www.thetravel.com 10 Tips For Surviving Long-Haul Flights In Economy Seating
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www.thetravel.com 10 Tips For Surviving Long-Haul Flights In Economy Seating

02/05/2022  |   534 Views

Being able to make it through a long-haul flight in an economy class is similar to finishing a marathon. If passengers want to handle less hassle while in economy seating, they must prepare ahead of time and put their plan into action.

As many know, long-haul flights in economy class are not the most comfortable in the world, and upgrading to Business Class isn't a viable choice for most people, that is why here are ten tips for passengers to survive long-haul flights in economy class.

10 Prepare In-Flight Entertainment

Aside from resting, the greatest way to pass the time on a long journey is to engage in some form of entertainment – whether it's reading a book or watching a movie on the plane.

Make sure not to rely solely on the in-flight entertainment system, and instead, passengers should bring their own entertainment with them as it is possible that the in-flight entertainment system in a plane is not working.

If traveling with a Kindle or a tablet, passengers may indulge themselves in downloading books, podcasts, shows, and movies from their home computer before they go. It is also good to make sure that their electronics are fully charged prior to their journey - or, bring a battery pack - as many airlines do not have power outlets in the economy cabin.

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9 Do Not Forget Hygiene Essentials

This is as much for the benefit of everyone else on the flight. It is better to ensure that passengers will include toiletries in their carry-on bags and that they take the time to clean their teeth, apply deodorant, or even change their clothes. However, please make sure to do it in the bathroom, and not anywhere else.

8 Do Not Settle For Less, Pack Extra Snacks

Even on long-haul flights, airline food is not always plentiful, so it is crucial for passengers to eat well in order to maintain their energy levels. There's no need to go overboard, just remember to pack snacks and eat them whenever possible.

www.thetravel.com 10 Tips For Surviving Long-Haul Flights In Economy Seating

7 Prevent Muscle Stiffness And Pain

Minor aches and pains are typical when traveling, especially for long periods of time. In fact, passengers may spend an indefinite amount of time sitting or standing. As moving around or stretching is difficult in confined spaces such as in a plane, it is better to know how to prevent muscle stiffness and pain. Traveling can be made less stressful with a little advance planning.

According to frequent travelers, it is better to stretch more often such as standing up or moving around the plane. So, it is better to grab the opportunity to stretch whenever possible.

6 Drink More Water, Stay Hydrated


When it comes to humidity, plane air is pretty low. In fact, some studies estimate it is between 10% and 20%, which means it is quite drying, so it is better for passengers to make sure to drink lots of water while on the flight.

Aside from that, water consumption should be limited to 8 ounces per hour, according to the Aerospace Medical Association, as a general guideline. While it is not strictly necessary on short flights, it becomes increasingly vital on longer trips to ensure that passengers are getting enough water.

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5 Make Sure To Eat Less Before A Flight

Nothing will be more uncomfortable than traveling on a long-distance international flight while experiencing nausea. Before boarding a long-haul flight, it is recommended to eat something light and non-greasy to keep the passengers awake or if they want to sleep peacefully. In fact, many frequent travelers swear by the benefits of a Jet Lag diet.

4 Dress Comfortably

Passengers should maintain a relaxed and unassuming demeanor going to their respective flights as they are not there to impress anyone. In fact, it is good to pack layers in case it gets cold. Bringing a cardigan or sweatshirt is always useful to have on hand in case it gets cold.

3 Invest To Get A Better Sleep

Starting with a neck pillow, a high-quality eye mask, earplugs or noise-canceling headphones is a good idea. If a passenger chooses a window seat, they will be less likely to be disturbed, but be aware of the DVT risk. If passengers travel in a bulkhead seat, they may find themselves in close proximity to infants.

Remember that if the "fasten seatbelt" sign is illuminated, wear loose clothing and make sure that the seatbelt is buckled and visible, otherwise, cabin crew service may prod it if the sign is not illuminated. In addition, limited intake of alcoholic beverages and caffeine can actually increase the greater chance of sleeping.

2 Just Like In Any Other Automobile, Be Smart In Picking A Seat

The seat is a key factor to consider when booking a ticket because a comfortable seat can help reduce the stress of flying, which is especially significant if the passenger will be traveling for an extended period of time.

The best airline seats are often considered to be those in the first few rows of the plane, exit rows, aisle or window seats, and seats near the front of the plane. An aisle seat in the first row of the plane on a short flight will help any passenger get off the plane as fast as possible when they arrive at their destination.

However, different types of seats will still be more appropriate for different types of passengers based on their individual flying and travel habits and preferences. Making a reservation for the finest airplane seat ahead of time can alleviate a great deal of worry when traveling.

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1 Just Sit Back And Relax!

Flights are the perfect opportunity to put worries aside and simply enjoy the moment. Despite the fact that there is no mobile phone coverage, the crew is there to cater to every passenger’s needs. It is actually the time that passengers can get some reading done, watch a couple of romantic comedies, or read about their destination. Think of the eight, ten, or twelve hours of extra time as a gift, and that long travel will go from being a hassle to being an experience.

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