Top 50 Fortnite Players in Chapter 2 (2020)
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Top 50 Fortnite Players in Chapter 2 (2020)

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Ranking the top 50 Fortnite players in Chapter 2.

After the success of the Fortnite World Cup and ensuing Season X Championship, professional players wanted more. The World Cup established a baseline expectation for the world's best players. However, the guard would soon poetically change with Fortnite Chapter 2. The latest update to the popular Battle Royale brought a complete overhaul to what players grew to love for ten straight seasons. Along with changes to the loot pool, map and mechanics, the competitive scene readied for what was ahead.

Chapter 2 saw the emergence of a pool of talent that not many expected to see. Season 1 in Fortnite's newest update provided a squads format, which players had to take into account. Season 2 featured the all too familiar duos format. Solos remained a mainstay throughout Chapter 2 as well.

The different formats allowed players to continue shining after Season X. On the flip side, some popular World Cup standouts faded into obscurity. Only those who could maintain a level of success through Chapter 2 Season 1 and 2 could call themselves one of the best players.

We took an in-depth look at some of the brightest standout players from the last two seasons of Fortnite. Keep in mind that this list includes only results from Chapter 2 Season 1 and Chapter 2 Season 2. With three FNCS competitions, multiple offline tournaments and endless Cash Cups, let's take a look at the best players over the last half-year of competitive Fortnite.

50 – Souriano

Middle Eastern competitor Souriano is one of the best players to come out of his respective region. Although the Middle East is one of the most underrated areas in competitive Fortnite, Souriano stands out immensely. His relatively short career has included some outstanding finishes, most of which began in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Souriano teamed up with fellow Middle Easter players Snowvak, Unit and Brook for the second-ever Fortnite Champion Series. These four competitors battled through the qualifiers and took third place in the Grand Finals. Next came Chapter 2 Season 2, where Souriano teamed his duo partner Unit. The two needed only one week to qualify after Souriano split with former teammate Outlaw. Souriano and Unit complete an utterly dominant 71 point performance in the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 Grand Finals. The two Middle Eastern players ran away with first place.

With two straight successful FNCS showings behind him, Souriano moved into the FNCS Invitational. Despite achieving four Solo Cash Cups wins before the Invitational, the SAQR competitor struggled. He finished Chapter 2 Season 2 with a 20th place finish. Some may say Souriano is a product of his region. However, results do not lie, and he could fare well against players in other areas.

49 – RogueShark

RogueShark is one of NA East's top free agents, who deserves an organization. This former Fortnite World Cup finalist, much like many others, saw a career resurgence in Fortnite Chapter 2. Despite struggling through the squads format of Season 1, RogueShark would find many of his accomplishments in the next season of Fortnite: Battle Royale. He and his controller duo partner Knight stirred up the competitive scene with their unrivaled consistency in Season 2.

Beginning with a fifth-place finish in the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 warmup, RogueShark and Knight went on a tirade under the duos format. Their Duo Cash Cup placements include a 12th, 5th, 6th, 6th, 2nd, 2nd, 11th and 19th across the entire season. These results do not include several Daily Duo Cup victories as well. As for the FNCS competition, RogueShark and Knight easily reached the Grand Finals, where they finished in third overall. They were undoubtedly one of the top duos in the NA East region through Season 2.

RogueShark also held his own from a solo standpoint. He managed to take fifth and fourth place to two separate Solo Cash Cup tournaments. RogueShark also qualified for his second straight FNCS at the Invitational. He concluded his outstanding season with a 48th place finish in the event's Grand Finals. For someone who consistently flies under the radar, casuals ought to look out for RogueShark.

48 – Anthony “ZexRow” Colandro

ZexRow has stood the test of time with the Team SoloMid organization and through multiple seasons of Fortnite. He joined TSM in December of 2018 and quickly rose to the top of the competitive scene, along with recently retired Vinny1x. ZexRow has won multiple tournaments, including the Season X Championship with trio teammates Calc and MackWood. ZexRow continued to find success in Chapter 2 with old teammates and new ones.

After coming down from the high of winning the Season X Championship, ZexRow had to retreat to the drawing board for Fortnite Chapter 2. It didn't take long for ZexRow to acclimate himself to the new season. The Season X Champions reformed their team for the second Fortnite Champion Series. ZexRow, Calc and MackWood added Zex's long-time duo partner Vinny1x to complete one of the best squads of that season. All four players turned up in the Grand Finals, finishing in second place behind only Unknown's team. ZexRow and company were only five points away from earning their second straight FNCS victory.

ZexRow's middle of the road solo performances are worth noting as well. He placed top-40 consistently in Cash Cups, with top 15 finishes in many of those. ZexRow also competed at the DreamHack Anaheim offline event, placing 47th in the Grand Finals. The long-time TSM competitor witnessed the retirement of his duo partner Vinny1x in February of 2020 shortly following that same event in Anaheim.

Vinny's retirement led to a partnership between ZexRow and fellow TSM player MackWood for all future duo events. The TSM duo took first place in a Duo Cash Cup but failed to make the final session of the Fortnite Champion Series competition. ZexRow also struggled to reach the Grand Finals of the FNCS Invitational late in Chapter 2 Season 2. Despite his struggles toward the end of Season 2, ZexRow is still one of the world's elite players. He has another trios event to look toward with his fellow teammates Calc and MackWood.

47 – Mack “MackWood” Aesoph

Former Complexity and current Team SoloMid player MackWood is one of only a handful of players to compete at the Fortnite World Cup. Though the event took place nearly a year ago, MackWood has made a name for himself with consistent results from season to season. The crowning achievement in his career took place at the end of Season X. MackWood, ZexRow and Calc won the first-ever Fortnite Champion Series tournament. All three players readied themselves for the road ahead, which saw them add a fellow TSM member to complete their squad for the next FNCS tournament.

MackWood rejoined ZexRow and Calc for the squads format in Chapter 2 Season 1. The three former champions added Vinny1x and quickly became one of the favorites to win the tournament. MackWood and company would follow suit and nearly took first place in the squads FNCS Grand Finals. Five more points would have earned MackWood his second straight FNCS title. Nonetheless, the talented NA East player rounded out Chapter 2 Season 1 with a runner-up finish in one of the final Solo Cash Cup tournaments.

With former duo partner Calc in the rear-view, MackWood would join forces with fellow TSM player ZexRow. The two had already won a championship and played well in another, so it only made sense. MackWood and ZexRow showed bouts of brilliance through Chapter 2 Season 2. They earned a Duo Cash Cup victory and placed third in the week one FNCS qualifier. The two, unfortunately, struggled in heat three and failed to reach the finals. MackWood and ZexRow would not have a chance to compete in a third straight FNCS Final. Up next was the FNCS Invitational, but MackWood bowed out after two rounds and the Reboot Round. MackWood continues to represent TSM with impressive results and a thirst for victory.

46 – Mark “letw1k3” Danilov

Gambit Esports' letw1k3 is already an accomplished competitive Fortnite player from an achievements standpoint. He double-qualified for the Fornite World Cup in July of 2019 and continued to rack up achievements through Season X. At the end of Fortnite's tenth season, letw1k3 and all other European pros looked forward to a new experience. The young Russian approached Chapter 2 with a killer instinct, determined to add more significant placements to his growing resume.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series produced a squads format unfamiliar to players across all regions. Many of the top competitors attempted to construct godlike rosters to take first place. Letw1k3 joined forces with former duo partner fwexY along with veterans Jamside and Domentos. This craft squad managed to qualify for the Grand Finals but struggled to close out the tournament. Overall, letw1k3, Domentos, Jamside and fwexY finished in 19th place. Letw1k3 was ready to move forward with a fellow Russian Kiryache32 as his new duo partner.

The Russian duo of letw1k3 and Kiryache began Chapter 2 Season 2 with an impactful statement. The two players took first place in one of the Duo Cash Cup tournaments. They continued to play well through the FNCS tournament and even took first place in heat one, securing them a spot in the Grand Finals. When all was said and done, letw1k3 and Kiryache translated their consistency into a seventh-place finish to round out the Fortnite Champion Series.

Letw1k3 completed Chapter 2 Season 2 with a failed attempt to reach the FNCS Invitational Finals via the Reboot Round. Duos stood out for the letw1k3 in recent memory as he continues to work toward the elusive major Fortnite tournament victory. The 15-year-old has a lot of Fortnite ahead of him with much success in his future.

45 – Austin “Worthy” King

Journeying across the world to the Oceania region, we have a standout player by the name of worthy. The casuals are often not aware of the lighter areas, but worthy is a particularly impressive player. He is one of only a handful that could travel to any other region and continue his tirade of success. Worthy nearly qualified for the World Cup over a year ago. He continues to place in high-profile events with a truly remarkable skill set.

Worthy began Fortnite Chapter 2 with a bang. Alongside squadmates Slaya, Sync and Gooboz, worthy took third place in the FNCS Grand Finals. Worthy would stick with Gooboz as Chapter 2 Season 2 flipped back to a duos format. These two Aussies managed an impressive showing in the OCE portion of the Winter Royale. They claimed victory on day one of the three-day tournament. Worthy and Gooboz continued, placing well in Duo Cash Cups and battling to reach the FNCS Duos Grand Final. This pair played well in the finals but ultimately finished in seventh place.

