and a communication device in one. The Slide Phone has two cameras on the front which can be used to capture moving photographs or video clips. You can shoot your photos as if you are taking a picture of someone in a live situation. The Sony Ericsson Slide is perfect for those who love taking pictures, especially of friends and family. Even college students who want to make a quick video presentation need to have some kind of camera on their person at all times.

The phones from Sony Ericsson are compatible with the Windows CE operating system. You can enjoy the great features of this communication device. The touch screen is responsive to the touch, which means that you can use the keyboard to select the images you want to record. The keyboard also enables you to use the Bluetooth so that you can connect other Bluetooth enabled devices. You can also enjoy the video features which include the Microsoft Live Voice.

You can take as many pictures as you like and save them on the PC, which is integrated with the slide phone. The PC runs the Windows Live Messenger, which enables you to share your slides with your friends. You can also send a slide show via SMS to any friend and they can even download the slides and view them on their mobile phone. It is a one of a kind device that gives you total freedom when it comes to communication.

There are a variety of functions that you can perform using the slide phone. If you want to capture a moving image or video you just need to touch the camera icon on the top right corner. Then there is a menu which enables you to start a video recording or photograph upload. You can enable the WV that enables the slide phone to play back the images or videos you have captured. You can also change the sound and other options that can be modified within the software menu.

The slide phone from Sony Ericsson is perfect for those who love to take pictures and videos with their mobile phones. You do not need to bring out your pocket camera when you can simply use this device. The pictures or videos will be uploaded to your account on your SEDperia EICite where you can view them or can send them to other SEDperia smartphones, PCs or laptops as email attachments. This is one of the best mobile phones, which has been loaded with plenty of features. All these features make the slide phone from Sony Ericsson a favorite amongst its users.

The slide phone from Sony Ericsson also features inbuilt scheduler which helps you to manage your calls. This feature is quite similar to the dedicated calling app on the iPhone which allows you to make voice calls, as many as you want in one call. You can do the same thing with the slides while answering the same calls from your friends. You get the chance to play your favorite music while making your calls. In order to save money on call charges, you can also restrict the number of minutes for which you can make a call and hence cut down on your phone bills.

There are a host of additional features on the phone. These features are provided in the paid version but they can be availed in the free version if purchased along with the SIM card. One of the best features of the phone is its infrared scanning feature. This enables the user to see the contents of a document or any other media in an enhanced mode.

You can go for the Slide Phone from Sony Ericsson and experience the best of mobiles. The user friendliness of the phone is something you cannot ignore. It can be used while making calls, accessing the internet and watching films. Add to it all, the excellent slide show features and you can easily say that the slide phone from Sony Ericsson is the best mobile phone in the market.