JAYS a-JAYS Four Earbuds Review | Gadget Review
By cuterose

JAYS a-JAYS Four Earbuds Review | Gadget Review

06/04/2022  |   632 Views

One of these days I would like to research the sheer totality of accessories and peripherals launched to-date for iOS devices. It’s has to be something like, “the most amount of accessories” created for any one series of like-devices. At the very least I’m sure one could blanket a mid-sized continent with all those cases, headphones and speakers alone. With such an abundant selection, it’s hard separating the wolves from the sheep. But for starters, here are the best earbuds based on our research.

Enter JAYS of Sweden, and their a-JAYS Four earbuds headphones. The a-JAYS Four are easily some of the most elegant headphones to grace my Apple-filled devices. This set is a distinguished snow-white color and features a flat 5mm wide cable design to combat cord tangling. The color and flat cable make for an esoteric look and feel. You also get 5(!) different ear bud size forms. That’s a lot, but JAYS doesn’t want to leave any ears uncovered. It can all be stored in a snazzy–yet unnecessary–plastic matte case, which is possibly where a good deal of the cost is centered.

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JAYS a-JAYS Four Earbuds Review | Gadget Review

No iOS earbuds worth their weight in apps, can go without proper remote controls and the a-JAYS Four takes things one talkative step further. Yes it’s got a remote! It is comprised of two concave and one convex button so you know what you’re pressing by touch. You can play, pause music and videos, in addition to answering/hang up, skip songs and controlling voice activated features. It all works pretty seamlessly right there from the remote.

…which does hang a bit too close to the user’s chin. Initially this seemed like a grave error, until I couldn’t locate the mic. Because the microphone is housed in the remote control unit. This is why the unit hangs so close to your chin/mouth. JAYS boasts, the mic utilizes the “latest available microphone technology.” The silicone microphone, within the remote, removes GSM/TDMA burst noise suppression. That’s supposed to mean big things for users. After testing, I agree! All on the receiving end of voice calls, applauded the clarity and volume in my voice, over Google Talk calls, Skype call and networks calls on Verizon and AT&T.

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With all that polish and hard work, it would be a shame if the general performance wasn’t up to snuff. Thankfully it goes beyond. WOW!! Audio performance in calls, movies and music is a real treat. Earbuds are my go-to choice for mobile music listening. I’ve mentioned before, my aversion to massive over-ear headies. Still I always feel earbuds are the inferior option. Such is not the case with the a-JAYS Four tangle-free earbuds. One of my pet-peeves: distorted audio that muddles or occluded vocals. Overly deep bass, tinny background instruments, max volume distortions…all can make vocals incomprehensible. The a-JAYS Four enhances just about every aspect of my extensive music library. Vocals, instruments and sound effects are massively clear and sound fantastic!

There is very little to thumb my nose at, with these offering from JAYS. The design is sleek, cool and unique for such a ubiquitous product. The performance could go toe-to-toe with larger on- or over-ear headphones. Your wallets only anchor to your pocket might be the lofty price tag.We’ve seen white earbuds before, yet that cable design ups the visual ante considerably. Still, you may come for the looks but you’ll stay for the performance.

Editor Rating:

[Rating: 4.5/5]


Bottom Line: I dare say the a-JAYS Four are the best earbuds available for iPhone 4. I haven’t tested every offering. But these trounce all that come before it on my iOS devices – iPhone 4, iPad and iPad 2.



You can buy the JAYS a-JAYS Four at Amazon for $69.99.