Worthy temporarily split with Gooboz in favor of Squeakz. Worthy and his new partner came out of the gate hot, winning a Duo Cash Cup and placing well in others. At the same time, worthy had some work to do as a solo in preparation for the FNCS Invitational. The talented Aussie turned a corner in solos. He won a Solo Cash Cup and performed exceptionally well throughout the FNCS Invitational. When the Grand Finals arrived, worthy achieved a fourth-place finish against OCE's best. We can only hope that someday, worthy will have an opportunity to compete against the world's best

44 – Cody “Clix” Conrod

Twitch superstar and NRG Esports player, Clix, is one of the most recognizable names in Fortnite today. However, Clix is not simply a content creator who can amass an impressive amount of creative clips. This 15-year-old's talent level is limitless. Whether he's playing box fights, zone wars or competitive matches, Clix adapts well to all situations. He is constantly working to improve his gameplay with hopes of one day winning a major championship.

Clix, blakeps, Crimz and Spades formed an outstanding squad for the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series. Although they struggled a bit through the qualifiers, Clix and company made it to the finals. Unfortunately, Clix's squad finished in 18th place out of 25 teams. Nonetheless, Clix moved past the FNCS and compiled quite a record in Solo Cash Cups. In Chapter 2 Season 1 alone, Clix's best final placements were third, sixth, seventh and third. The Misfits Gaming competitor then moved into Chapter 2 Season 2, where he would need to find a duo to complement his abilities.

For Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS, Clix combined with the often controversial Calc to compete in the event. Clix and Calc qualified for the finals after winning their heat. The two were at the top for a bit in the Grand Finals but finished the tournament in 19th place. Clix continued to play well in Solo Cash Cups, won the FNCS Invitational Reboot Round and placed 23rd in finals. He's found most of his success as a solo player, which will bode well for his future. Especially considering that Epic Games has shown no sign of moving away from the format. Clix's mechanics alone make him an exceptional Fortnite player to this day.

43 – Josh “Commandment” Roach

Former World Cup Finalist Commandment is unquestionably one of the best Fortnite players in the world today. Representing Team SoloMid, Commandment's success increased ten-fold after Fortnite closed Chapter 1 and began Chapter 2. He is a three-time FNCS Finalist whose results have only improved with each passing event.

Commandment stormed into FNCS squads with his former duo partner HighSky and multiple-time champions Zayt and Saf. What followed over four qualifying weeks was sheer dominance. Commandment, HighSky, Zayt and Saf secured three victories in those four weeks. They reached the Grand Finals with ease and overall took fourth place. The four split $45K USD and added another impressive achievement to their resumès.

FNCS Duos followed the squads format, where the long-standing duo of Commandment and HighSky would give it another go. The two struggled a bit from week to week but ultimately reached the Grand Finals. Commandment and HighSky took 24th place out of 48 teams and soon sought out other options for duo partners. Commandment landed with former Secret Skirmish winner FaZe Bizzle. These two saw almost immediate success, finishing in 4th and then winning a Duo Cash Cup tournament. Commandment completed Chapter 2 Season 2 with a win in week one of the FNCS Invitational qualifier. He ultimately took 21st place in the Grand Finals. Commandment is an unsung hero in TSM and will continue to dominate competitive Fortnite for years to come.

42 – Thomas “Th0masHD” Høxbro Davidsen

Fortnite World Cup finalist Th0masHD has remained a top player in Europe through multiple seasons of competitive Fortnite. Hailing from Denmark, he has found success in both online and offline tournaments. With a completely new map in the chamber, Th0masHD struggled a bit through Chapter 2 Season 1. Although he managed a fourth-place Solo Cash Cup finish and 23rd at the DreamHack Winter, he would not succeed during the FNCS.

Chapter 2 Season 2 began an almost instantaneous boost in Th0masHD's achievements. He and World Cup duo partner Klusia participated in the Fortnite Champion Series even in season 2. The two Denmark natives ultimately qualified for the Grand Finals and took 18th place overall. Th0masHD subsequently completed one of the most impressive season 2 finishes across all competitive regions.

Th0masHD kicked off the FNCS Invitational with an eighth-place finish in week one. He then won the final Solo Cash Cup tournament heading into the FNCS Invitational Finals. In the finals, Th0masHD took fourth place overall, banking $60K USD in the process. He then proceeded to win the first-ever Benjyfishy Cup, adding $5K to his career earnings. Th0masHD emerged as a top solo player and an outstanding sniper in Chapter 2 Season 2.

41 – Kami

Representing Poland, Kami is somewhat of a new arrival on the competitive Fortnite scene in Europe. His success began late in Chapter 2, where he finished third in an EU Solo Cash Cup tournament. With Chapter 2 Season 2 looming, Kami teamed up with fellow Polish player Kubx for the FNCS Duos event. These two players emerged as a top duo early on in the qualifiers. Kami and Kubx managed results of 11th, 9th, 4th and 17th through the FNCS Qualifiers.

Kami and Kubx qualified for the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS Grand Finals out of heat one. Both players had a legitimate opportunity to elevate their names even further in arguably the most talented competitive Fortnite region. After six matches of play, Kami and Kubx finished the Grand Finals in fifth place. It was an exceptional effort that indeed moved them to the top of Europe's rankings. Kami and Kubx went on to win a Duo Cash Cup before they temporarily parted ways to compete in the FNCS Invitational.

Switching to solos did not prove difficult for Kami. He managed a sixth and seventeenth place finish through weeks one and two of the FNCS Invitational Qualifiers. Kami rounded out the $3M USD tournament with a 16th place finish. This performance completed his second straight FNCS Finals appearance and continued success. With only a handful of significant achievements under his belt, Kami will continue adding more against Europe's best.

40 – Morgan “RepulseGod” Bamford

Another OCE standout on our list is RepulseGod, who recently signed to Lachlan's Team PWR organization. Despite competing for one of the lesser-known regions, RepulseGod consistently battles OCE's top-heavy talent pool week after week. His success also traveled with him to close Chapter 2 Season 1, where he achieved something monumental in Anaheim, California.

At the start of Chapter 2 Season 1, RepulseGod rifled off multiple outstanding Solo Cash Cup performances. He won three of these tournaments and achieved a top ten finish in many others. The OCE standout began to separate himself as one of the top solo players. RepulseGod also teamed with fellow Aussies chelly, Trapped and Squeakz for the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1. The four players finished the Grand Finals in eighth place.

To round out Chapter 2 Season 1, RepulseGod journeyed across the Pacific for DreamHack Anaheim. He competed against 1,200 other players in an open format, taking fourth place overall. It was by far the crowning achievement in RepulseGod's career and provided validation for his skill set on a larger scale. Chapter 2 Season 2 provided more opportunities for RepulseGod to succeed. He ultimately partnered with forbes for future duo events. This Australian duo placed well in Cash Cups and finished the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2 in ninth place. Next came the FNCS Invitational solo tournament, which further padded RepulseGod's stats in Fortnite.

RepulseGod shattered expectations yet again, taking second place in week two and the Grand Finals of the Invitational. Organizational owner Lachlan seems dead set on bringing his Team PWR roster to North America in the future. RepulseGod will have another prime opportunity to showcase his ability in front of more eyes and for a larger prize pool. He deserves as much considering his dominance in Oceania.

39 – Jonathan “Calc” Weber

Yung Calculator is by far one of the most polarizing players in competitive Fortnite history. He talks the talk and manages to back it up time after time. Alongside teammates MackWood and ZexRow, Calc became the first NA East Fortnite Champion Series winner back in Season X. Since then, Calc has seen similar success primarily in an online environment in the region he dominated three seasons ago.

Newly signed to the Built By Gamers organization, Calc racked up some impressive results after the debut of Fortnite Chapter 2. He rejoined ZexRow and MackWood, added Vinny1x and became one of the best squads in Chapter 2 Season 1. This super squad crept their way through the qualifiers and flipped the switch when needed. Calc, ZexRow, MackWood and Vinny1x reached the Grand Finals and achieved a second-place finish. It marked Calc's second straight exceptional performance in the Fortnite Champion Series.

Calc and MackWood parted ways for the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS. He eventually linked up with pro player Clix for the first-ever duos Fortnite Champion Series. Calc and Clix struggled to stay consistent through qualifiers; however, they did reach the Grand Finals. The two NA East competitors finished the FNCS tournament in 19th place. Not the best result, but Calc moved forward with an extra $1.25K USD in his pocket. Calc finished Chapter 2 Season 2 with the FNCS Invitational. He managed only 60 points, which put him in 71st place overall. Calc undoubtedly remains a top player today for his success in squads. The three-time finalist has represented himself well in the competitive atmosphere.

