Intelligent Induction Foam Washing Mobile Phone Protected From Water Damage
By cuterose

Intelligent Induction Foam Washing Mobile Phone Protected From Water Damage

29/09/2021  |   659 Views

In the world of manufacturing and design there is nothing that compares to the cutting edge material that has recently been introduced in the foam manufacturing industry known as Intelligent Induction Foam. It has completely revolutionized the way that phones are made and most people don't even realize it. Now when you purchase a new mobile phone, the company will send you a foam packing to put the phone in. If it isn't made with this technology then the phone probably won't last very long, if it lasts that long at all. I'm going to explain what this technology is and how you can benefit from it.

The foam is specially designed to handle the heat that is put off by your device's screen. Because of this heat-sensitive material the foam won't hold on to the back of the phone for any length of time. But if you're reading this article right now then that probably won't be a big deal to you. Your phone probably just came out of the box without a case or any type of cover. So to simplify things, we'll just assume that no phone case or cover is included with your phone.

What this case is made of is tough enough to protect your phone. In fact most users will tell you that it is the toughest case they have ever owned. The material is also water resistant, which means that your phone will stay in your pocket or bag for an indefinite amount of time, without any fear of water getting inside. This is good news for you because you wouldn't want your new cell phone to get ruined by water if you were in a crash.

Most users will agree that the front and back glass of most phones don't do their body any justice. They are huge, chunky, and tough to look at. With this case your phone will always be protected from scratches or any other type of damage. In addition to this it will protect your phone from being dented when you drop it in a pool or into a puddle of water.

I'm sure you are wondering how this foam can absorb shock and impact without buckling or tearing. This is simple. The pockets in the front and back of most mobiles are constructed very well. These pockets are not designed to take a lot of abuse. As a result the shock absorption capacity of these pockets will be very good.

This is the exact same technology used in the shock absorption of motorcycle luggage. The phone pockets are designed with small holes so that your phone won't pop out of its case. Although your phone may seem indestructible to others it certainly isn't indestructible to you. The moment you drop your phone in water, even if it is an inexpensive glass, it is no exception. The moment it comes into contact with water, your phone will become damaged immediately regardless of whether or not it has protective pockets within.

Now, if you want to prevent this damage from occurring then there is actually a device that can help you prevent it. You see, the leaky phone pockets will not prevent your phone's case from being damaged by water. What will prevent this damage is if you open the phone's case and place your phone's battery into the pocket before you drop it into water. Of course this means you need to close the pockets as soon as you are finished using your phone and allow the phone to dry out.

After a while of regular use your phone's case will start to leak and become damaged. You may not notice the damage until you take it out to find text messages and other files have been left on the phone. However, if you notice any damage then it is time to get this leaky pocket taken care of immediately. By placing the phone in a zip lock bag and taking it straight to your local phone store, you can have your leaky pockets fixed so your phone looks new for longer and you don't have to worry about it leaking while you are using it.