Mobile Phone Asset Classification
By cuterose

Mobile Phone Asset Classification

05/11/2021  |   675 Views

Mobile Asset Classification is the process of classifying and monitoring mobile phones. The trend is to get more information about certain mobile phones by utilizing their usage pattern. For instance, a mobile phone is used by a person while driving to work but at the same time he or she is also using the mobile phone while watching TV, surfing the internet, chatting with friends and family members, taking pictures, listening to music or even playing games. The mobile phone is a very personal gadget that is why it's important to know how to properly classify mobile phones. When used appropriately, a mobile phone can really help you in your job or professional life.

There are three main types of mobile phone asset categories. These categories are public safety, professional asset and litigation support. The public safety mobile phone asset category mainly deals with mobiles that could potentially endanger the general public. This would include phones that are used for shooting guns, assault rifles and other similar weapons or even fireworks.

This kind of mobile phone falls under the public safety asset category and is usually used for official business purposes. For instance, a police officer's mobile phone would fall under this category. Most of the time, these phones are equipped with a camera as well. A camera on a mobile phone enables the policeman to get closeup views of criminal activities if needed. In addition to this, it also enables the police officer to capture images and video clips that can be used in court.

The second asset type is the professional asset type, which refers to mobiles used by lawyers, doctors and other professionals such as businessmen. This asset is mostly used in corporate communications where presentations and lectures are done in front of clients and business associates. Professional phones are also used by journalists and news people who give reports from their desks.

The third type is the industrial phone which can be used either at work or at home. As the name suggests, these mobile phones are used on the go. It means they can be easily moved from one place to another especially when needed. These mobile phones are commonly used by factory workers who carry cellular phones in their pockets wherever they go.

The fourth kind is the electronic gadgets which are commonly known as media players or media player units. Digital music players and DVD players play video games and can be used at the same time. MP3 players and digital cameras are examples of this mobile phone category. Some portable media players also include Bluetooth features which allow wireless communication between certain electronic gadgets.

The fifth mobile phone asset is the utility phone. This is the kind of phone that provides basic facilities like telephone calls and Internet services along with mobile phones. These devices are mainly used by the health care community, fire fighting and emergency services personnel and others. As its name suggests, it is used in emergencies and calamities to provide communication services to the people affected by an emergency or calamity such as floods, earthquakes or tornadoes.

The sixth mobile phone category is the pay as you go mobile phone. This is a very famous mobile phone service wherein users are provided with a contract which charges on a monthly basis for a particular usage of minutes. This kind of mobile phone is ideal for youngsters who can purchase the phone with a pay as you go plan at a very affordable price and then use it as their primary mobile phone. This mobile phone is considered cheap because it has no long service contract and users have the freedom to choose how much he wants to pay every month.