38 – Aleksa “Queasy” Cvetkovik

Enterprise Gaming representative queasy excelled in Fortnite Chapter 2 with multiple exceptional finishes. It took him three FNCS attempts to find success, and he did so with fellow Enterprise Gaming teammate TruleX. The two competed together in Chapter 2 Season 2. It featured another FNCS tournament with a massive prize pool on the line. Queasy and TruleX qualified for the Grand Finals after taking ninth place in week three and third in heat one.

Epic Games offered over $500K USD in prize money for the finalists. Queasy and TruleX had the opportunity of a lifetime. They did not show any sign of nerves, as the two steadied their ship and finished in second place. Each player took him $30K USD and earned recognition as one of the best duos in Fortnite. The two continued teaming for the remainder of Season two. However, next came the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational. Queasy would have to go solo for the $600K USD prize pool in the Grand Finals.

Queasy's solo journey proved successful. He took 39th and 11th in weeks one and two. The Serbian produced an impressive performance at the FNCS Invitational Finals. He reached 183 points, which was good enough for ninth place and another $14K USD. Queasy is a top duo and solo player thus far in Fortnite. His skill set will inevitably translate to other game types as well as Fortnite continues to flip the script on competitive players.

37 – Anas “Anas” El-Abd

Danish standout player Anas is relatively new to Fortnite from a competitive standpoint. His competitive track record dates back to the summer of 2019. Shortly after that, Fortnite moved from Chapter 1 into Chapter 2 with an entirely new landscape and loot pool. It was during Chapter 2 that this Become Legends player began his ascension up the rankings in Europe. He enlisted help from teammates Caspersa, IboooHai and Zh1ny for the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series. The four Euros qualified through consistency points and took eighth place in Heat Four. With little to expectations on Anas and his team, they managed a seventh-place finish to round out the tournament.

Anas moved into Chapter 2 Season 2 with a championship mentality. He took first and third place in two Solo Cash Cup tournaments and joined former squad teammate IboooHai for the next FNCS. The two Denmark natives played well enough in the qualifiers to reach heat play. Anas and IbooHai turned out an eighth-place finish in the Grand Finals. It was quite the performance for a duo that not many expected. To round out Chapter 2 Season 2, Anas would enlist in the $600K USD FNCS Invitational.

The first two FNCS Invitational qualifying weeks for Anas resulted in an 11th and 66th place finish. He secured his spot in the Grand Finals, where he would look to win his first FNCS title. In the Grand Finals, Anas managed 145 points, which landed him in 16th place overall. The Dane settled for measly $2K USD but has accomplished quite a lot thus far in Chapter 2 both on his own and with many different teammates.

36 – Tai “TaySon” Starcic

TaySon of E11 Gaming is one of several talented young European Fortnite players who recently found success in online tournaments. Hailing from Slovenia, TaySon has been competing since the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. Just recently, Chapter 2 provided TaySon with a chance to make a name for himself. He tiptoed through Chapter 2 Season 1 before emerging as a top player in the European region the season after.

TaySon teamed up with German standout JannisZ for the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series.TaySon and JannisZ kicked off the new FNCS season with a win in the warmup tournament. Although they did not win prize money, this victory put them on the map with multiple qualifying weeks ahead. The two Euros proceeded to middle their way through Duo Cash Cups and the FNCS Qualifiers. In week four of the FNCS Qualifiers, TaySon and JannisZ took second, giving them much needed momentum with the Grand Finals ahead. The European duo struggled to close out the tournament in the finale. They took 33rd place overall, but still reached heights that many other professional players could not.

The two continued teaming together and placed well in the remaining Duo Cash Cups. TaySon also established himself as a strong player in Season 2. Some of his best placements in Solo Cash Cup tournaments included 9th, 15th, 4th, 11th, 7th, 5th and 15th. To boot, TaySon took fifth place in the FNCS Invitational week two qualifier and the Grand Finals. The young Slovenian has a bright future ahead of him in competitive Fortnite.

35 – Furious

The reigning Fortnite Champion Series victor had been around the scene for quite some time before rising to the top. Furious competed here and there before Season X, but it wasn't until Chapter 2 that he reached heights no one expected. He began placing well in Solo Cash Cups before qualifying for the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 with squadmates Jerids, Osp and Vexzcy. Furious and company finished the finals in 14th place before heading into his most successful season yet.

Although Furious competed in the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2, he failed to reach the finals. This misstep did not deter the outstanding controller player. Furious played well, particularly in Solo Cash Cups, achieving placements of fifth, ninth, fourth and fifth. Furious's most significant accomplishment in his career took place on the tail-end of Season 2.

He enlisted in the FNCS Invitational with a steep road ahead of him. The constant chatter regarding overpowered controllers did not distract Furious. He took fourth place in week one of the Invitational and then rifled off a second place in week two before winning in the Grand Finals. Furious completed quite possibly the best run of any player across all competitive regions. The ultimate test will be longevity for Furious as Epic Games continues to alter the controller input. However, for now, he is one of the best solo players in NA East.

34 – Ryan “Chap” Chaplo

Former Team Liquid member Chap is a true Fortnite veteran in every sense of the word. His success in the competitive scene spans multiple seasons, formats, scoring systems and teammates. Chap's always used his mind and game sense en route to successful tournament efforts. His approach did not change in Chapter 2, where he again found his way back to the top in the NA East region.

After a second-place finish at the Season X Finals, Chap had a decision to make with the switch to squads. He decided on his team rather quickly, adding fellow Team Liquid members 72hrs and Vivid, along with CizLucky formerly of Tempo Storm. All four players held their own, but Chap's rotational genius led them to a first-place finish in the week two FNCS Qualifier. The four players qualified for the Grand Finals and finished in sixth place overall.

After squads, Chap would embark on a quest to become the FNCS Duos champion alongside rising controller player Av. The two consistently landed at The Grotto, eventually contesting Tfue and Scoped regularly. Chap and Av quickly became one of the best duos in competitive Fortnite. Their track record included multiple Daily Dup Cup victories across two regions, a Cash Cup win and many other high placements. Chap and Av eventually qualified for the FNCS Finals and churned out a fourth-place finish.

Chap would not compete seriously in the FNCS Invitational or any solo events, but he elevated his namesake with in-game leadership and results to match. No matter who he plays with, Chap seems to boost those around him. It's a quality that Fortnite players often overlook.

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33 – Thomuss

This NA West controller player has shown his stripes time and time again in one of the most underrated scenes. Thomuss does not get the recognition he deserves, considering his consistent results over multiple seasons. In Chapter 2 Season 1, Thomuss emerged as one of the best controller players in the world. His Solo Cash Cup tournament results in Season 1 include second, third, sixth, first, sixth and fifth. Also, in Chapter 2 Season 1, Thomuss joined forces with Maken, Frapai and 4DRStorm. Their squad qualified for the FNCS Grand Finals and took second place overall. It was quite the achievement for a group of lesser-known NA West players.

Thomuss and controller duo partner wavyjacob moved onto the Winter Royale. They dominated the tournament, winning days one and two, and placing third on the final day. With success in squads, duos and solos, Thomuss wanted to prove himself in an offline environment. He decided to do so at DreamHack Anaheim. Competing against players from all over the world, Thomuss represented NA West well with a fifth-place finish in the Grand Finals. This achievement offered validation to Thomuss on a much larger scale than ever before.

Duo partners Thomuss and wavyjacob dominated the majority of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2. Throughout the entire season in just Duo Cash Cups, the two finished in second place six times. Thomuss and wavyjacob also won two Duo Cash Cup tournaments in Season 2. The two placed no lower than eighth in the four weeks of FNCS Qualifiers. In the Grand Finals, Thomuss and wavyjacob struggled and managed an 18th place finish. Thomuss concluded Chapter 2 Season 2 with a tenth place effort in the FNCS Invitational Finals. He is one of the most underrated Fortnite players despite his accomplishments.

32 – Benjamin “Edgey” Peterson

NRG Esports' Edgey has had himself quite an experience since turning pro in competitive Fortnite. Almost a year ago, he worked hard toward a Fortnite World Cup qualification but came up short. He continued to grind and eventually found himself in the arguably most dominant NA West trio in Season X. Before anyone knew it, Edgey was firmly on the radar of Fortnite fans. Chapter 2 produced his best opportunity yet to increase his name value further.

The extremely dominant trio of Edgey, Cented and rehx added Fortnite World Cup contender EpikWhale to complete an unbelievably talented roster. It came as no surprise when this squad ran through the NA West region's Fortnite Champion Series with relative ease and took third overall. With squads behind him, Edgey shifted focus to Solo Cash Cups and soon partook in the Winter Royale with duo partner Cented.

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Edgey and Cented compiled quite possibly the most outstanding track record across all seven regions during the Winter Royale. The NA West standouts took fourth, second and fifth place in consecutive days. This performance set Edgey and Cented up for a journey from NA West to NA East for the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS.

Many wondered how Edgey and Cented's success would translate to a different and more difficult region. These two qualified in all four weeks of the FNCS Qualifiers, showing thief dominance as a tandem. Players and personalities liked Edgey and Cented's chances of winning the Grand Finals. However, they ended up in ninth place. Edgey compiled himself quite a track record in Chapter 2 with success in squads, duos and solos across multiple regions. His game is transcendent, and he will be a top competitor in any tournament moving forward.

