How to Block a Can't Hear Caller From Your Flip Phone
By cuterose

How to Block a Can't Hear Caller From Your Flip Phone

26/01/2022  |   498 Views

The Flip Phone from LG was released with a promise to provide people with the ability to make calls and receive calls while their hands are free. This was a unique selling point for LG phones as well as any other smartphone manufacturer. However, I have been unable to test this claim. I'm unable to use my Flip Phone to make calls, but I do have full connectivity to the internet and my computer.

It seems to be a unique feature of LG phones. With the flick of a switch you can switch from calling to looking at your email in a few seconds. This is an example of "unlock screen fast action". Just as with many phones these days, the Flip also has a fingerprint scanner to lock the screen. As someone who has used a smartphone before, I can confirm that this is very convenient and helps me to quickly go to specific applications and switch between them without having to take my eyes off the screen to see what I am doing.

My only other complaint is that calling a person on your phone isn't always possible. I have tried multiple times to call a person on the Flip Phone and each time I get a busy signal or no signal at all. In addition to calling people on the Flip Phone, I have also attempted calling business contacts on the phone. At one time, a fax to cell phone conversion failed and this too rendered the phone useless for several days. After solving the problem by purchasing a new phone, I was able to continue using it as my primary device.

When you first purchase your new LG Flip phone, you should immediately activate the device so that it recognizes your call. In the case of the Flip Phone, this means pressing the Flip Phone key or the Flip Cover key in addition to long pressing the Home key. This will make the phone to recognize your call and connect to the Bluetooth in your device. If the device does not recognize your call, attempt another option by re-entering the call log and hitting the Call button on your Flip Phone. If this does not work, the first thing that you should do is power down your Flip Phone.

Next, take your Flip Phone to an authorized service center where your phone will be examined for damages. This examination will uncover any damage such as water that may have gotten into your phone or any external contaminates that may have affected the operation of your Flip Phone. If there are no problems with the device, your phone will need to be repaired free of charge by a professional. Make sure to purchase any necessary parts to repair your phone yourself.

The last step is to contact an audiologist if you suspect that your phone is suffering from hearing loss. You will need to tell the audiologist about the type of hearing loss that you are experiencing. An audiologist can then evaluate your phone and find out if it can still receive sound through the device. He or she will also examine your ear canal in order to determine the cause of your hearing loss.

If you are unable to resolve these issues with the help of an audiologist, your phone will need to be repaired by a licensed professional. Do not attempt to fix the issue on your own. You could damage the phone further or injure yourself. It is far better to let professionals handle this problem.

If you receive a call from someone that won't release their name or address, don't simply hang up on the phone. Instead, use your Flip Phone's Caller ID feature to see who is calling. From the device, you will be able to see any information that you want about the caller. From here, you can either block his or her number or ask them to leave you a message. With your Flip Phone, you never have to be taken by surprise by a strange caller again.