Muzik One Headphones Connect to Spotify, Smart Homes_
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Muzik One Headphones Connect to Spotify, Smart Homes_

19/04/2022  |   454 Views

Before you buy a new pair, learn the difference between Active vs Passive Noise Cancellation. There are commonplace wireless headphones, and then there are headphones that really make you sit up and pay attention. The Muzik One, by startup Muzik, falls into the latter category with its smart features and automatic connection to Spotify. It hasn’t made it onto our list of Best Bluetooth headphones for working out quite yet, but we’re definitely going to be giving them a close look.

The standout feature is the connection to Spotify, which dedicated on-ear controls that can automatically bring up playlists or post a favorite song to social media. While music streamers are often a matter of taste, we love Spotify and the improvement it has made over the past couple of years – if you want free, on-demand music that’s totally legal, there’s just nowhere better to go. But Spotify is actually only one of the big smart features that these headphones come with.

Uses the controls, you can also link up to Twitter or Facebook, or – and this is more exciting – IFTTT, the If This Then That smart home platform that allows you to create your own commands and scenes based on inputs, which means that these bluetooth headphones can tap into your environment and perform any number of fun tricks you can think of.

Muzik One Headphones Connect to Spotify, Smart Homes_

The more technical specs of the Muzik One also impress. The headphones feature 40mm drivers, options between over-the-ear and on-ear cushioning, an amazing-if-true 30-hour battery life, dual microphones for taking calls, and an impressive 50-foot range for Bluetooth (a feature that, as many have pointed out, is becoming a lot more valuable since the new generation of iPhones won’t have a headphone port).

When you take a look at all these features, the $299 price tag seems reasonable and even competitive. However, with the IFTTT and Spotify-friendly features, the Muzik One seems more comfortable at home around the house, than on the go in the bus or jogging down the streets. But if you’ve been waiting for headphones that can connect to your smart house, you should be really excited about these: We’ll let you know more when we get our hands on them.

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