31 – Evan “Cented” Barron

Team Liquid's Cented had himself an adventurous Chapter 2 so far. He began season 1 on the west coast, competing in the NA West region. With squads the primary focus for Chapter 2 Season 1, Cented formed a super team with fellow NA West competitors NRG EpikWhale, NRG Edgey and rehx. Considering the talent possessed by all four players, there was no question that they would succeed. Cented, EpikWhale, Edgey and rehx would find unrivaled success in Chapter 2 Season 1's Fortnite Champion Series.

This “god squad” dominated all four qualifiers, maintaining consistency, unlike any other team. Cented and company took third, first, third and first consecutively leading up to the FNCS Grand Finals. Although the four players fell short of expectations in the finals, Cented, EpikWhale, Edgey and rehx finished in third place. Cented and Edgey stuck together as a duo and achieved decent results in the Winter Royale 2019 tournament. The NA West pair took fourth, second and fifth across the three-day event. Cented then took eighth and third in two Solo Cash Cups in preparation for DreamHack Anaheim.

Cented put his solo skill set to the ultimate test in an open LAN environment at DreamHack Anaheim. He reached the Grand Finals and secured a 40th place finish, which was not too bad considering the talent level around him. Cented and duo partner Edgey then journeyed to the east coast for the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS competition. The NA West tandem fared well on the opposite side of the United States. Cented and Edgey achieved placements of 9th, 17th, 1st and 8th in the four qualifying weeks. Their win in week three made them one of the favorites to win the entire tournament.

At the FNCS Season Finals, Cented and Edgey finished in ninth place overall, making them one of the only NA West teams to find success in two different regions on such a massive scale. Cented also found success in NA West and NA East Cash Cups while on the east coast, with an eighth and two fourth-place finishes before heading back west for the rest of season 2. Cented placed fourth in an NA West Solo Cash Cup leading up to the FNCS Invitational. In the final FNCS event of Chapter 2 Season 2, Cented finished in 80th place. The Team Liquid member had quite a busy schedule but achieved some career-defining results in Chapter 2.

30 – Kirill “Kiryache32” Grishin

Competing out of Russia, Kiryache32 is a name many will not recognize. Before eventually signing with esports organization Virtus Pro, Kiryache populated many European leaderboards. It took him quite a while to find his place in competitive Fortnite. However, since then, Kiryache has not risen to the top of arguably the most competitive region overall.

Kiryache32 is unquestionably one of the most consistent Solo Cash Cup players in the world. In Chapter 2 alone, the Russian achieved several top-15 Cash Cup finishes with a lot of top-fives. Looking past his forgettable Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS experience, Kiryache focused a lot of effort into solos. He soon won another Solo Cash Cup tournament as he and fellow Russian letw1k3 prepared for the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS event.

Kiryache and letw1k3 won a Duo Cash Cup leading into the FNCS Finals, which these two qualified for with ease. The Russian tandem took seventh place in the Grand Finals. Kiryache struggled a bit in the FNCS Invitational, but there is no denying his outstanding performances since the start of Chapter 2.

29 – Scoped

Controller players often catch a bad reputation, mainly due to the presence of aim assist. No one can deny the amount of controversy surrounding the linear input every day in the professional scene. Scoped is a controller player, but he is much more than just an aim assist abuser. Not many knew Scoped before teaming up with Twitch superstar Tfue, but they would soon come to recognize his name atop several leaderboards.

Scoped was a true Cash Cup warrior before joining forces with Tfue. It was not uncommon to see Scoped regularly placing inside the top ten. He even managed a few second in fourth-place finishes in multiple Cash Cups. Scoped soon started winning Cash Cups. He and Tfue then began their journey in the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series. The two chose The Grotto as their landing spot and used it to their full advantage. After a shaky first week, Scoped and Tfue proceeded to qualify for heats and Grand Finals with relative ease.

It was a rough go in the Grand Finals, considering that both players had to fight multiple teams off the spawn. Regardless, Scoped and Tfue took 16th place in the tournament. Scoped then got back to his bread and butter in solo play. He qualified for the FNCS Invitational finals with ease and took sixth place, adding yet another impressive placement to his track record. Aim assist aside, Scoped's mechanics are exceptional. Scoped will continue to dominate regardless of whether the developers decide to nerf controllers even more or not.

28 – Chris “crr” Anderson

Crr is a European professional Fortnite player. He's been around the scene since before the World Cup but has just recently gained notoriety. Crr is arguably one of Europe's best controller players, along with others like Wolfiez, LeTsHe and Scolleh. Fortnite Chapter 2 began the rise of crr as he formed a duo with one of Fortnite's most popular players.

The Chapter 2 squads FNCS granted crr the opportunity to team with Fortnite World Cup qualifier mitr0. Crr and mitr0 teamed with Falconly and K1nzell and made it to the FNCS Grand Finals. These four European players finished out the first Fortnite Champion Series of Chapter 2 in 13th place. After squads, mitr0 and crr formed a powerhouse duo. Their ability to w-key, consistently earn refreshes and dominate end games made them a tough task for any opposing teams. The two performed well through the Winter Royale as they headed toward the most significant event of Chapter 2 Season 2.

Crr and mitr0 won week three of the duos FNCS but struggled when they reached the Grand Finals. The European tandem finished in 41st place out of only 48 teams. With a Duo Cash Cup and FNCS qualifier victory under their belt, Crr and mitr0 remained among the best pairs in competitive Fortnite. Crr also compiled quite a career for himself as a solo player. He achieved several top ten finishes in Solo Cash Cup tournaments and took 13th in the FNCS Invitational finals. It will be exciting to someday see Crr at an offline competition amongst the world's best.

27 – Kyle “Mongraal” Jackson

FaZe Clan's Mongraal has been on a rollercoaster ride of results since the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2. Since reaching the top in Season X, Mongraal has experienced bouts of unmotivated play in Fortnite through FNCS squads and even during duos in Season 2.

FNCS squads turned out well for Mongraal and his teammates benjyfishy, Nayte and Wolfiez. These four players did not link up until week two qualifier, but it was the best decision all of them made to that point. Mongraal, Benjy, Nayte and Wolfiez performed consistently throughout the qualifiers and made it to the Grand Finals. They collectively managed a second-place finish. Mongraal then decided to tackle the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS with new duo partner benjyfishy.

Mongraal and Benjy notably struggled at times throughout the third-ever Fortnite Champion Series event. Their struggles ultimately boiled over in heats, where the two failed to reach the Grand Finals for the first time in their FNCS attempts. The two continued as a duo for a bit longer. However, benjyfishy soon rejoined former duo partner MrSavage and Mongraal found a new teammate in former World Champion aqua. This tandem managed a sixth-place finish in only their second Cash Cup tournament.

Mongraal then competed in the FNCS Invitational, taking 26th place in the finals. Perhaps Mongraal's most impressive achievement outside of squads happened in the Benjyfishy Cup. The FaZe Clan member took second place in an uncommon format, displaying his improvement in solos. Mongraal still possesses top-notch mechanics and game sense. He will remain one of the world's best players and seems to be improving with each tournament.

26 – Stretch

Stretch of Team Liquid has come a long way since struggling through the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers. He got his first real opportunity to compete in Season X, where he teamed up with Fortnite World Cup Champion Bugha and clarityG. Stretch's career skyrocketed from that point, where he managed several more FNCS Finals appearances and other impressive achievements. Fortnite Chapter 2 provided even more success for the hardworking NA East competitor.

Stretch eventually regrouped with Bugha and clarityG for squads in a Chapter 2 Season 1 after a few failed attempts at creating a super team. The Season X trio added Thwifo to complete a solid roster from top to bottom. Despite their success in heats, Stretch and his teammates would ultimately finish in 21st place out of only 25 teams. Stretch and Bugha continued teaming together despite some hiccups; meanwhile, Stretch worked on improving his solo gameplay.

Stretch and Bugha added FNCS Duos to their radar in Chapter 2 Season 2. The long-time duo struggled at times, but played well in Cash Cups and reached the FNCS Finals. Stretch and Bugha achieved their best placement yet with a fifth-place finish in the Grand Finals. The two would soon split after an unfortunate fallout.

Fortnite's FNCS Invitational was the last event of Chapter 2 Season 2. Stretch played exceptionally throughout the three-week tournament, taking second place in week one and third place in week two. The Team Liquid player ultimately finished out the finals in 19th place. Stretch continues to grow as a player, and his solo experience will play in his favor with another Solo FNCS tournament ahead.

25 – Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf

Fortnite World Cup Champion, Bugha, had a reputation to uphold after winning $3M USD last July. It's a position most opt not to be considering the pressure to compete and win tournaments consistently. Bugha, however, managed to continue participating and placing decently enough in tournaments. Whether it was a solo or team format, Bugha put forth his best effort to maintain his elite status.

Fortnite Chapter 2 saw Bugha eventually team up with Thwifo, clarityG and his duo partner Stretch. These four performed well week in and week out. However, their Grand Finals performance amounted to a 21st place finish. Nonetheless, Bugha continued to qualify and compete in tournaments featuring NA East's best. Bugha continued to find success as a solo player. He won multiple Solo Cash Cups and placed highly in many others.

In Season 2, Bugha found another opportunity to pad his career achievements after Epic Games announced the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series. The duos format allowed Bugha to link back up with Stretch to find a victory yet again. Bugha and Stretch put forth their best effort, which resulted in a fifth-place Grand Finals finish. FNCS Duos proved successful for Bugha, and despite their success, he and Stretch parted ways as a duo. Bugha went on to place 40th in the Grand Finals of the FNCS Invitational. He remains a top player to this day. Many are looking forward to Bugha's next offline event, whenever that might happen.

24 – Avery

Avery is another relatively unknown NA East player who has compiled impressive results since the start of Fortnite Chapter 2. The unsponsored Canadian possesses an outstanding track record in Fortnite Champion Series tournaments. He took first place in Chapter 2 Season 1 with KEZ, Unknown and StableRonaldo. He moved into Chapter 2 Season 2, deciding to team with HazThaGreat for the FNCS.

The two NA East players took first place in the week one qualifier after Bucke, Kreo, Slackes and Keys all received a ban. Avery then teamed with SEN Zyfa for weeks two and three before taking seventh place in the final qualifier with Haz. Avery and Haz turned out an impressive performance in the Grand Finals, taking seventh overall and adding yet another exceptional achievement to Avery's growing list.

To round out Chapter 2 Season 2, Avery qualified for the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. This solo tournament pitted the best NA East players against one another in a 12-match showdown. Avery played well over 12 matches, finishing the tournament in 14th place overall. On top of some steady Solo and Duo Cash Cup showings, Avery is among the best in the world. It will be interesting to see him at an offline event where he can truly put his skills to the test.

23 – Kevin “LeTsHe” Fedjschkin

German controller player LeTsHe elevated his name and accomplishments significantly in Fortnite Chapter 2. Although he did not find any particular success in squads, he competed in his second-ever offline event following the Fortnite World Cup. LeTsHe represented Team Atlantis at DreamHack Winter. He had a chance to win the tournament heading into the final game, but LeTsHe fell short, taking third place at the tournament. The German standout finished ahead of top players aqua, benjyfishy and MrSavage. A few weeks later, LeTsHe took third place in an EU Solo Cash Cup tournament.

With Chapter 2 Season 2 approaching, LeTsHe joined Fortnite World Cup runner-up Wolfiez. The two controller players competed in the FNCS Duos warmup, finishing in third place. LeTsHe and Wolfiez played decently in Duo Cash Cups despite the occasional struggle. Landing at The Agency proved difficult for the controller tandem, but they ultimately reached the FNCS Finals. After finishing in 27th place, LeTsHe and Wolfiez soon parted ways.

LeTsHe shifted focus to the FNCS Invitational solo event. With an outstanding track record in solos, the German wanted to add another high placement to his resumè. LeTsHe would do just that, taking second place in week one, fourth in week two and capping it off with an eighth-place finish in the Grand Finals. He's managed to remain afloat despite the recent changes to aim assist, proving his talent with a controller.

22 – Av

Top controller player Av flew under the radar for much of his early competitive Fortnite career. It wasn't until Fortnite Chapter 2 that Av began to gain traction as both a solo and even a team player. Av possesses an impressive track record in Solo Cash Cups specifically. Early in Chapter 2 Season 1, the controller standout achieved eighth and eleventh placements before winning his first Cash Cup tournament. He closed out Chapter 2 Season 1 with a third, fifth and fourth-place finish in multiple Solo Cash Cups before competing in his first offline event.

Av was one of over 1,200 players to compete at the DreamHack Anaheim LAN event. The tournament itself set up well for Av, considering his recent history of solo tournament success. Despite the caliber of talent present in Anaheim, Av battled through heat play and reached the Grand Finals. The NA East player ultimately finished in 27th place.

Former Team Liquid player, Chap, took note of Av's Anaheim performance and enlisted him as a teammate for the FNCS event in Chapter 2 Season 2. These two quickly rose to the top and became one of the best controller/keyboard and mouse mixes in Fortnite. Chap and Av won multiple tournaments, including Daily Duo Cups and Duo Cash Cups. When all was said and done, Chap and Av took fourth in the FNCS Duos Grand Final. All the while, Av continued to win and place highly in Solo Cash Cups. There is a lot more success on the horizon for Av.

21 – Jahq

A lesser-known breakout player in Chapter 2 was none other than Jahq, who represents the Vanish organization. After an unfulfilling Chapter 2 Season 1, Jahq started compiling some better results in season 2. Alongside duo partner Acorn, Jahq came out of nowhere to take third, ninth and second in the final three FNCS Duo qualifiers.

Jahq and Acorn quickly appeared on the radar as one of the dark horse teams heading into the finals. This NA East tandem took second in one of the final Duo Cash Cups heading into the FNCS Grand Finals. Jahq and Acorn finished in tenth place out of 50 teams to round out the third-ever Fortnite Champion Series. This achievement, however, would not be the last for Jahq in season 2.

The Team Vanish competitor continued producing results in solo tournaments. He took seventh place in one of the final Solo Cash Cups before the FNCS Invitational. In week one of the Invitational, Jahq finished in fifth place after the intense two-day competition. He then took second in another Solo Cash Cup tournament before the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. Jahq capped off Chapter 2 Season 2 with an excellent third-place finish in the fourth-ever Fortnite Champion Series. Prepare to watch Jahq continue an impressive stretch into the future.

20 – Dmitri “mitr0” Van de Vrie

Fan-favorite European, mitr0, is one of the most accomplished Fortnite players since the game's release back in 2017. He's seemingly done it all and managed most of his achievements in the most competitive region in all of Fortnite. Mitr0 remains consistent no matter the season. His results since the early days of Fortnite up to its most recent season speak for themselves.

Chapter 2 treated mitr0 well from the beginning. He saw early success in squads with K1nzell, Falconly and crr. This group of four won nearly every scrim leading into the Chapter 2 Season 1 Fortnite Champion Series competition. They continued to play well through the qualifiers. Ultimately, mitr0, K1nzell, Falconly and crr finished 13th place overall. Mitr0 would then pair up with squadmate crr for all future duo events.

Mitr0 and crr quickly became a top duo, combining impressive mechanics, aim assist and an unrivaled w-key ability. The two placed well in the Winter Royale event. Mitr0 and crr remained a tandem for the FNCS Duos event in Chapter 2, where they managed to win one of the qualifiers. Overall, the two Euros finished in a disappointing 41st place in the Grand Finals. However, mitr0 and crr did win a Duo Cash Cup after the FNCS Duos competition completed. Mitr0 unsurprisingly made it to the Grand Finals of the FNCS Invitational, taking 18th place out of the 100 best European players. Mitr0 continues to play well despite his knack for w-keying. There's no reason to believe he'll slow down any time soon.

19 – Brodie “rehx” Franks

100 Thieves' latest addition to their Fortnite roster sent waves across the competitive scene. NA West player rehx had been around the competitive scene for quite some time. He has dominated the western part of the United States since March of 2019. In Fortnite Chapter 2, rehx continued to wreak havoc in a variety of different formats.

Squads took center stage in Chapter 2 Season 1, which prompted rehx to form a super team with Edgey, Cented and EpikWhale. These four dominated the FNCS Qualifiers, finishing no worse than third and winning two of the four tournaments. Rehx and company continued their solid play into the finals, where they finished in third place. On top of his success in squads, rehx found the same in solos.

Rehx claimed victory in three NA West Solo Cash Cups and managed consistent top-ten finishes to boot. He also made his offline debut at DreamHack Anaheim. Amongst several of the world's best, rehx took 19th place overall. Toward the end of Season 1, rehx joined forces with soon to be controller player and squads teammate EpikWhale. This controller and keyboard tandem padded their earnings with multiple Winter Royale 2019 placements.

Rehx and EpikWhale soon partook in the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 2. They each earned their first FNCS title with an impressive 63 points in the Grand Finals. The achievements would not end with duos as rehx continued to showcase his abilities as a solo player. He added another Solo Cash Cup victory to his resumè in Season 2. Rehx eventually found himself competing for a piece of the $3M USD FNCS Invitational prize pool. The 100 Thieves competitor finished the competition in seventh place, capping off a successful season. He remains a top NA West player by a mile with an otherworldly competitive history.

18 – Alexander “znappy” Zayedli

This Swedish Fortnite World Cup finalist has not slowed even a bit since the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2. He competed in the second-ever Fortnite Champion Series with eventual duo partner wakie, RedRush and drobban. Despite squaring off against many talented squads, these four players proved that they were the most talented. Znappy and his teammates reached 86 points in the Grand Finals, which won them their first collective FNCS title.

Znappy competed at the DreamHack Winter offline event in his native country of Sweden. He finished the tournament in 25th place, marking his second straight top 25 performance at a LAN event. Leading up to Chapter 2 Season 2, znappy took fourth place in a Solo Cash Cup tournament. With squads behind him, znappy would stick with teammate wakie for all duo events in Season 2. Znappy and wakie rapidly ascended to the top of the European region with a third and second-place finish in two of the four FNCS Qualifiers. Before the FNCS Finals in Chapter 2 Season 2, znappy and wakie took second place in a Duo Cash Cup. After qualifying out of heats, znappy and wakie achieved a 13th place finish in the Grand Finals.

Znappy and wakie continued teaming together for the remainder of Fortnite's 12th season. However, the announcement of the FNCS Invitational shifted the scene's focus to solos. Znappy took third in a Solo Cash Cup leading into week one of the FNCS Invitational. The Swede finished in 4th and 13th in weeks one and two of the three-week competition. He capped off the season with a 24th place finish in the finals. With an FNCS victory under his belt, znappy gained the recognition of the Godsent organization, and ultimately signed with them. There is a lot more in the future for this talented European player.

17 – Felix “wakie” Thebo Hortlund

Wakie of the GODSENT organization saw a significant increase in competitive Fortnite achievements beginning in Chapter 2. The former Fortnite World Cup 2019 solo finalist expanded his horizons, finding success in duos with a committed teammate in fellow GODSENT member znappy. He took seventh and third place leading up to the DreamHack Winter offline event in December of 2019. At that event, wakie took fourth place overall in an outstanding display of Fortnite. Wakie placed fifth in his first Solo Cash Cup after the DreamHack event, before achieving supremacy in the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 Grand Finals.

Alongside RedRush, drobban and znappy, wakie took first place in the FNCS Chapter 2 Season 1 Grand Finals. They did so against some of the best EU squads and officially cemented themselves in Fortnite history. Wakie continued playing well in solos after winning the Fortnite Champion Series, taking ninth and first in back-to-back weeks. He soon joined forces with fellow FNCS Champion znappy for the Chapter 2 Season 2 Fortnite Champion Series.

Wakie and znappy proved to be one of the top duos, taking third and second place through the first two FNCS Qualifiers. Their efforts in the Grand Finals produced a 13th place finish overall, which is exceptional given the pool of talent in Europe. Wakie wrapped up Chapter 2 Season 2 with a 68th place finish in the FNCS Invitational Finals. The Swede's Chapter 2 effort yielded impressive results under different formats and scoring systems. Wakie will look to continue more of the same in his competitive Fortnite career.

16 – Danny “Dubs” Walsh

Dubs represents FaZe Clan and is one of the best young talents in Fortnite. He and duo partner Megga joined FaZe during their initial run of success before the Fortnite World Cup. What occurred after the event for these two became history. Dubs went on to establish himself as arguably one of the best NA East players all around. Despite some of his poor personal decisions, Dubs possesses real skill in Fortnite that has not declined even slightly through good times and bad.

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Like many other players, Fortnite Chapter 2 provided Dubs the opportunity to elevate his name in the public eye and the competitive scene. He did just that, with the decision to team with duo partner Megga, Bizzle and Eclipsae for the first FNCS of Chapter 2. Their consistency shined through each qualifier, leading up to a third-place finish in finals and $60K USD to split. Dubs showed his ability to adapt to different formats in Chapter 2 Season 1.

Dubs then transitioned back to solos, where he steadily improved week to week. After several impressive Solo Cash Cup placements, Dubs earned a hard-fought victory on January 16th. He followed that up with a sixth, a seventh and a fifth-place finish. Before the release of Chapter 2 Season 2, FaZe Clan issued Dubs a ban, which put him out of competition until week three of the FNCS Duo Qualifiers. Dubs was back on top in mere weeks. He and Megga comfortably qualified for the finals through heats. The Fortnite World Cup tandem nearly took first in the Grand Finals, losing only to veterans Zayt and Saf. Still, $37K USD to split was an acceptable consolation prize for Dubs and Megga.

Unfortunately, Dubs' competitive career went back on hold after the duos tournament concluded. Epic Games determined after footage review of a Cash Cup that Dubs and another pro player named waffles were colluding. Their findings ruled Dubs out of the FNCS Invitational. Regardless, Dubs achieved quite a lot, with only a handful of tournaments played. He will have many more opportunities in the future.

15 – JannisZ

JannisZ of Wave Esports is a late bloomer in terms of his competitive Fortnite accomplishment. This German native has been around the pro scene dating back to the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers. Jannisz competed alongside Nebby, Magnus and jason, taking ninth in the Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS. JannisZ saw a steep increase in results beginning at the DreamHack Winter event. It was a turning point for the German, who received a much-needed confidence boost at the offline competition.

Amidst a sea of some of the best Fortnite players in the world, JannisZ made the trek to Sweden for his first LAN event. He qualified for the Grand Finals and achieved a 13th place finish overall. From there, JannisZ and his Chapter 2 Season 1 squad of Magnus, Nebby and jason reached the FNCS Finals. Their collective effort over six matches produced a ninth-place finish. At this time, JannisZ began compiling results as a solo player with a sixth, eighth and fourth-place finish in consecutive Solo Cash Cups to close out Season 1.

Reinvigorated and ready, JannisZ and duo partner TaySon came out of the gate firing on all cylinders. This European duo won the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS warmup to kick off a new competitive season. JannisZ and TaySon then plodded along through the qualifiers, placing well in Duo Cash Cups and eventually qualified for the finals. They ultimately finished out the Grand Finals in 33rd place. This lackluster result did not deter JannisZ or TaySon, who continued placing in Cash Cups together.

JannisZ's crowning accomplishment came at the tail-end of Chapter 2 Season 2. He comfortably qualified through the first two weeks of the FNCS Invitational. Before the Grand Finals, he took second place in a Solo Cash Cup tournament, which set the stage for what came next. JannisZ put together a nearly perfect effort over the 12 final matches of the tournament. Dropping at Steamy Stacks, JannisZ compiled 254 points to win the FNCS Invitational competition. He took home $120K USD for his efforts and etched himself in Fortnite history forever. JannisZ went from a relative unknown to making headlines across the esports world in only a few months. There's no telling what lies ahead for JannisZ with many more tournaments on the horizon.

14 – Noam “Megga” Ackenine

Double Fortnite World Cup qualifier Megga has achieved more than most could ever wish for in competitive Fortnite at only 15 years of age. One of FaZe Clan's youngest pro players rose to the top of the NA East region both as a solo and with long-time duo partner Dubs. Megga's accomplishments speak to his overall consistency in Fortnite. After wrapping up a moderately successful Season X showing, Megga continued placing in massive tournaments through Chapter 2.

Bizzle, Megga, Dubs and Eclipsae formed arguably the best duo on paper for the first FNCS competition of Chapter 2. This squad proved their skill level, placing top three in three of the four qualifiers. Megga and company eventually reached the FNCS Finals, where they earned yet another third-place finish. It was an impressive showing all around, and it was only the beginning for Megga.

On top of some decent Solo Cash Cup placements, Megga rejoined Dubs off his suspension to make another run at a major championship. Megga and Dubs did what they did best. They clutched out an FNCS Heats qualification in the last two weeks before the finals. The FaZe tandem played out of their minds in the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS Grand Finals. Megga and Dubs were on the brink of victory, before veterans Zayt and Saf snatches it away from the young duo. A second-place finish for Megga and Dubs proved that their skill level remains on par with NA East's best players.

Megga quickly transitioned from duos back to solos for the final significant event of Chapter 2 Season 2. The FNCS Invitational qualifiers were easy for Megga. When the finals came around, he had another chance to showcase his skills as a solo player. This chance came to fruition in the form of a fifth-place finish in the Grand Finals. He took home $30K USD for his best solo effort yet. Although often overshadowed by his duo partner Dubs, Megga rose to the occasion in Chapter 2.

13 – Leon “Khanada” Khim

Team SoloMid's Khanada most likely won't win any popularity contests with his brash attitude and relentless playstyle. However, one can not argue the success and skill level possessed by this exceptional four-time FNCS Finalist. Khanada has accomplished a whole lot in competitive Fortnite and is only 14 years old. Chapter 2 started with a bang, where Khanada teamed up with Season X teammates Tfue and Fiber for the squads FNCS tournament. The three added Cloakzy and reached the Grand Finals without much of an issue. Their team ultimately finished in seventh place, but this was only the beginning of Khanada.

The young TSM player went on to make a name for himself in the Solo Cash Cup tournaments. Khanada won three Cash Cups in the span of only a few weeks. He eventually brought his solo skill set to the DreamHack Anaheim Fortnite Open February of 2020. Khanada won a match in the Grand Finals and ultimately finished in 12th place overall. In his first offline tournament, Khanada displayed a real champion mentality.

Switching back to online, Khanada workshopped several duo partners, including Clix and Bully in preparation for the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS. He ultimately enlisted the help of joey2c for the tournament. Khanada and Joey reached the Grand Finals and managed a 29th place finish. He then took fourth place in the FNCS Invitational, reminding everyone of how talented he is in a solo format. Khanada has a bright future ahead of him and will continue to dominate the NA East landscape.

12 – Diego “Arkhram” Lima

Arkhram of the 100 Thieves organization has represented the brand well in his relatively short competitive Fortnite career. Since beginning tournament play in 2019, Arkhram has ascended to the heights of competitive Fortnite out of the lesser-known NA West region. This 15-year-old was one of the few players to double qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. He's been a standout since then and is easily one of the best players in his region.

Arkhram began Fortnite Chapter 2 with exceptional Solo Cash Cup placements. These results included a sixth, fifth and fourth-place finish leading up to his second offline tournament and first since the Fortnite World Cup. Under the 100 Thieves banner, Arkhram journeyed across the pond to Sweden for the DreamHack Winter event. Amongst Europe's best players, Arkhram displayed his comfort level in a LAN environment. He managed an eighth-place finish, securing 8.5K in the process.

The young NA West competitor continued playing out of his mind in solo events. After DreamHack Winter, Arkhram returned home to finish out the FNCS Squads tournament with Falconer, Symetrical and Sean. These four finished in 12th place overall. Shortly after the squads event wrapped up, Arkhram added another two outstanding Solo Cash Cup victories to his growing resumè.

With FNCS Duos approaching, Arkhram parted ways with former partner Falconer in favor of fellow NA West player andrew. The damage done by Arkhram and andrew flew under the radar due to their region of play. Arkhram and andrew claimed victory in the week one Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS Qualifier. They then won two Duo Cash Cup tournaments, putting all opposing duos on notice. All the while Arkhram continued placing highly in Solo Cash Cups. With the FNCS finalè on deck, Arkhram and andrew took first in heat two and followed that up with a third-place finish in the Grand Finals.

Arkham continued to keep his foot on the gas after multiple achievements in different formats. He won the next Solo Cash Cup after FNCS Duos, readying himself for the FNCS Invitational. The 100 Thieves competitor reached the Grand Finals with relative ease. He ultimately produced yet another solo victory, claiming $40K USD in the process. In total, Arkhram won four solo tournaments, including the FNCS Invitational. There's no doubt that Arkhram is one of the world's best players with such consistent results from the beginning of his career through Chapter 2.

11 – Dominik “Unknown” Green

Many players and fans in the competitive Fortnite scene recognize Unknown as arguably the best “hybrid” player in the game. For the uninformed, a hybrid player finds success regardless of whether they use a controller or a keyboard and mouse. Despite his versatility, Unknown has found most of his success with a controller. His aggressive playstyle strikes fear in the hearts of his opponents. No one has seen a more substantial boom in popularity and success than Unknown, who w-keys his way to victory and does so in style.

Unknown rightfully crowned himself the king of Cash Cups in Chapter 2 Season 1. He partook in nine Solo Cash Cup tournaments, winning four of them. On top of Unknown's solo success, he also earned his first Fortnite Champion Series victory with KEZ, Stable Ronaldo and Avery. These four players flew under the radar through the qualifiers, ultimately winning the FNCS by only four points over ZexRow's team. Unknown became a household name in competitive Fortnite, which caught the eye of NRG Esports. He signed with the organization in February of 2020 before the commencement of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2.

The third-ever FNCS tournament saw former squad teammates Unknown and Ronaldo compete for the second straight competitive event. Their performance produced a Grand Finals appearance. The two finished in 36th place overall. Unknown then won another Solo Cash Cup before teaming with Khanada of Team SoloMid to form an insane combination of mechanics and aim. The two placed consistently in Duo Cash Cups leading up to the FNCS Invitational. Unknown took 11th place in the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. He's an outstanding solo player, but his game translates well to all formats. Unknown will soon find himself an offline victory to further cement him as a hall of fame type Fortnite player.

10 – Jayden “Wolfiez” Ashman

Former Fortnite World Cup runner-up Wolfiez set the stage for controller players across the globe. Before aim assist escalated to the point of no return, Wolfiez represented the controller gang well in numerous challenging tournaments. After struggling through Season X, Wolfiez moved forward with intentions of finding success again, similar to the World Cup days. Chapter 2 Season 1 granted Wolfiez the opportunity to team with a talented group of players. Wolfiez soon found his way back to the top in good company.

The squad of Wolfiez, benjyfishy, Mongraal and Nayte formed in week two of the Fortnite Champion Series. It was the best decision all four players made to begin a new season. These four played outstanding through the weekly qualifiers and doubled down after reaching the Grand Finals. Wolfiez, Benjy, Mongraal and Nayte took second place overall, falling only 13 points short of a victory. Wolfiez bounced back nicely after a forgettable Season X.

For Chapter 2 Season 2, Wolfiez and fellow controller player LeTsHe formed a duo that no opponents could out aim. This controller combo managed a couple of high Duo Cash Cup results but ultimately finished the FNCS Duo Finals in 27th place. On top of his success in squads and duos, Wolfiez continued to elevate his name as a solo player with multiple outstanding performances during Chapter 2.

The England native and Excel Esports competitor won two Solo Cash Cups in Chapter 2. He faired well as a solo in many other tournaments, including a 22nd place finish in Grand Finals at the DreamHack Anaheim offline event. The FNCS Invitational provided Wolfiez with a chance to prove himself as a solo against Europe's best players.

The Fortnite World Cup contender did not squander the opportunity. He took second place in week two of the Invitational, punching his ticket to the Grand Finals. Wolfiez managed a mind-blowing 37 eliminations in the finals and took second place overall. It's been a long journey for Wolfiez, who endured adversity and continues to rack up impressive placements. He is, without a doubt, one of Europe's best competitive Fortnite players.

9 – Shane “EpikWhale” Cotton

Fortnite World Cup 2019 double-qualifier EpikWhale has had one of the most steady careers as a professional player. Competing out of the less appreciated NA West region, he's maintained success through multiple seasons of Fortnite. Chapter 2 Season 1 was no different. EpikWhale joined forces with rehx, Cented and Edgey for the squads Fortnite Champion Series. All four players found success throughout the qualifiers, winning two of them and taking third place in the other two weeks. Their continuous success culminated with a third-place finish in the Grand Finals.

EpikWhale soon switched from keyboard and mouse to a controller due to the aim assist advantage. Even before the switch, the NRG Esports competitor managed several high placements in Solo Cash Cup tournaments. EpikWhale teamed up with fellow NA West standout rehx for all future duo competitions. These two put in work during the Winter Royale online tournament, earning cash in both the NA West and Asia regions. With the Winter Royale behind him, EpikWhale continued a string of dominant Solo Cash Cup performances.

Continuing an impressive stretch of solo tournament results, EpikWhale made the trek to Australia for the AO Summer Smash. He won an Oceania Solo Cash Cup with ease and followed that performance up with a 12th place finish at the Australian Open. Later in the month, EpikWhale returned to the LAN environment that has been friendly to him in the past. He took 38th place at DreamHack Anaheim, furthering his case for the world's best solo player. After entirely switching to a controller, EpikWhale continued to dominate on his own and with duo partner rehx. The dynamic duo took second in week one of FNCS Duos and proceeded to rack up consistent top tens in Duo Cash Cups.

EpikWhale subsequently went on a run for the ages beginning on April 9th and ending on April 19th. In those ten days, EpikWhale won a Solo Cash Cup, the week four FNCS Duos qualifier, took second in a Duos Cash Cup, tenth in another Solo Cash Cup and won the FNCS Duo Finals. As the season wound down, EpikWhale took third and first in consecutive FNCS Invitational weeks. He completed the final FNCS event of Chapter 2 Season 2 with a sixth-place finish. Despite competing in the NA West region, EpikWhale continues to represent himself and his skill set, regardless of his input of choice.

8 – Timothy “Bizzle” Miller

Bizzle is one of the best solo players of all-time, who remains atop the Fortnite world for the third consecutive year. This seasoned veteran continues to display his skill with each passing tournament, format and meta. His initial breakout took place back in the Summer Skirmish days of Fortnite. Bizzle performs consistently online, but offline is where he dominates the competition. Chapter 2 was no different for the former Ghost Gaming turned FaZe Clan member.

Bizzle joined Eclipsae and soon-to-be fellow FaZe Clan players Dubs and Megga to form one of the best squads on paper for the first FNCS event of Chapter 2. These four live up to the hype, placing no worse than seventh in the four qualifying weeks leading up to the Grand Finals. Bizzle, Megga, Dubs and Eclipsae ultimately took third overall. This performance added another impressive achievement to Bizzle's growing resume. What came next in Bizzle's career reignited him in fans of competitive Fortnite around the world.

Bizzle's last event under Ghost Gaming was arguably his most impressive to date outside of the legendary Secret Skirmish victory. He competed at DreamHack Anaheim, along with several of the best players around the world. In true Bizzle fashion, he outlasted nearly 1,200 others through two grueling heats and the Grand Finals. Bizzle finished in second place behind only the eventual winner, MrSavage. He carried this momentum through Chapter 2 Season 2 with a new duo partner. He joined Ceice of the 100 Thieves organization, and the two played well in all four qualifiers and even won a Duo Cash Cup. Unfortunately, they would miss the Grand Finals, prompting Bizzle to form a new partnership with TSM Commandment.

The formidable tandem of Bizzle and Commandment won a Duo Cash Cup before duos went back into the Fortnite vault. To end Chapter 2 Season 2, Bizzle reached the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. He performed well, taking 12th place out of the 100 best solo players in the NA East region. Bizzle's skills are timeless, and he continues to show up regardless of the venue or format.

7 – Nathan “Nayte” Berquignol

Former FNCS Champion Nayte is another top European player that does not receive the attention he deserves. His success spans multiple seasons of Fortnite. In Chapter 2, Nayte's career took off with numerous FNCS Grand Final appearances. This Fortnite World Cup finalist has not lost a step since finding success nearly a year ago.

To begin Chapter 2 Season 1, Nayte found himself in a picture-perfect scenario. He joined three of Europe's best in Wolfiez, Mongraal and benjyfishy for the Fortnite Champion Series. These four finished the Grand Finals in second place as competitive Fortnite went into a lull. After the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS was announced, Nayte decided to move forward with fellow French player Andilex as his teammate.

Nayte and Andilex went on to crown themselves the Chapter 2 Season 2 Champions. In the process, they earned the coveted Axe of Champions for their victory and $70K USD in prize winnings. The two players performed consistently through the qualifying weeks and turned up when it mattered most. Nayte proceeded to compete in the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals by way of the Reboot Round. Although he ultimately took 64th place, Nayte is on top of Europe and does not appear to be leaving any time soon.

6 – David “aqua” Wang

Reigning Fortnite World Cup Duo Champion aqua has compiled quite possibly the best career top-to-bottom in competitive Fortnite. The Austrian native has won two major Fortnite tournaments, including the World Cup with former duo partner Nyhrox and became the Season X Champion with Stompy and Tschinken. Although he does not stream often, aqua continuously strings together impressive tournament results regardless of the format, scoring system, or teammates.

After claiming the Season X crown, aqua, Stompy and Tshcinken added X8 to complete their Chapter 2 Season 1 squad. Unfortunately, the Season X victors plus X8 would fail to reach the finals by only two placements. However, this result did not deter aqua from rallying back in Chapter 2. He and Stompy formed a duo, won a Duo Cash Cup, two FNCS qualifiers and took fourth in the Grand Finals. The Grotto treated these two well throughout Chapter 2 Season 2.

Perhaps the most outstanding performances out of aqua took place in solo tournaments. The COOLER Esport competitor won three Solo Cash Cups in Season 1 alone. He also placed sixth at the DreamHack Winter offline event in Sweden. Aqua finished Chapter 2 Season 2 with a bang. He took third place in the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals, finishing behind only Wolfiez and JannisZ. Aqua overall is one of the best players in Fortnite history. He prides himself on consistency and will continue the same for years to come.

5 – Rocco “Saf” Morales

Former Ghost Gaming player, Saf, is one of the elites in Fortnite history. Along with duo partner Zayt, Saf has reached heights most could only dream of in esports. This multiple tournament champion, like his teammate, consistently finds ways to win no matter the circumstance. This dominance continued after Fortnite transitioned into Chapter 2 and a whole new landscape.

Saf joined Zayt, Commandment and HighSky to form an outstanding squad for the FNCS competition. These four managed to win three out of four qualifying weeks. They capped off the first competitive season in Chapter 2 with a fourth-place finish. After their dominant performance in Season 1, Zayt and Saf continued much of the same in Season 2.

The two joined back together for the FNCS Duos event in Chapter 2 Season 2 in historic fashion. Zayt and Saf rallies in the closing moments of the tournament to claim victory. One game made all the difference, which helped further cement Zayt and Saf as two of the best players of all time. Saf continued to perform in high-level tournaments, reaching the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals and taking 31st place. We can safely assume Saf will find more success in the future.

4 – Williams “Zayt” Aubin

Hard work and dedication are two qualities that have defined Zayt throughout his Fortnite career. He truly needs no introduction, considering his lengthy track record of success. Zayt just continues to show up and perform at the highest level, no matter the meta or competition. His game is transcendent, which makes him one of Fortnite's all-time greats.

Chapter 2 Season 1 was just another walk in the park for Zayt. He formed a “god squad,” including duo partner Saf and two highly skilled players in TSM Commandment and SEN HighSky. This foursome managed to win three of the four FNCS qualifying weeks. They went on to take fourth in the Grand Finals and needed no further validation for their accomplishments.

Zayt and Saf found themselves on the precipice of history when the Chapter 2 Season 2 Duos FNCS was announced. It was another opportunity to showcase their dominance that they were not ready to squander. Zayt and Saf did what they do best. They clutched the final game in the Grand Finals to earn themselves yet another monumental Fortnite tournament victory. Their prize included the Axe of Champions and $22K USD each. Zayt then went onto place ninth in the FNCS Invitational. Success is the name of the game and Zayt is one of the best at finding it time after time.

3 – Alexandre “Andilex” Christophe

Most casual competitive Fortnite fans will recognize players like Mongraal and mitr0 because of their social media presence. However, a Frenchman by the name of Andilex has cemented himself as one of Europe's top Fortnite players in just a matter of months. His breakout began in Chapter 2 Season 1, where he quickly became one of Europe's best players.

Andilex joined forces with 4zr, Noward and DRG to complete an underrated squad during the Chapter 2 Season 1 FNCS. The four would ultimately take 11th place in finals, but managed two wins in four qualifying weeks. Andilex separated himself from his Euro counterparts with his outstanding LAN performances. He first traveled to Sweden for the DreamHack Winter event and nearly won the competition. Overall, he took second place and $15K USD.

The Frenchman and Team MCES member put forth a similar performance two months later at the DreamHack Anaheim tournament. Andilex outlasted nearly 1200 other players, including the likes of Khanada, Crue, Wolfiez, EpikWhale and many others. He ultimately finished in sixth place, turning many heads in the process. Andilex proceeded to dominate the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS event with duo partner Nayte. He and Nayte won the entire tournament and $35K USD each in the process. To wrap up Chapter 2 Season 2, Andilex took seventh place in the FNCS Invitational Grand Finals. The rise of Andilex continues regardless of the season or meta.

2 – Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish

Over the past year or so, the Fortnite world has seen the emergence of many European players. The catastrophic rise of Benjyfishy is one of the more extraordinary stories in competitive Fortnite. Some players withered away after the Fortnite World Cup ended, but not Benjy. He continued to make a name for himself alongside the likes of fellow outstanding players mitr0 and Mongraal. The three joined forces to create arguably the most dominant trio across all regions in Fortnite history. The trio, dubbed MMB, could not have reached the top without Benjy.

What separates Benjy from the rest of the pack is his outstanding game sense and mechanics. He encompasses what most could only dream of having in terms of his skill set. After Season X, Benjyfishy made an impact in solo competitions. His solo career highlights include several Solo Cash Cup wins, two straight FNCS Invitational Qualifier victories, 13th place at the AO Summer Smash, 11th at DreamHack Winter and 11th at DreamHack Anaheim. On top of those solo accolades, Benjy took second place in the Chapter 2 Season 1 squads FNCS with Mongraal, Wolfiez and Nayte.

Although the marquee victory often eludes Benjy, he still manages such an impressive track record. He is still only 16 years old and has a lot of Fortnite ahead of him. Benjy maintains a mentality that carries him through different formats, scoring systems and teammates. It's challenging to stay on top in Fortnite, but Benjy manages to do so regardless of some minor hiccups. Despite his age, benjyfishy is a household name in competitive Fortnite. It's only a matter of time before Benjy turns up when the spotlight is on him.

1 – Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen

Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen possesses skills in Fortnite, unlike almost any other player. Competing out of the European region, Savage has remained on top throughout the years. After the Fortnite World Cup, MrSavage reached every Fortnite Champion Series Grand Final except for squads in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. In Fortnite, consistency is critical, and MrSavage is Mr. Consistency when looking at his outstanding track record.

The 15-year-old Norwegian has three Solo Cash Cup wins on his resumè in Chapter 2 alone. Savage has won several War Legend tournaments, took 15th place with IDrop in the Chapter 2 Season 2 FNCS and 15th in the FNCS Invitational. MrSavage's most outstanding performance took place back in February at DreamHack Anaheim. He clutched up a Victory Royale in the final match of the tournament to claim first place and $30K USD. He continues to impress regardless of the format, scoring system or his teammates.

After arguably the most impressive LAN performance in Fortnite history, Savage has joined popular esports organization 100 Thieves. He recently found success with former duo partner Benjyfishy and all at only 15 years of age. He continuously exhibits a championship mentality regardless of his environment. MrSavage endured a short period where critics believed the Norweigan was no longer a top player. His win at DreamHack Anaheim elevated him to the top of competitive Fortnite, where he remains today.